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Las Vegas Foam Board Signs

Las Vegas foam board signs are very popular at Las Vegas trade shows and conventions. They are also very popular at speaking events where you want to have visual displays to help support your lecture.

Las Vegas foam board signs usually have a 3/16 backing or  1/2 backing of foam board. Both of these backings allow for a vinyl application to be applied to the foam board sign and sometimes the foam board is laminated to give it a shiny coat. for a better display. The vinyl prints that are applied to the foam core board are full color, meaning that you can have a variety of colors on it and are not limited to certain colors. In addition, you can have pictures and logos printed on the foam board as well. Some of the newer flat bed printers can print directly on the foam board, but it ads no special clarity or quality to the print.

Las Vegas foam board signs are also popular at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. More trade shows, exhibits and conventions are held in Las Vegas that any other place in the United States. The foam boards are used in their visual presentations of the products and services along with the very popular banners that act as a backdrop at the conventions. These foam boards are not expensive and can be used over at other shows as well. The pricing for Las Vegas foam board signs are competitive at a range of $4 a square foot to $7.00 a foot. Many people attending conventions prefer to have their foam boards made in Las Vegas in order to make sure there is no damage to the foam boards enroot to Las Vegas. The foam boards are fragile and can easily be scuffed and will not show as well as you would normally like.