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Poster Board Signs

Foam Board Signs For Displays

Foam board signs make excellent displays for in store advertising  and presentations. These foam board signs are also very popular at conventions and trade shows as part of the presentations. Also, they are used a lot in Las Vegas casinos.

Foam core boards are not very expensive and generally made with 3/16 foam board signs or 1/2 foam board signs. The foam board signs are either printed directly on to the foam board with large format printers or printed on a vinyl and then applied directly to the foam board signs. Many times the foam board signs will be laminated over  to give them a professional, glossy finish.  Large format printers are used with state of the art ink systems that allow your foam board signs to be printed with color clarity and vividness bringing your foam core board to life. These inks are environmentally friendly and ecologically sound.

In addition to foam board signs, many customers choose to go with coroplast signage, which is made with a 4mm coroplast with a vinyl print applied to it. Coroplast signs are made for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are not familiar with coroplast signage, many times on the weekends, new housing tracts will place these types of signs on roadways near the new houses along the road. In addition, political signage is usually made with coroplast signs because they can withstand the weather conditions, unlike foam board signs which , if gotten wet, will warp. Another example of coroplast signage is the guerilla signage you see attached to telephone poles that advertise carpet cleaning, window washing, etc.

Foam board signs can be purchased online through sign companies or at your local sign companies in Las Vegas. Because of the flat size of foam board signs, shipping can get expensive and most people prefer purchasing at local sign shops.