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Banner Stand Signs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Economical Upright Banner Stands

Las Vegas economical upright banner stands can save you a lot of money. Many people that come to Las Vegas to display at the conventions and trade shows  need banner stands and often purchase them online or from where they come from. What they do not realize is that Las Vegas has many sign shops that offer below average pricing to conventions because of the amount of volume that they do.

Millions of people trek to Vegas annually for the hundreds of event and shows held here. Not only are the biggest and the best shows come here ( Con Expo, Consumer Electronic Show) but many much smaller shows from cardiac doctors to dentists come for get togethers to share knowledge and new techniques. At these events, many display graphics are needed to illustrate what these vendors are marketing. Banner stands seem to be the number one graphic at these shows and most every booth has at least one. This is because these banner stands are compact and take up very little room but provide for a very large image. The number one banner stand is the 33″ wide by 78″ tall graphic and that amounts to approximately  18 feet of display graphic to be viewed.

Las Vegas economical upright banner stands are not expensive and considered very affordable. They start less than one hundred dollars for a relatively professional display product and can go up to less than two hundred dollars for a premium stand with all the bells and whistles . These banner stands come with a convention tote carrying bag and can be used at many different events.  Often, the same stand can be used if you change out the display graphic.

Las Vegas economical upright banner stands can be found at local sign and banner shops in Vegas at very reasonable prices.