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Commercial Metal Real Estate Signs in Las Vegas

Commercial metal real estate signs in Las Vegas are becoming the norm compared to the old wood heavy signs that you used to see in front of commercial buildings that were for sale or for lease. These light weight aluminum sign will not rot in the rain  or break apart like wood signs and will last a very long time in the outdoor weather of Vegas. Commercial metal real estate signs made of aluminum are also cheaper than their wood MDO counterpart and easier to install since one person can install them since they are light weight.

Commercial metal real estate signs are used for the same purposes of the wood signs. They care usually seen on vacant land in the 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft size or in front of commercial buildings that are for lease or sale. The metal real estate signs are mounted on wood posts just like the old wood signs so that they are securely placed into the ground to prevent the signs being knocked over in the high winds. While Las Vegas is usually known for hot temperatures during summer and moderate temperatures during winter, the Las Vegas valley does get some very strong winds at times that create havoc with signs.

Commercial metal real estate signs cost around $99 for a 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign and $175 for a 4ft x 8ft aluminum sign. They are cheaper than the wood signs and will last just as long or longer than the heavier signs. These signs can be made in just a few days at a local sign shop and they an be made in multiple colors. They can be printed with logos and your picture as well as scenic backgrounds. They are made to help you sell or lease that commercial property.





Vegas Home Builder Signs

Las Vegas Commercial Realtor For Sale Signs To Get Noticed

Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale signs allows for oversized real estate signs to be made for commercial properties for sale.  Many realtors like the large aluminum signs that are placed in front of a commercial property to let passerby’s know that he property is for sale. Other realtors prefer to attach large banners on the building to let people know.

Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale  signs are cost effective. Thousands of vehicles travel upon the main roads of Las Vegas every day. Literally, your Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale signs will be seen by the thousands of vehicles that travel streets like Sahara, Flamingo, Warm Springs every day. Traffic studies indicate that the streets of Las Vegas are becoming more congested with traffic as the population grows. Traffic studies are available through the Dept. of Transportation for the State of Nevada, https://www.nevadadot.com

Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale signs are usually either 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft. While the rule, it is not always the case. Many times these large commercial signs are placed back to back so that they can be observed by traffic approaching from either side.  Simple information on the sign like square footage, zoning, realtor contact information, etc. is placed on the sign so that inquiries can be made from the listing real estate agent.  Costs are about $175 for a 4ft x 8ft aluminum sign and under $100 for a 4ft x 4ft sign. Companies like Red Rock Sign post , www.redrocksignpost.com  install the signs at reasonable rates.

Las Vegas realtors also will place large banners on the buildings instead of aluminum signs because they feel the elevated banner on the building will grab attention better than a aluminum sign. Costs are around $2.00 a square foot for banners.

Contact a local Las Vegas sign company if you are in need of commercial for sale signs.