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Quick Poster Printing in Vegas

Quick poster printing is available in the local Las Vegas area at inexpensive  pricing. These posters are not offset printed on 100lb paper, they are printed on a quality poster paper with large format printers that produce splendid colors and quality. Sign companies like www.Posterhead.com  ( also found at  https://posterhead.deviantart.com/art/Posterhead-Signs-743917659 ) can help you get that poster printed quickly and efficiently.

Quick poster printing is completed by large format printers that utilize state of the art technology to give you the best print possible. These large format printers use the new 8 color system instead of the old cmyk ( yellow, black, red and blue mixtures). The newer printers have integrated additional colors to make your poster print more vibrant and colorful than ever before. Your posters are printed on a matte or gloss finish poster paper that is approx. 8 mil thick ( much thicker than 100lb paper that normal offset printers use)

Quick poster printing has many applications for business and personal use. Many people like to take photographs and blow them up into a wall poster to hang on their walls. Schools like to use posters as a way of advertising an event and hang them in classrooms and hallways. These posters cannot be paper because they need to last for awhile and be handles by students continuously. Businesses use these posters as a way to inform customers about products and services they offer. These posters can be stapled to walls or even with double sided tape to hold them in place. The 8 mil poster paper is also water resistant and will last in the outdoors with fading and getting damaged.

Quick poster printing is available at most sign companies in the Las Vegas area in the price range of $2.50 to $3.50 per sq. ft.  Contact a sign shop to see how posters can help you.






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Fast Poster Signs In Las Vegas

Fast poster signs in Las Vegas are needed for the conventions and trade shows. Millions of people flock annually to Las Vegas for the numerous events and shows. In fact, Las Vegas is the top destination for trader shows and conventions. The biggest convention venues in the world are built in the “Sin City”.  Our founding fathers of Las Vegas knew that Las Vegas had to be more than a gambling mecca, it had to have other attraction draws. In more recent years, Las Vegas has been trying to convert to a vacation spot for the family where there are lots of things to do for the kids while you are here. Water parks, movie theaters, spectacular pools and arcades are just some of the fun things for children to do while here. In fact, while the parents are here attending or displaying at the conventions, they bring their families and make a vacation out of it.

Fast poster signs in Las Vegas can be printed at very fast speeds using modern large format printers. These newer printers can print several hundred square feet of posters an hour with fantastic quality. The newer larger format printers use 8 colors in there palette to mix and match to find the perfect color match instead of the old cmyk or rgb  palettes. These poster prints are printed on a 8 or 9 mil thick poster paper rather than the super thin 100lb paper that is used by large copy machine print chains.

Fast poster signs in Las Vegas can be found at sign shops throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Some of these sign shops cater exclusively to the convention and trade show crowd and their reputations can be found at online review sites like www.Yelp.com . Contact one of these shops today to see how posters can improve your trade show display.