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5ft x 10ft Vinyl Banners

5ft x 10ft vinyl banners are a large size banner that gets attention and drives business. These large 5ft x 10ft vinyl banners are cost effective ( $100.00 or less) and are guaranteed to get your business noticed. More businesses are turning to cheap advertising to promote their products and services during these tough economic times and are finding out that vinyl banners work.

5ft x 10ft vinyl banners are being placed or hung on the outside of buildings so that they can be seen by the thousands of motorists that pass by the store daily. By placing the banners on the exterior of the building, they can be seen my motorists passing by, especially when the banner is placed up high enough on the building where motorists have an unobstructed view of the banner.  5ft x 10ft banners are large enough so that they can easily be seen from the street.

Many businesses use the 5ft x 10ft vinyl banners to say ” Grand Opening”, “New Management” or simply advertise a store merchandise special. For example, pizza places like to advertise the 1 topping pizza special on these 5ft x 10ft vinyl banners so as to entice hungry people and overworked parents to purchase their pizza at a great price. While they are picking up the pizza, the pizza facility is also able to sell a few salads and sodas as well.  Many times the pizza places will rotate their banners so as to give the look of something new all the time. They found that  they appeal to several types of people rather than just the pizza lover.

5ft x 10ft vinyl banners are printed on a heavy vinyl material with inks made to last in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas. At $100.00 or less, they are a great way to increase business.



Las Vegas Banner Signs

5ft x 10ft Vinyl Banners Get You Noticed.

5ft x 10ft vinyl banners will most definitely get your business or event noticed because of their large size. 5ft x 10ft  vinyl banners are large banners that allow for the banner to be seen from a much longer distance than a traditional banner. 5ft x 10ft vinyl banners also allow for much information to be placed on the banner as well.

Because of the sheer size of  5ft x 10ft vinyl banners, these large banners are traditionally used for outdoor purposes. However, I have seen car dealerships use these large banners indoors in their showrooms. Most of the time they are strictly used for outdoor purposes and attached to a solid substrate like a wall or fence so that they can be attached firmly without the worry of having these large banners fly away with gusts of wind ( as Las Vegas is known for ). In fact, many businesses are putting these large banners on the sides of their buildings or back of their buildings if they can be seen from roadways or freeways so that they get the exposure to the thousands of  vehicles that drive by everyday.

5ft x 10ft vinyl banners are printed on 13 ounce banner material and printed with specially designed inks to last in the hot sun of Las Vegas. These inks are guaranteed not to fade for a couple of years and have bright and vivid colors. These inks can also be used to put peoples pictures on the banner as well. These 5ft x 10ft vinyl banners are printed directly on with the help of large format printers that can print at incredible speeds and great quality. The vinyl banners will come with grommets so that they can be hung very easily. The cost of these 5ft x 10ft vinyl banners average about $2.00 a square foot.