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Car Signs and Decals

Car signs and decals are growing in popularity as a form of advertising your business to the public. Car signs and decals is a very cheap form of advertising since once the car signs and decals are printed and applied, they are generally good for a few years and no further cost occurs.

Car signs and decals can be temporary or permanent. Many people that use their vehicle for business and as a family car will use car magnets for advertising so that they can be removed easily when the car is being used for family purposes. The car magnets merely attach to the car doors and can be applied and taken off in less than one minute. These car magnets are usually 12″ x 18″ ( cost around $30 for a set of 2 ) and fir most vehicles. The trick is to make sure the magnet does not go over a body line or molding where air can get between the magnet and the car allowing it to be blown off.

Car sign and decals also includes permanent vinyl lettering and printed decals that can be applied to the vehicle. In addition, car wrap material can be used to add larger vinyl prints to the car. In these cases, cast vinyl is used so that it can be shrunk / stretched to fit the curved body of the car. Vinyl lettering on the side or back of the car is cheap and can be installed by the client if they wish to save money. Car wrap, or decals are a little more tricky and professional installation is encouraged. These car signs and decals can be removed without hurting the paint to change out or when the car is sold.

Car signs and decals can be printed and made at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area.



Cheap Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Wholesale Flyer Printing in Vegas

Wholesale flyer printing is available in the Las Vegas area. Many print shops can print your flyers and postcards wholesale in just a few days. This is available to resellers and people coming into town for the trade shows and conventions. Wholesale flyer printing can save you and your company a lot of money.

The vendors and companies at trade shows and conventions pass out a lot of literature. Many of these companies use wholesale flyer printing in Vegas by sending a design a couple of weeks in advance and getting the flyers printed cheap. These flyers can be a multitude of sizes, but predominantly they are 1/2 sheet or full sheet ( 8.5 x 11 ) flyers that are printed in full color with pictures on them on both sides. The flyer paper quality is 100lb and sometimes they request a matte finish ( so that the flyer can be written on ) or a gloss finish ( shiny finish). These flyers are passed out to everyone they can at these trade shows to gather interest in their products and services, so the less expensive the better.

Wholesale flyer printing is also needed by the promoters in Las Vegas who pass out flyers on the Las Vegas Strip. Nite clubs and entertainment venues need to fill their clubs and venues with tourists every night. Accordingly, these clubs will hire attractive women to canvas Las Vegas Blvd. and talk to tourists and persuade them to come try their show or club. The girls then pass out flyers to the tourists with directions and other information in hopes of luring them to patronize the venues. The girls are paid bonuses for how many people they bring into the shows. These girls pass out hundreds of flyers a night in order to help let tourists know where the ” action” is and how to get some.







Cheap Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Custom Printed Flyers in Vegas

Custom printed flyers in Vegas are cheap. Wholesale custom flyer printing has never been less expensive that it is now. Several printers are offering cheap custom printed flyers at great prices to clubs and promoters who buy these flyers by the thousands to promote their clubs and venues. Custom printed flyers can be printed on many different sizes of paper, in full color and you can also print pictures as well on the flyers.

Custom printed flyers come in many sizes to choose from. The most popular sized flyers are the one quarter page and half page flyers. These flyers are light enough and small enough to be placed in pockets , purses, jackets, etc..

Custom printed flyers are usually bought in bulk ( five thousand or ten thousand at a time). Promoters will buy thousands of these flyers to promote their club or event. They will hire good looking women to walk Las Vegas Blvd. and talk to people ( tourists ) about their venues and then give them a flyer to help lead them to the venue.  The flyers might have a map and address on one side of how to get to the club / venue and on the other side have pictures or a promotional offer to temp the tourists into going. Custom printed flyers are usually bright and cheerful and make the club look like a lot of fun. The promoters who canvas the streets passing out these custom printed flyers will get a kickback from the club / venue for how many people they get to go. This can add up to several hundred dollars per night for a successful promoter. Since the flyers are inexpensive, they try to pas out as many as they can because they just want people to show up at the event / club they are promoting.



Bus Signs

Bus Wraps in Vegas

Bus wraps in Vegas are more popular than ever before. Bus wraps for special events is becoming a marketing tool for companies that want to set themselves apart from the competition. Large companies will wrap a private bus for an event or show in Las Vegas and have that bus prominently displayed so that all the people attending the show will see it. This large wrap really does make an impression on clients and gets your company name out there.

Bus wraps are more common than ever before. At the trade shows, it is not out of the ordinary to have a couple of busses wrapped for the event parked just outside the entrance to the venue. These bus wraps act as a mobile billboard and really get the attention of people attending the shows. In addition, many times the companies will use these buses as a means to shuttle employees to and from the shows.

