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Vehicle Signs and Decals in Las Vegas Nevada

Vehicle signs and decals in Las Vegas Nevada can make your car different from everyone else’s. Vehicle signs and decals are custom sign prints that are applied to your vehicle to distinguish it from other vehicles. One of the most simplest sign for a automobile is the car magnet. These car magnets are usually 12″ x 18″ and are attached magnetically to your vehicle’s doors. They easily come off and can be put on in seconds. Simple vinyl lettering is another type of cheap signs that easily distinguish your vehicle from another. Sometimes, vehicle vinyl lettering is mandated by the Nevada Dept.  Of Transportation ( NDOT ) because the vehicle is used for commercial purposes certain vinyl lettering is required.

Vehicle signs and decals also consist of vehicle wraps, where a printed vinyl application is applied over the vehicle to make it look like a paint job. The vinyl wrap can be printed advertisement in order to use your vehicle as a mobile billboard. This type of advertising has really taken off in the Las Vegas area and many businesses choose this form of car advertisement. The windows instead of being covered with vinyl, will have a see through window perforation on it where the people on the inside of the vehicle can se out, but the people on the outside looking at the vehicle can only see what is printed on the window covering. Most businesses elect to go with a partial wrap, where vinyl lettering, window perforation film and decals are used in conjunction to display your advertising. Not only is this much cheaper than a full wrap, it can be just as effective.

Your local sign store in Las Vegas can assist you in determining what is the best application for your desired results. Vehicle signs and stickers definitely work and will draw attention to your vehicle.






Trade Show Signs in Vegas by Posterhead.com

Vehicle Signs and Decals

Vehicle signs and decals is a cost effective way to promote your business. Vehicle signs and decals are cheap in price, can be self installed and will last a long time on a vehicle. Every time that vehicle is driving the streets of Las Vegas, it will be seen by other motorists and get your company noticed. Many companies are now placing signs on their vehicles as a way of advertising their goods and services they offer. Signs on a vehicle can be simple or extreme. A full car wrap is where the print on vinyl and then place this vinyl over the entire vehicle and apply it ( from bumper to bumper ) Simple vehicle signs could be simple vinyl lettering or car magnets.

Vehicle signs and decals work. Many self employed business people use their personal vehicle for both pleasure and business. By placing car magnets on a vehicle’s doors, the vehicle automatically becomes a business vehicle. ( Vehicle Magnets cost around $30 for a set of two 12″ x 18″ custom magnets ) When business is over, the magnets are taken off the vehicle and it becomes a family car. In fact, many homeowner associations will not allow vehicle signs when parked in a HOA environment.

Most companies that want to advertise on their vehicles will use a combination of vinyl lettering and decal signs as a way to make their vehicles stand out. Simple vinyl lettering in colors contrasting the color of the vehicle along with decals is very effective. The vehicle’s windows can be printed on with a vinyl window covering that still allows the occupants to see out without obstruction and the people on the outside only see what advertisement you have printed on the window covering. Whatever you choose, vehicle advertising works and is a very cost effective way to market.




Trade Show Signs in Vegas by Posterhead.com

Car Signs and Decals

Car signs and decals are growing in popularity as a form of advertising your business to the public. Car signs and decals is a very cheap form of advertising since once the car signs and decals are printed and applied, they are generally good for a few years and no further cost occurs.

Car signs and decals can be temporary or permanent. Many people that use their vehicle for business and as a family car will use car magnets for advertising so that they can be removed easily when the car is being used for family purposes. The car magnets merely attach to the car doors and can be applied and taken off in less than one minute. These car magnets are usually 12″ x 18″ ( cost around $30 for a set of 2 ) and fir most vehicles. The trick is to make sure the magnet does not go over a body line or molding where air can get between the magnet and the car allowing it to be blown off.

Car sign and decals also includes permanent vinyl lettering and printed decals that can be applied to the vehicle. In addition, car wrap material can be used to add larger vinyl prints to the car. In these cases, cast vinyl is used so that it can be shrunk / stretched to fit the curved body of the car. Vinyl lettering on the side or back of the car is cheap and can be installed by the client if they wish to save money. Car wrap, or decals are a little more tricky and professional installation is encouraged. These car signs and decals can be removed without hurting the paint to change out or when the car is sold.

Car signs and decals can be printed and made at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area.