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Las Vegas Big For Lease Banner Signs

Las Vegas big for lease banner signs are needed for large buildings or buildings that are away from the street. In these cases, large banners are needed so that they can be seen from further away than normal. These banners can be any color or size. Many sign companies like www.Posterhead.com or www.LasVegasLargeBanners.com can get them made for you very quickly and at a cheap, inexpensive price.

Las Vegas big for lease banner signs are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent inks or latex inks. Eco solvent inks are printing inks designed for outdoor and indoor use that hold up very well in the hot Las Vegas summer months without fading. The vinyl banners are then hemmed for perimeter reinforcement and then grommets are placed on the banners across the top and bottom at spacing of around 2ft apart. This allows for secure attachment to your surface.

Las Vegas big banner signs can be many different sizes. Many common sizes include 5ft x 10ft , 4ft x 8ft and of course, you can have them printed 10ft x 50 ft. if you choose to. The whole idea is to make them visible for the people passing by. Many buildings are rented or leased by people who just have to be passing by and take notice of your sign. That is why realtors place for sale signs at properties for sale so that they can take advantage of the passing traffic. Busy streets in Las Vegas have traffic counts of well over 5,000 cars per day and more. That is a lot of people taking notice of your signage.

Las Vegas big for lease banner signs can be purchased for around $2.00 a square foot or less in Las Vegas. The designing on the banners is easy and usually requires no additional fees.


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Spring Valley Nevada For Lease Banners

Spring Valley Nevada for lease banners are available for realtors and property managers to assist them in leasing out their properties. Most of the time small for lease banners an be used to display that the property is for lease. But what happens when you have a large industrial piece of property, 50,000 plus square feet that needs to be rented out ? Its time for a large banner.

Spring Valley Nevada for lease banners are cheap and can be reused at different locations. Many property managers and realtors just want the company information, contact phone number and ” for lease” on the vinyl banner. Other times, they want a very specific for lease banner with detailed information. This information would include:

1. Property Size

2. Property Zoning

3. Property Amenities

4. Property For Lease Terms

5. Property Web Direction ( for a website exclusively designed for that particular property)

Spring Valley Nevada for lease banners can have all this information on it or just a little. The vinyl banners are cheap, averaging about $2.00  a square foot ( which includes design time for the banner, grommets for easy installation, and outdoor inks that will not fade or diminish in the hot Las Vegas sun). Companies like www.LasVegasLargeBanners.com  can print the really big banners. If not, one of the local sign companies in Las Vegas can assist you in making of your “for lease” sign in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Spring Valley Nevada for lease banners work great for the displaying of a property for lease. Many people do not know if a property is vacant until they see the for lease banner. Consequently, realtors and property managers have noticed that properties tend to  rent faster when a vinyl banner is displayed advertising “ for lease” Many realtors will not represent a property owner unless they do put up a large banner to assist them in these tough economic times.


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Las Vegas For Lease Banners For Buildings.

Las Vegas for lease banners are necessary to get your property noticed if you want to lease it out. While there are official lists available through Realtors Associations, there is nothing like putting  big Las Vegas for lease banners on your building to get it noticed.

They say “ bigger is better” and when it comes to leasing a building, the bigger the banner the better. Many times the building or property sets back far from the roadways and is hard to see. Large banners that are big and bold are a way of getting the building noticed by the public. Large banners with contrasting colors seem to work the best. For example, a white background with black, red, or dark blue text will be able to be seen from far away. Alternatively, a solid blue background with white lettering works as well also. There is a company in Las Vegas, www.LasVegasLargeBanners.com  that makes super big banners if your building is far away from a roadway. Otherwise, a simple 5ft x 10ft vinyl  banner should suffice to get a large building seen by potential tenants.

Las Vegas for lease banners are printed with large format printers with inks made to last a long time in the hot summer sun of Las Vegas. Once these vinyl banners are made and attached to your building, they will last a very long time, 2 plus years. The key to making the banner last so long is to make sure that it is snugly attached to your building so that no air or wind can get between the banner and the building. Otherwise, the wind puts much stress on the grommets that are holding the banner to the building.

Las Vegas for lease banners are available through local print and sign shops in the Las Vegas area. Putting logos and pictures on the banners are easy to do also.