Bus wraps take a little while to do because of the amount of work necessary to prep and apply the vinyl. In addition, a bus wrap usually takes about a day to print ( window perf and vinyl).  Special vinyl and laminate is required to apply to these buses as many of these busses have curves that require special attention ( shrinkage and stretching of wrap) so that the bus wrap comes out professional. Many companies will try to get away with regular calendared film instead of the proper cast vinyl to save money, but the quality of the wrap is reflective of this. Make sure your sign company uses the proper vinyl film for your wrap or it will be separating from the bus.

Bus wraps are available at sign stores in Las Vegas with the necessary experience and equipment. Contact one today for your bus wrap and impress your clients.



Cheap Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap Printer of Flyers in Vegas

Cheap printer of flyers in Vegas will get your flyers printed cheap ! Cheap printer of flyers will get you your 1/4 page, 1/2 page or full page flyers at a low price. After all, why pay retail for printing when you can get it wholesale.

A local pizza restaurant learned the value of cheap flyer advertising recently. There sales were suffering and they could not afford the cost of mail advertising or radio. They decided to go with a full page 8.5″ x 11″ double side flyer and had 5,000 printed for $275.00 . The flyers were printed on 100lb paper, double sided and in full color. The owner or the pizza restaurant decided he would have his family pass out these flyers once a week for a month to approx. 1250 homes each time in a 1 mile radius.  The owner tested his theory by putting a coupon for a food special on the flyer and count the redeems each week to know whether it was successful or not. To his surprise, the pizza business doubled its income the following month. What he found was that people redeemed the coupon ( on a item where he did not make a lot of money)  but would also order items off his menu. By giving good service and food, his customer count when way up and so did his profits. A simply $275 investment and spending time passing out flyers brought a return of thousands of dollars ! Cheap printer of flyers made his company a lot of money.

Flyers can be made for all sorts of purposes and sizes. The most common flyers are the 1/2 page, full page and 1/4 page flyers. All these are printed on 100lb paper in full color, meaning you can have as many colors on the flyer as you want, including pictures and logos. Contact a print shop today to see how flyer printing can help your business.




Cheap Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Low Cost Flyer Printing in Vegas

Low cost flyer printing in Vegas is great if you are a promoter that markets of the night clubs or shows in Las Vegas. Flyer distribution is a low cost, low key approach of persuading people to go to a show or club. Low cost flyer printing can get you those flyers ( that you hand out in the hundreds at night) at a very low cost. How Low ? Try about $160 for 5,000 of these flyers that are printed on a 100lb paper in a half sheet size with a coating on them to make them shiny ! These flyers have information about the club or show they are being sent to, the address of the club and other contact information, but also pertinent photos about the club to entice the people reading the flyer that “That is the place they want to go”.

Low cost flyer printing is just perfect for those promoters who need to track which associate promoters are doing a good job. Promoters are paid to direct tourists into a specific bar or show and each flyer has a specific promoters number or name on them to keep track of how many guests were sent there way and by whom. Promoters need to give flyers to a specific demographic market otherwise they are just giving there flyers away. If they target market and spend time with a certain type of person, they can do much better in getting positive responses.

Low cost flyer printing can also lead you to low cost postcards and business cards. There are hundreds of people passing out information on the Las Vegas strip about adult dancers. These people use cheap business cards to spread their information. While most tourists just throw them away, a small percentage of tourists will keep the card and telephone the number on the card later in the day.



Bus Signs

Car Stickers and Decals in Vegas

Car stickers and decals in Vegas can get you that custom made sticker for your auto or truck. Car stickers and decals are not expensive and a cheap form of advertising for your vehicle.

Car stickers and decals can also be for fun to have on your car. You can have custom bumper stickers or one of those ” My Dawg is smarter than you kid” type stickers as well. Its really simple to have a bumper sticker printed or plotted and very cheap.

Car stickers and decals are used a lot for advertisement of a business on the side of a truck or car. For example, plumbing trucks usually have ” PLUMBING” spelled out on the side of their vehicles in a contrasting color to stand out. If they have a white cargo plumbing van, they put plumbing and there phone information on the side in a dark color so it is easy to read. They may also put what type of services they offer as well along with a logo or something printed that will set them apart from other plumbers ( like a tall plumber caricature holding a pipe wrench or something similar). The important thing is that they are able to distinguish themselves from their competition and you remember who they are. many contractors and related field use this type of advertising because it is cheap and easy to do.  Business picks up when you advertise on your company vehicles according to recent advertising studies. Car deals and stickers are a very cost effective approach to getting your name seen out in the community. Police cars are brightly tagged for that very reason.

