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Custom Poster Printing in Vegas

Custom Poster printing in Vegas is available at sign companies who have large format printers. These newer, state of the art large format printers are simply amazing in the sense that they can print posters, banners and other signage very fast with high quality. Custom poster printing is no problem with modern printers.

Custom poster printing is using these large format printers to print eco solvent ink on a 8 or 9 mill poster paper ( thicker than normal paper). The print is usually at a slow speed because of the amount of ink that is used when fine printing a poster. ( Normal posters are printed on 100 lb paper and are very thin and tear easy )

Custom poster printing is used quite frequently by vendors and business who display at the many trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the top destination for trade shows and conventions in the Unites States which attract hundreds of thousands of businesses and vendors and millions of participants to these events. They bring in millions of dollars to the economy of Las Vegas yearly and some of the biggest convention venues are located here. These large convention  venues have over one million square feet of floor space to hold conventions and often , because of their size, multiple conventions are being held at the same time. Consequently, many signs, banners, banner stands, and posters are required for signage at these events. Since posters are a delicate item, many vendors prefer to have their poster printing done in Las Vegas and simply just pick up the posters here rather than risk damage to the posters through shipping.

Custom poster printing can be ordered through local sign stores in the Las Vegas area. Contact one of these signs stores if you find yourself in need of custom poster printing.