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Window Graphic Signs

Window Printed Signs in Vegas

Window printed signs in Vegas are great for advertisement and for blocking out the sun. It get very hot in Southern Nevada and placing window perf signage on your windows is a excellent way to use dead advertising space and also use the same signage for blocking out the sun’s heat. Best of all, you can still see out the window because the printed signage allows for advertisement for people looking at you store while the people on the inside of the store see out the windows with no advertisement visible. Window printed signs are cheap and inexpensive and not permanent, although they can last several years depending on how much exposure to the sun they receive everyday. Usually, all signs facing to the west in Las Vegas valley experience a dramatic shorter life expectancy ( because of the heat and length of the day versus signage facing the north ).

Window printed signs ( window perforation signs ) are printed directly onto a specially designed sign film with holes in it  60/40 , and is then applied to the outside of the window  which only allows people on the outside of the window to see what is printed and the people on the inside merely see a window film that helps block the sunlight on the inside.  The outside print can be any color ( the material it is printed on is white ) and pictures and logos can be printed on the window perforation as well. There are instructional videos on the internet that can help guide for self installs and if not comfortable, a professional sign installer can install the window perf on the windows as well.

Window printed signs can be found at local Las Vegas sign stores and they can also help with the designing of the window print as well. Since customers are usually driving by, its best to keep your design simple so that it can be understood quickly.


Window Graphic Signs

Las Vegas NV. Window Graphics

Las Vegas NV. window graphics are used by businesses throughout Las Vegas as a cheap form of advertising. While businesses have monument, pole or building signs, many businesses forget that they have windows that can be used as advertising space at a minimal cost.

Las Vegas NV. window graphics are used by successful companies in Las Vegas. Most businesses have the company name , hours of operation, contact information on the window or door to let customers know about the company. Businesses like McDonalds, Carls Jr, Taco Bell use their windows to the utmost advantage. All three of these businesses use their windows to advertise their products or specials. Many times, they will use window paint ( in neon colors) to advertise their food specials. Other times, they will use see through window graphics ( window vision) to print advertisement on. See through window graphics allows a business to print advertisement on their windows  but still allow the business to see out of the windows. The product is called ” window vision” and it usually has 60/40 material on it. Most of the time, these window graphics require no special city permit to install.

Las Vegas NV. window graphics like window vision also has other benefits other than marketing products. They make for a great sunscreen by filtering out the heat of the Las Vegas sun. Window vision also allows for security because you get to see who or what is coming through the door before they enter.

Las Vegas NV. window graphics also include window vinyl lettering. Many times simple plotted vinyl letters will help a business advertise on their windows. Since vinyl lettering comes in many colors, you can make a very successful combination of colors that looks great and is very effective in advertising your products.

Las Vegas NV. window graphics start at around $3.50sq ft and vinyl lettering is even cheaper .