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10ft Trade Show Pop Up Displays

10ft trade show pop up displays are being used extensively in the trade show and convention events held in Las Vegas Nevada.  When walking an event at the  Mandalay Bay Convention Center , you can see that many of the vendors are using these displays for the back of their booths to help market their products and services.  10ft trade show pop up displays can be seen by clicking this link.

10ft trade show pop up displays come in many different forms. While the length is 10ft long, the pop up stands come in straight, wavy or curved designs. Each of these 10 ft. pop up displays designs present a different type of display so that your display booth fits your companies persona. These displays are made with a aluminum structure and has a fabric print placed over them that makes the display wrinkle free. The fabric print is a full color print that allows for custom designs that includes printed pictures and logos. The fabric is a 9 ounce polyester that allows it to stretch and is also machine washable so that it can be used over and over again.

10ft trade show pop up displays come with a carrying case which allows for easy transportation of the display so that it can be walked into a convention or trade show venue without union labor which is very expensive and time consuming. The displays can be set up with one person in about 15 minutes and taken down and put away in its carrying case. Cost of these 10ft trade show pop up displays is way less than one thousand dollars and often there is special pricing available on them. ( check with your local sign store for pricing). Contact a local sign store in Las Vegas and see how these pop up displays can help with your event to promote your company.





Convention Signs

Las Vegas Exhibit Displays

Las Vegas exhibit displays are used in just about every booth at the different exhibit venues in Las Vegas. Whether it is a banner stand or pop up display, most everybody in the industry is using graphic displays to enhance their marketing position at these presentations. After all, these graphic displays are visual reinforcement of what you are marketing. These types of marketing displays can be found at http://posterhead.com/pop-up-displays/.

Las Vegas exhibit displays come in many different sizes. The two most common pop up displays are he 8ft and 10ft displays. These displays come in the straight, wave or tube designs and come with a fabric print and sell for under $800.  ( these pop up displays come with a convenient carrying case with wheels so it is easy to move them around) Other  popular exhibit displays are banner stands that come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the room available in the exhibit booths. ( As room starts to get tight when people are in the small display booths along with a couple of chairs for sitting. ) These banner stands can be placed next to each other so as to simulate one large graphic. The advantage of a banner stand wall is that it can be set up fairly quickly with minimal effort and later taken down and stored away for future use. The costs of the banner stands vary, but the popular 33″ x 78″ banner stand with adjustable pole for height sells for under $100 and comes with a  carrying case.

Las Vegas Exhibit displays can be purchased or ordered online at many of the sign shops in Las Vegas. It is usually a 5 to 7 day turnaround. Most vendors prefer having their pop up displays made in Las Vegas because it takes away the inconvenience of having to ship the displays and risk them being damaged in transit.