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Tall Banner Stands,

Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands

Roll up retractable banner stands are effective, inexpensive display graphics that are used at business meetings and in the retail stores in Las Vegas. These compact stands when expanded are perfect for limited spaced areas and can act as a stand alone display.

Roll up retractable banner stands are inexpensive and many start off at less than one hundred dollars. ( That price comes with a stand-graphic and carrying case) In fact, the most popular size roll up banner stand is the 33″ wide model that has a height of about 6 1/2 feet and sells for less than $100.00. This stand includes the adjustable pole for height adjustment so that you can get just the right look for your stand. many inferior banner stands require a bleed, but not these stands because of the adjustable height pole. These banner stands come in a lot of different sizes from the small 24″ wide model to the big 57″ wide model. In addition, these roll up retractable banner stands can be purchased in the economy and luxury models depending on your preference.

Roll up retractable banner stands are also popular at the multitude of events and shows that happen in Las Vegas. Every year, thousands of events and shows occur in Las Vegas that bring millions of visitors to these events. In fact, many sign companies dedicate their business to these events because of how large the event and show industry is and have logistically placed their business locations adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip so that they can be close to all the events. This helps cutting down time for the customer in getting the graphics to them in cases of emergency.

Yelp ( ) or Google Maps ( is a great place to check the reputation of sign companies in Las Vegas to make sure you get the best sign company for you.




Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Stand Up Banner Stand Displays

Stand up banner stand displays are being used at the events and shows in Las Vegas in great numbers. These inexpensive, quality display graphics are very popular with the vendors to display information about the good and services they are displaying to their customers. Stand up banner stand displays are the number one graphic being used at the events and shows in Las Vegas. With thousands of events and shows held yearly and millions of people coming to Las Vegas to partake in these shows, it adds up too many signs and banners.

Thousands of events and shows take place in Las Vegas every year and display graphics are needed for these shows. The stand up banner stand displays come in many different height and widths to fit most vendors needs. From 2ft wide to about 5 feet wide and in different heights as well as premium stands that offer the wide chrome base. The banner stands start off at less than $100 and even the largest, premium stand is well below the $200 price range. All these stand up banners come with a convenient carrying nylon bag for easy transportation and many of these banner stands can be made the same day or next day. Several sign companies in Las Vegas offer same day banner stand service like Posterhead Signs ( ).

There are many more other types of signage that are available and popular at the events and trade shows. Vinyl banners, coroplast signs, foam board signs, vinyl lettering are just some of the other popular graphics that are used at shows to help vendors show off their products and services.

Las Vegas has many sign companies willing and able to assist you in your display graphics at very reasonable prices. Contact some sign shops and compare prices and services and make your event or show a success !





Wooden Signs

For Lease Wood Signs in Vegas

For lease wood signs are heavier than the normal aluminum signs found at properties for lease in the Las Vegas area. Realtors from the local Greater Las Vegas association of Realtors  or the sometimes like the old fashion heavy wood sign to represent them when trying to list a piece of property for lease. These realtors place these signs in front of properties they represent in order to let people passing by that the property is for lease.

For Lease wood signs contain much information about the property and the realtor listing the property for lease. The wood sign contains information such as the realtors contact information:

1. Name of realtor

2. Phone number of Realtor

3. Email

4. Website information

5. Broker Information-etc.

In addition, the “For Lease” sign also contains information about the property for lease such as zoning, size, utilities , square footage, etc. that would let prospective clients know if the property is suitable for them. The sign might even list special instructions like improvements that the landlord might consider to lease the property. These wood real estate signs are usually sized at 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft. However, other sizes are available as well. For example, on a large piece of property that sits back from a road, the real estate agent might want a very large 8ft x 16ft wood sign so that it can easily be seen from the road way. These wood signs are supported by 4″ x 4″ wood posts or sometimes even large wood posts as supports for such heavy wood signs.

For Lease wood signs in Las Vegas can be made by many sign companies in Las Vegas. The GLVAR has a referral program for sign companies and realtors and one company is on that list. To be on the GLVAR Member Benefit Program, the associated company has to offer a benefit to the realtors.




Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Custom Banner Stand Displays

Custom banner stand displays are very popular at the many events and shows held in Las Vegas Nevada. Custom banner stand displays are used extensively at these shows in order to get a message across to the people attending. These banner stand displays come in a multitude of sizes to accommodate your space needs at these shows. Many times the booth sizes at these shows and events are very cramped and display graphics are needed that can stand alone in this limited space. Banner stands are a wonderful display graphic to fill this need. With all the conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas, these are very popular graphic displays.

Custom banner stand displays come in many sizes. The most popular banner stand size is the 33″ x 78″ adjustable banner stand. An adjustable banner stand allows for the perfect height adjustment to your graphic so that it displays perfectly. These banner stands with carrying case cost less than $100 and can be made the same day in emergencies, if not an emergency, these stands only take a day or so to print and assemble. The banner stands come in widths of 24″ to about 5 feet wide and in either standard or premium styles ( premium have a chrome base). The graphic itself is either on a 13 ounce vinyl banner or a 10oz anti curl substrate that makes your graphic look professional.

Large format printers use eco solvent or latex inks to print your graphic. The newer large format printers utilize the multicolor system with 8 inks that allow for a wider array of colors and depths. These inks are environmentally friendly and will last a long time indoors.

Custom banner stand displays are made at most of the sign shops that cater to the events and shows in Las Vegas. These sign companies are normally located within a 1/2 mile of the Las Vegas strip and offer delivery service to your location.




Tall Banner Stands,

Custom Convention Display

Custom Convention Display for Las Vegas conventions and trade shows are necessary to get the right setting for your event. Thousands of vendors come annually to Las Vegas to display their merchandise and services to the millions of people that attend the trade shows and conventions at Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo or Mandalay Bay Convention Center. These 3 large convention venues combine for millions of square feet of floor space to hold the largest of conventions and trade shows.

Custom Convention display are needed for these shows and events. The combination of banners, banner stands, vinyl signs, electric signs constitute the majority of signage for these display booths. Vendors often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for their display booths as evidenced by the extravagant display booths at large trade shows like CES. ( Consumer Electronic Show). While many of the extravagant displays are made in New York and shipped out to Las Vegas for installation, many are made locally here in Las Vegas. In fact, a rather large sign industry has developed in Southern Nevada to support the event / shows that are continuously held in Vegas throughout the year. The smart vendors prefer to have their displays made in Las Vegas to save shipping and any problems that might occur to the graphic displays while they are being shipped. Many times graphic displays will be damaged while being shipped or simply lost while being shipped causing all sorts of issues. By having the graphics made locally in Las Vegas, those types of issues are non existent or can be remedied quickly.

Custom convention display can be manufactured in Las Vegas at a very good price. By using sites like Yelp  (  )or Google Maps, you can determine the reputation of the sign company that you are hiring and make sure they are the right company for you.






Tall Banner Stands,

Banner Stand Displays in Las Vegas

Banner stand displays in Las Vegas are very popular during the long trade show season . Many trade industries like to have their trade shows in Las Vegas because of the many perks of having their event in ” Sin City”. Not only does Las Vegas have 3 big convention venues:

1. Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

3. Venetian Convention Center ( Sands Expo)

Las Vegas also has the necessary  food and lodging to make your stay very pleasant. Throw in the first class casinos and other entertainment venues and you have the making of a fun experience. For those people bringing their families, there is lots of fun things for the kids to do since Las Vegas has changed into a family friendly city.

One thing in common with all the people display at the trade show booths is signs. Every vendor booth utilizes all sorts of different graphic displays to help educate and show off their companies goods and services.  Banner stands are one of the most popular and effective graphic display because they take up very little room and are very inexpensive. Banner stand displays in Las Vegas can be made the same day in case people forget their banner stands or they arrive damaged, which is a very common occurrence. Many people prefer to have their banner stands made in Las Vegas for that reason alone. Other will opt to have their banner stand displays made in Las Vegas because they can buy them cheap.  Las Vegas hosts many events and shows and many sign companies do tremendous volume of signage for the shows and that price is reflective of that volume.

