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Bus Legal Lettering For Government Licensing

Bus legal lettering is required by different government organizations. Bus legal lettering includes Department of Transportation numbers ( DOT numbers ) Motor Carrier numbers ( MC # ) and other bus legal lettering. In addition, many companies have company vinyl lettering on buses to help easily identify which bus is which. Vinyl lettering is easy and many companies will just order the bus legal lettering on place it on the buses themselves. other companies prefer to have their legal lettering done by sign professionals.

Bus legal lettering is a good start for keeping up to date with lettering requirement by various government agencies. many sign companies one they go beyond bus legal lettering will actually use there bus to promote themselves. Vinyl lettering is one way in which companies use their own buses to self promote. They simply place large vinyl lettering on the sides of their bus along with the services they provide along with contact information. This allows for people who are driving on the road close them to read their lettering and if interested, will copy down the information or simply take a cell picture for future reference. This lettering can be various colors and sizes to attract attention. In addition, simple logos or decals can be printed out and placed alongside this lettering. Partial wraps or vinyl prints can also be placed on the bus to self advertise or also be placed on the bus to advertise other companies products and services. Many bus companies that log thousands of miles a year will sell sides of their buses to advertising companies to act as a mobile billboard. Large semi trucks also do this as a way to defer costs.

Bus legal lettering can be obtained at local sign companies in the area at very reasonable prices. Its a simple process to apply the lettering and many companies do it themselves.





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Bus Signage and Wraps

Bus signage and wraps are grabbing the attention of buses around Las Vegas. Bus signage and wraps makes your bus a mobile billboard and grabs people attention while it is driving on the street of Las Vegas and on the highways of America. The newest marketing craze is to wrap your bus or do a partial wrap and advertise your company or sell that advertising to another company. Bus signage and wraps can make your company money by placing some other companies ad on your bus ! This ad is just like a billboard, but mobile. It will be seen by thousands of people a day while the bus is being driven around Las Vegas or on the highways.

Bus signage and wraps can be a full wrap where the entire bus from bumper to bumper ( including windows) is covered with a advertising film or a partial wrap where only part of the bus is covered in advertising. On the windows, there is a sign film called window perforation where you can print on the window perf and then apply it to the window so that only people on the outside of the bus can see the advertisement . The people on the inside of the bus when they look out the windows have an unobstructed view through the window. Bus signage and wraps can be any color or combination of colors and also have pictures and logos printed on the wrap. In addition, background sceneries can also be printed on the wrap if you are looking for a western theme, ocean scene , etc.

Companies will pay thousands of dollars to have the right to advertise on buses to promote their products. Take advantage of this and contact your local sign store in Vegas and see how they can help get your bus wrapped and start making money.







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Bus Vinyl Lettering and Wraps in Las Vegas

Bus vinyl lettering and wraps are a sure fire way to get your bus noticed among the competition. Bus vinyl lettering and wraps will set your bus apart from any other bus at a low cost. It is very inexpensive to place vinyl lettering on a bus to spell out your company name, contact information or even print a logo and place it on your bus. In fact, simple vinyl lettering can be self installed, as it is pretty easy to do. Vinyl lettering can be plotted and ready for install in many different colors, the key is too have contrasting colors so that the lettering really stands out. Of course, the Dept. of Transportation requires certain number lettering on buses and this has to be done according to code. Two inch letters are generally required for DOT and Motor Carrier numbers.

Bus wraps are where you place a vinyl print over the entire bus and make it a mobile billboard. On the glass, you continue the vinyl print with window perf so that the people on the inside of the bus can still see out and the people on the outside only see what is printed on the window perf. Since the bus wraps is a large print, you can have pictures, logos and all sorts of colors printed on the  wrap to advertise what you like. Bus vinyl lettering and wraps can also work together where part of the bus is wrapped and the other part is in vinyl lettering. Many times you can place a solid neon color wrap on the bus and simply put vinyl lettering on the neon colors to make it really stand out.

