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Vehicle Magnets

Las Vegas Car Magnet Printing

Las Vegas car magnet printing will get you custom printed car magnets at a great price. Car magnets are a great way to advertise your business. These car magnets are easy to apply to a car and can be taken off in seconds to make it a personal vehicle again.

Many small businesses use car magnet printing to print a couple of car magnetic advertising signs for their personal vehicle to turn it into a business vehicle. Realtors are famous for placing a couple of car door magnets on their  SUV’s, sports cars or mini vans and making them look like a professional vehicle when they meet clients. Afterwards, the realtor will take the magnets off and place them in the trunk and turn their vehicle back into a personal vehicle.

Car magnets do work well for advertising ! Many small businesses will receive telephone calls while they are driving because someone driving along side them or behind them saw their car magnet and are interested in their business services.

The most popular size  for a car magnet is the 12″ x 18″ size. The magnets can be made larger but the larger the magnet, the more tendency for the magnet to move around when jostled when driving. Also, the small the magnet, the less opportunity there is for it to be placed over a body line or molding that allows for a air gap between the magnet and the vehicle. At higher speeds, wind pressure will get between the magnet and the car and blow the magnetic car magnet off the vehicle.

Las Vegas car magnet printing can be done in full color and also have logos and pictures printed on them as well. The cost of (2) car magnets in full color of 12″ x 18″ size costs around $30.00 and can be designed and made in just a day or two.

Vehicle Magnets

Las Vegas Custom Auto Magnets

Las Vegas custom auto magnets are a great form of advertising for the small business. The custom made car magnets can be easily placed on a car and removed. The car magnets can turn a family car into a business car in seconds and back into a family car in a short period of time.

Las Vegas custom auto magnets use a 30 mil magnets that has been printed directly onto or had a printed vinyl application applied to. The standard size that seems to be the most popular car magnet is the 12″ x 18″ size that fits on most automobiles and trucks. ( It is important that the magnet be able to adhere itself to the vehicle without going over a body line or molding . By placing a car magnet over a molding or bodyline, a small air pocket develops that will cause the magnet to be blown off the vehicle at higher speeds. ) Larger auto magnets can be made, but the rule of thumb is that the heavier the magnet, the more probability that it will come off while driving. It is sort of like a refrigerator magnet, the heavier it is on the refrigerator’s door, the more it moves around when opening and closing the refrigerator’s door.

Las Vegas custom auto magnets are not cost prohibitive. The 12″ x 18″ car magnets ( in full color) would cost around $30.00 a set of 2. These magnets are the perfect size to display your company name, contact information and a small picture or logo. These magnets can come in a variety of colors.

By placing  magnets on your vehicle’s doors, you can be seen by the hundreds of vehicles that are driving along side you everyday. It is a very low cost advertising method to reach out to customers and also to appear to be a bigger company than you are.



Vehicle Magnets

Cheap Vegas Car Magnets For Advertising

Cheap Vegas car magnets are an excellent way for a  business or self employed business person to advertise at an  cost effective rate. These car magnets can be seen by other vehicles driving around your vehicle and pedestrians.

Cheap Vegas car magnets are car magnets that are placed on vehicles ( usually the vehicles doors) that can easily be put on the door and removed in seconds. These car magnets contain information about the person’s business and contact information. Many times, these cheap Vegas car magnets are used by small business people who use their vehicles for business and personal use. These car magnets are easy to put on and take off and can quickly convert a vehicle used for business purposes to a personal or family vehicle.

Cheap Vegas car magnets are not expensive and a pair of 12″ x 18″ car magnets cost about $30.00.  The 12″ x 18″ car magnets seem to be the most popular size, probably because they fit on the majority of vehicles without having to go over a body line or side molding. Placing a car magnet over a side molding would expose it to possibly being blown off the car in the wind. Any gap between the car magnet and body of the vehicle could easily result in the magnet being blown off the vehicle.

Cheap Vegas car magnets are full color, meaning that you can have pictures and as many colors on the magnets as you want. This will allow a real estate sales person to have their company information on the car magnet and also their picture. These cheap car magnets will easily last well over a year on a vehicle and will bring you business.

Cheap Vegas car magnets can be purchased at local sign  shops in the Las Vegas area at very low prices and offer a great  low cost advertising  opportunity.


Vehicle Magnets

Las Vegas Magnetic Car Signs

Las Vegas magnetic car signs are being used by successful companies that do not want to go to the expense of wrapping or lettering a vehicle. Las Vegas magnetic car signs can be applied to a company vehicle in seconds and removed with ease.

Las Vegas magnetic car signs are cheap and a cost effective way to advertise your companies information to the public. These 12″ x 18″ magnetic signs cost about $30 a set and are made with .30 mil magnetic material. They are full color, meaning you can have as many colors on the magnets as you want.

Las Vegas magnetic car signs are also being used by independent businessman and small businesses. By placing car magnetics on their vehicles, they are able to advertise as they drive their vehicles around town. Many times, these small businesses will get noticed to and from work as they are driving and get a phone call when they open up shop or the next morning.  People at traffic light, freeways or stop signs always look around. If they see your car magnet on your door, they will read it. If it interests them, they will jot down your telephone number or website and look you up when they safely can. Small businesses also like the idea that they can simply remove the car magnet and they vehicle is back to being a non discriminate vehicle and nobody is aware of who they are. This is important on “Date Nights” or quality family time.

Las Vegas magnetic car signs are available at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area. Simply do a online Google search or a telephone yellow page search for a sign shop near you and take advantage of this low cost advertising method that will be sure to bring you great results.