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Big Fabric Backdrop Banners in Vegas

Big fabric backdrop banners are being used extensively at the trade shows and conventions because they are easy to set up and inexpensive. These fabric banners are hung in the back of the booth and display well for backdrops. The big fabric backdrop banners are hung with with an adjustable stand or pipe. They are wrinkle free and give off a very professional impression when hung correctly.

Big fabric backdrop banners come in many different sizes with the two most popular sizes being the 8ft tall x 8ft wide and the 8ft tall by 10 feet wide. The fabric banners are printed on a fabric polyester material in any color of your choosing along with pictures of logos, people, products and just about anything else. The polyester material makes the fabric banner wrinkle free and the banners are long lasting as they can be used many times. Simple care allows for many uses and the polyester banner material can be washed to make it clean and fresh looking. The fabric banners need to be neatly folded in order to protect them.

The cost of big fabric backdrop banners is about $3.00 a square foot versus the vinyl banner price of $2.00 a square foot. It takes about 3-4 days for the printing of fabric banners and the end user needs to plan accordingly.  These fabric banners are very popular at the trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas and can be made in custom sizes as well to accommodate the end user.

Big fabric backdrop banners need to be ordered 3-4 days in advance at Las Vegas sign stores so that they will be ready for your presentation or show. Contact a local Vegas sign store today and see what other specials they offer on signage as well and make it a one stop shopping experience for your event.







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Fabric Banners Las Vegas

Fabric Banners Las Vegas can help you get that fabric-wrinkle free banner for your backdrop or signage. Many people prefer the fabric banner over the vinyl banner for their displays. The fabric banner ( while more expensive) does not wrinkle and comes on a 9oz polyester material whereby a vinyl banner comes printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material. Also, it should be noted that the polyester material can snare or rip much easier than a traditional banner. The life expectancy of the fabric banner is much lower than that of a vinyl banner because any little snare could possibly ruin it when it is hung stretched.

Many of the corporations that come into Las Vegas for the big trade shows and conventions are only going to use the backdrop banner once and prefer the cleaner look of the fabric banners. They will either get the fabric banner with pockets or sometimes have it grommeted in rare cases. By having pockets, I mean letting the banner have a pocket at the top and bottom so that a 2″ or so pipe can fit through the banner to support it and then again on the bottom so that the fabric banner has a weight on it to keep it taught so it has no wrinkles.

While vinyl banners printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material go for around $2.00 a square foot, the fabric 9oz  banner sell for around $4.00 a square foot. In all honesty, they do look nicer but keep to a higher price.  Please remember that special stands or the ability to hang the banner must be taken into consideration when buying a fabric banner because they cannot simply be attached like a vinyl banner.

Fabric banners Las Vegas are available at many of the finer sign companies in Las Vegas for around $4.00 a square foot.




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Buy Vegas Red Carpet Custom Fabric Backdrop Banners

Buy Vegas red carpet custom fabric backdrop banners in Las Vegas at great pricing ! Fabric polyester backdrop banners are now available at many fine sign print facilities in Vegas at discount pricing. Las Vegas is the” King ” of trade shows and conventions and is up and coming on special events. Once Hollywood was the “King” of events, but Las Vegas is getting bigger and many organizations want their premieres and special events held in ” Sin City”.  Las Vegas offers so much more value than other places.

Fabric polyester stretch tension banners are growing in popularity over the old vinyl banners. The cost is higher for a tension fabric banner but they also look nicer and can be wrinkle free, which is a problem with traditional 13 ounce vinyl banners.  Also, the fabric banners do not last as long and have a tendency to get damaged easily, much like a piece of polyester clothing that gets snagged. Like the vinyl banners, these polyester fabric banners are full color, meaning you can have many different colors on the banner as well as logos and pictures.

Polyester fabric backdrop banners are popular at the many trade shows and convention that are held in Vegas. These fabric backdrop banners are also very popular at night clubs in Las Vegas where the tourists take their pictures against them to show that they were in Vegas ( The night clubs use step and repeat for their logos and names so that they can be prominently seen in the background). They are also being quite frequently at the many red carpet events that Las Vegas is hosting.

Buy Vegas red carpet custom fabric backdrop banners in Vegas at any of the sign shops that service the trade show and convention industry. With so many conventions in Las Vegas, you are sure to find a sign shop that will give you a great deal.