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Cheap Coroplast Signs

Fast Coroplast Signs in Las Vegas

Fast coroplast signs in Las Vegas are useful when you need  fast outdoor signage for an event or show. These coroplast signs are economical, tough and made for short time use in the outdoors. New home developments use these types of signs a lot to help lead customers to there development. They simply use a stake in the ground to hold these signs up on the sides of the road. Sign companies like www.Posterhead.com make these signs for cheap prices and fast turnaround.

Fast coroplast signs in Las Vegas come in many different sizes. The two most common sizes are 18″ x 24″ and 12″ x 18″. However, many politicians use these coroplast signs and they order 4ft x 6ft sizes and 4ft x 8ft sizes and do a large vinyl print on them. The coroplast signs are made with 4mm coroplast ( or about 3/16ths) and then are either directly printed on or have a vinyl application placed on them. Sometimes they are laminated to help last a little longer ( to make them weatherproof). Politicians like them because they can get 3 months usage out of them during the political season to help get potential voters to notice them. Gorilla marketers use these signs as small billboards and place them on fences and telephone poles in order to attract attention to the message, which is usually ” Carpet Cleaning”, ” Cheap House Cleaning” and so on.

Fast coroplast signs in Las Vegas are also used in the real estate industry. Many realtors are switching over to disposable real estate signs and a cheap coroplast signs is a fraction of the cost of an aluminum sign. The realtors simply discard the coroplast sign at the end of a listing or when the property is sold.

Fast coroplast signs in Las Vegas can be found at local sign shops at very reasonable prices.







Cheap Coroplast Signs

Las Vegas 18″ x 24″ Coroplast Signs.

Las Vegas 18″ x 24″ coroplast signs are small signs designed to be placed near sidewalks or streets with the intention of making them noticeable to passing motorists and pedestrians. Las Vegas 18″ x 24″ coroplast signs are small enough to fit in and most importantly, stand out when placed next to landscaping.

Las Vegas 18″ x 24″ coroplast signs are not very expensive. They are made with a 4mm plastic fluted  material that allows them to be placed outdoors as well as indoors. They will last a long time indoors but have a life expectancy that is shortened when placed outdoors because of the Las Vegas intense heat during the summer months. Many politicians and new home developments use these types of signs for advertising. Also, they are quite popular with guerilla marketers who plaster them on abandoned fences and telephone poles and advertise things such as landscape work, carpet cleaning, etc. Plumbers and electricians will place these signs temporarily at job sites they are working at with the intent of letting people know who they are in case they need similar services.

You can save much money when buying Las Vegas 18″ x 24″ coroplast signs in bulk. The average cost of a full color 1 sided coroplast sign with yard stake is about $10.00.  However, when you purchase these signs in bulk, 50 18″ x 24″ coroplast signs will cost you around fifty dollars and 100 of the signs will cost you around $600. These are temporary signs that will get your business noticed.

These coroplast signs are full color, meaning you can have as many colors on the sign as you want. This would also include logos, pictures, etc. The signs are easily moved around because they are put into the ground with a aluminum stake that can be moved quite easily.

Finding Las Vegas 18″ x 24″ coroplast signs is very easy. Simply look online for a Las Vegas sign shop near you.