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No Dumping Sign

Clark County Las Vegas No Trespassing Signage

Clark County Las Vegas no trespassing signage is needed on vacant land, construction sites and other buildings to deter vagrants and bums from meandering onto your property and taking up refuge. With the huge homeless problem in Las Vegas,  Clark County Las Vegas no trespassing signage is needed for deterrence and legal reasons. The Las Vegas Police Dept. cannot enforce no trespassing laws unless the property in question is posted with the correct no trespass signage.

Clark County Las Vegas no trespassing signage also includes the Nevada Revised Statutes Code section NRS 207.200 relating to no trespassing and also the Clark County no dumping sections relating to unlawful dumping of trash on property. Again, this is mandatory if you wish to have enforcement of no trespassing or no dumping on your property. Many contractors place these brightly colored orange signs on the construction sites to prevent people and vagrants from coming onto the property after hours and pilfering materials, vandalizing or dumping unwanted items. These cheap and inexpensive no trespassing signs can also possibly relieve the contractor of liability if someone should enter the property unlawfully and get themselves hurt by tripping or injuring themselves .

With increasing liability in today’s society, it makes economic sense to place these brightly colored orange  Clark County no trespassing signs on your property notifying people they are trespassing or illegally dumping. Many times bums and vagrants will enter vacant land or buildings and make it a residence and establish themselves with tenant rights and in order to get rid of them, you have to have legal proceedings against them to force them to leave at a high monetary cost.

 Clark county Las Vegas no trespassing signage is cheap and inexpensive. it can be purchased locally in Las Vegas at area sig stores. Look into no trespassing signs as a way to protect you and your investments.


No Trespass Signs NRS 207.200

Las Vegas No Loitering and Trespassing Signage

Las Vegas no loitering and trespassing signage is needed for vacant land and other properties to stop people from illegally gathering and trespassing on your property. It is common sense not to go onto other people’s property and  gather, but signage is needed in order to enforce the law.  The Police officer’s hands are tied when going to a no trespassing call unless the property has the necessary signage posted telling he people they are committing an illegal act. Certain verbiage is required along with the necessary  revised statute quote. This information about the Nevada revised Statute can be found at https://www.leg.state.nv.us/ .

Las Vegas no loitering and trespassing signage can be made with a variety of substrates. Simple no trespassing or no loitering signs can be purchased quickly at Walmart .( https://www.walmart.com/ip/No-Loitering-Violators-Will-Be-Prosecuted-Sign/55416104 ). These signs at Walmart and plastic and will not last a long time in the outdoors, but they will get the job done in a pinch. Longer lasting signs are generally made out of aluminum or MDO boards. These 2 substrates will last for a long time in the outdoor climate of Las Vegas and can withstand the heat and rain. Also, these signs can be custom made to any size you want which is important if you have a large lot or just a small lot. These larger signs are then placed on the property with 4×4 wood posts or steel posts so that they will not be blown down in the strong winds that the Las Vegas valley experiences from time to time.

No loitering signs and no trespassing signs can be made at many of the sign shops in the area. Also, many sign companies offer these signs over the internet but sometimes are cost prohibitive when you add in the shipping costs. The signs can be made quicker locally.