Bus vinyl lettering and wraps are available at Las Vegas area sign stores. Investigate how these wraps can get your bus noticed.








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Bus Signs and Decals

Bus signs and decals are a great way to promote your bus company. In fact, many bus companies are using bus signs and decals more than ever to promote their business. The bus signs and decals are cheap in cost, easy to self install or you can have the signs and decals installed by a professional. These low cost signs and decals are an excellent way to promote your services.

Bus signs and decals are temporary signage that comes off when you decide to stop advertising or want to change your bus advertising.  Many people think that adhesive stickers and decals are permanent and will not come off without damage to the paint of the vehicle, but this is not true. Stickers and decals can be safely removed without any damage to the paint of a vehicle. Ford and Chevrolet have decals all over their vehicles they sell and  they can also be safely removed.

Sticker signs and decals can be many different sizes to accommodate the length and height of a bus. Sticker signs can also be placed over windows that will still allow people inside the bus to see out, but the people on the outside only to see what have printed on the signs. The sign is called window perforation and is used in bus wraps often and without issue. This window perforation can be used in conjunction with a sticker on the bus so as to look like one large sticker continuation. Part of the sticker is printed on vinyl and part of the sticker is printed on window perforation. These stickers can be used to advertise your bus company, products of other companies, or simply describe the bus services that you offer to the public in more detail so as to increase company awareness. Bus signs and decals work and should be taken advantage of.








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Shuttle Bus Wraps in Vegas

Shuttle bus wraps in Vegas are becoming the new marketing tool for businesses in Las Vegas that shuttle people around. These businesses, usually Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos, are using shuttle busses to bring people to and from their venues and are using these plain old shuttle buses and giving them a make over. Shuttle bus wraps allow a venue to advertise on their shuttle as a very effective marketing tool.

Shuttle bus wraps allow for a venue to advertise their location, business or one of the shows that are currently running at their location. For example, if a major casino has a top bill performer running a 3 month show at their venue, these shuttle busses are wrapped with the idea of marketing the show. This allows for tourists to see what is happening at their location as well as information about the show. it seems many tourists come to Las Vegas to have fun but need to connect with what is happening at all the venues. Shuttle bus wraps as a billboard and allow for the venue to advertise. Once the wrap is paid for, their is no monthly rental expense. And best of all, shuttle bus wraps are a very cost effective forma of advertising as they are seen by thousands of tourists a day along Las Vegas Blvd and other streets. Shuttle bus wraps can be applied in just a day or two and can be taken off without any damage to the paint to the shuttle bus. This is one of the reasons they are so popular with casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

Shuttle bus wraps can be printed and applied with the help of local sign stores in Las Vegas. Contact one of these sign stores today and see how shuttle bus wraps can get you more customers and better name recognition.




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Car Signs and Decals

Car signs and decals are growing in popularity as a form of advertising your business to the public. Car signs and decals is a very cheap form of advertising since once the car signs and decals are printed and applied, they are generally good for a few years and no further cost occurs.

Car signs and decals can be temporary or permanent. Many people that use their vehicle for business and as a family car will use car magnets for advertising so that they can be removed easily when the car is being used for family purposes. The car magnets merely attach to the car doors and can be applied and taken off in less than one minute. These car magnets are usually 12″ x 18″ ( cost around $30 for a set of 2 ) and fir most vehicles. The trick is to make sure the magnet does not go over a body line or molding where air can get between the magnet and the car allowing it to be blown off.

Car sign and decals also includes permanent vinyl lettering and printed decals that can be applied to the vehicle. In addition, car wrap material can be used to add larger vinyl prints to the car. In these cases, cast vinyl is used so that it can be shrunk / stretched to fit the curved body of the car. Vinyl lettering on the side or back of the car is cheap and can be installed by the client if they wish to save money. Car wrap, or decals are a little more tricky and professional installation is encouraged. These car signs and decals can be removed without hurting the paint to change out or when the car is sold.

Car signs and decals can be printed and made at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area.