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Glass Signs

Store Door Glass Lettering and Signage In Las Vegas

Store door glass lettering and signage in Las Vegas can help your customers know who you are and obtain information about your company. Simple vinyl lettering ( plotted vinyl lettering ) is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to advertise your company on your front door. In fact, most companies take advantage of this and this is why you witness most businesses having their name and hours on their front door in white vinyl lettering.

Store door glass lettering and signage can be installed yourself to save money. The installation is simple and there are many You tube and self help videos on the internet ( along with easy instructions and pictures ) on how to install your own window lettering to save money. You can simply purchase the plotted vinyl lettering from your local sign company ( in any font and size you like ) and do self installation. Store door glass lettering and signage can be plotted the same day and also installed the same day as well. Sign installers can also go out to your location to install the graphics as well.

Store door signage can also include printed on window perforation, which allows you to view out your windows unobstructed but allows a advertisement print to be placed on your store door where only the people on the outside of the glass can see it. This window perforation film is a full color print film ( meaning you can have logos and pictures printed on it ) and can also be self installed. The cost for window perf film is about $3.50 a square foot.

Store door glass lettering and signage is one of the basic signs most stores arrange at the beginning of their business. it is important to make sure people know who you are and are able to identify you. Contact your local sign store today and get going on your first sign.



Las Vegas Window Graphics

Centennial Hills Las Vegas Window Graphics

Centennial Hills window graphics allows a business or store to put pertinent information about their store on their front door glass or windows in vinyl lettering. Most businesses have white vinyl lettering on their doors or windows to show their store hours and other information.

Centennial Hills Las Vegas Window graphics are cheap. To design and plot 4 or 5 lines of window graphics is only about $25.00 or so. The usual information od store windows or doors is the company name, company email address, company website, telephone number and store hours of operation.

Centennial Hills Las Vegas window graphics are usually is done in a white vinyl because it is easy to see. if you choose red, blue, black or some other color, it is hard to see because of the shadows on the glass, the glass reflection, etc. The other popular color for window graphics is yellow because it stands out as well.

Window graphics are easy to install. The most important part is to make sure the window graphics are level and even in the window. This is done by measuring the height and width of the window or door and placing the window graphics in the center. Many times, it is easy to mark the center so that the graphics are right on the mark. Since the window graphics are vinyl and sticky, many people prefer to soap down the window graphics so that they slide on the glass and then squeegee out the soap to make the graphics permanently adhere to the glass. This is the easiest and safest way to place window graphics on the door or window glass.

Centennial Hills Las Vegas window graphics can be found online or at your local sign shop in Las Vegas and can be made in different fonts for your business.