Car stickers and decals can be made and printed at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area at very competitive rates. See how these stickers can improve your company branding and performance.


Cheap Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap 4 x 6 Postcards in Vegas

Cheap 4 x 6 postcards in Vegas can get you custom printed 4 inch by 6 inch postcards cheap in Vegas. After all, why pay a fortune for printing cheap 4 x 6 postcards when you do not have to ?  These are custom, full color postcards cards that are printed on both sides on 14pt card stock.

Cheap 4 x 6 postcards are great for promotions of products and services. Many times when I go home at night there will be 4 x 6 postcards placed on my front door promoting services such as landscaping, pest control and other services. These promotional postcards will be printed on both sides and look great. There is enough room on these cheap 4 x 6 postcards to have text, pictures, logos and all sorts of information describing the services that are being offered. Local companies like these small postcards because they can target specific areas very cheaply. For example, one housing track has 300 homes in it and a couple of workers or kids can canvas that in a few hours. A local roofing company will pick a the winter time to hand out these postcards after the rain comes so as to pick up roofing jobs. Older neighborhoods ( age 20 plus ) will start to have minor roof leaks and the roofing company gets their foot in the door to possibly replace the roofs at a future date.

Cheap 4 x 6 postcards are also great for promoting special events like neighborhood festivals, arts and craft festivals, church carnivals, and even local eateries where businesses just start and want to get their name out to residents in the area. For around $60, you can buy 1,000 of these custom printed postcards and then have some kids or workers pass them out. They also work great for next time purchases offering a discount on your next order of food at the restaurant.





Cheap Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Cheapest Flyer Printing in Vegas

Cheapest flyer printing can be yours in Las Vegas. Why pay high prices for hand out flyers or promotion flyers when you can buy them cheaper in Vegas ? Cheapest flyer printing is printed on 100lb paper with different coatings on them such as AQ, Gloss, matte, etc.

Cheapest Flyer Printing is just that, inexpensive. Whether you need the full page flyers, half page flyers or quarter page flyers. Flyers are great for promotions of events and products. In fact, many night clubs in Las Vegas promote their clubs on the Las Vegas Strip by distributing flyers to tourists. Club promoters, with secret codes on the flyers to identify them for bonuses, will hand out these promotional flyers to people they think will go the club they are promoting. The club gets business and then rewards the promoters with pay for the referrals to their clubs. This is big business in Las Vegas when you consider a simple drink in a fancy night club is $10 or more and bottle service starts at $500.00 ! The promoters on the streets strike up conversations with people and try to convince them to go to the clubs and hand out these flyers by the hundreds every night. Consequently, cheapest flyer printing is necessary when the clubs are printing these flyers by the thousands.

Cheapest flyer printing is also necessary around Christmas or Halloween when you have special attractions like haunted houses or Christmas shows that are promotes through flyer and postcard distribution. Cheapest flyer printing is also needed for rock concerts, monster truck jams, rodeos, circuses, etc. Many special events are always occurring in Las Vegas.

So why pay retail for inexpensive postcard and flyer printing ? Cheapest flyer printing will lead you to the best deals in Vegas for your offset printing needs. Flyers work, take advantage of the low cost printing.


Cheap Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Advertising Flyers in Vegas

Advertising flyers is a cheap and effective way to get your marketing message across to people. Advertising flyers work and smart businesses are thinking outside the box in these tough economic times.

Advertising flyers are a big promotional tool many entertainment facilities are using on the Las Vegas Strip to get tourists interested in their clubs and shows. For example, a night club will hire young, attractive people to pas out advertising flyers for their club on the Las Vegas strip. The attractive promoters will talk up a club to tourists and pass out these flyers that show what a great place the club is. The advertising flyers might offer a free drink or a free pass to get in to help entice the people to go. The promoter has a secret code on the flyer that gives them credit when someone uses the flyer to get into the club and they get bonuses for bringing people to the club. The promoters pas these cheap advertising flyers out by the hundreds every night in order to get club packed with people.  The same goes for Las Vegas strip events and shows. Just walking the Strip at night will get you a handful of flyers and postcards promoting one event or another. These flyers need to be inexpensive because they are passed out by the hundreds every night. Most end up in the trash can or dropped on the sidewalk.

Advertising flyers are printed on 100lb paper in full color and are inexpensive. You can get 5,000 1/2 page flyers printed on both sides for around $160.00 in Las Vegas. If you went with a smaller flyer, you could get 5,000 4″ x 6″ flyers printed  for just over $100.00

Advertising flyers can be found at local print shops in Las Vegas. See how these advertising flyers can help your business.