Contact a Las Vegas sign company today to see how banner stands can help you and your company at your special event. and increase your business potential.


Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Inexpensive Pop Up Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Inexpensive pop up banner stands are very popular at conventions and other events in Las Vegas. Inexpensive pop up banner stands are cheap in price , great in quality and make for a very nice display in Las Vegas. These pop up banner stands take up very little room, are independent ( they can be placed anywhere you want and stand straight up) and are very large when fully stretched out.

Las Vegas is a very popular place to hold conventions and events. Partly because we have the capacity to house and feed hundreds of thousands of people with fantastic accommodations, partly because we are known for our fun and partly because we have the  convention space to hold the largest of events. The three biggest convention centers in Las Vegas:

1. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

2. Sands Expo

3. Las Vegas Convention Center

all have well over a million square feet of floor space with state of the art facilities that allows shows and events to be hosted in style.

Inexpensive pop up stands are just that, cheap in price. These pop up stands come in many different sizes to accommodate your display graphic needs. From the small 24″ wide width models to the large 57″ wide models that average about 80″ tall ( some styles go higher than that ! ). These banner stands can be found at These stands start off at less than $100 for a complete banner stand with carrying case and print and are still under $190 for the largest of the banner stands w/ print. The stands with print can be made the same day in case of emergencies.

Inexpensive pop up banner stands in Las Vegas can be made locally in Las Vegas at very competitive pricing. Sign companies make many signs and graphics for the conventions and carry a wide assortment of banner stands in stock at all times.


Wholesale Convention Sign and Banner Printing

Wholesale convention sign and banner printing is available in the Las Vegas area. In fact, there are many sign companies that are located near the Las Vegas Convention Center ( ) that cater to the convention industry because of the amount of conventions that occur annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center at 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 .  Las Vegas is the number one place for conventions and trade shows in the United States. Millions of business people come annually to Las Vegas for one of the many shows and events. In fact , three of the biggest convention and trade show facilities are located in Las Vegas:

1. Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Sands Expo ( )

3. Mandalay Bay Convention Center ( )

Everybody likes to hold there events in Las Vegas because of all the fun and festivities that Las Vegas offers. Many business people use it as an excuse to take the family on a mini vacation where the whole family can enjoy three or four days of fun. ( Las Vegas is now a family town also where many casinos have become a mini town with pools, arcades, movie theatres, etc.)

Wholesale convention sign and banner printing is available at many of the sign companies located near the convention center like Posterhead Signs ( ) where large format printers are the tool of the modern sign maker. These large printers can print very accurately with bright and bold colors that really make your sign or banner ” pop”. Gone are the days of the 4 color printers, newer printers have additional colors like orange, light black, light magenta and light blue colors that really define the printing world today. Businesses expect the best and modern day printers like Mimaki, Mutoh and others provide the best print possible. Many of these sign shops offer wholesale printing of banner stands, signs and banners.





Las Vegas Wooden Signs

Custom Mesh Banner Printing in Vegas

Custom mesh banner printing in Vegas can lead to that wind resistant banner that can be used outdoors when a regular vinyl banner will not hold up. Southern Nevada gets its fair share of wind and many normal 13 ounce vinyl banners simply will not hold up in the wind. The grommets will tear out of the banner material where the banner is being adhered to. There is so much pressure of wind resistance against the vinyl banner that something has to give and it usually gives at the weakest point…the grommet.

Custom mesh banner printing in Vegas can be done by many sign companies that have the proper equipment to make these large banners. Las Vegas sign company, Posterhead Signs ( ) can make the mesh banner for you using a heavy mesh vinyl material and print the banner with eco solvent ink ( eco solvent ink is the ink designed for outdoor use to prevent fading in the hot summers that Southern Nevada has). The mesh banner can then be hung between poles or placed on a chain link fence so that air can travel through the banner causing the banner not to lose its integrity. Normal vinyl banners allow the air to push against the banner and then the air ( wind) deflects around the banner to the weakest point and causes damage. ( More often than not, the damage is confined to the grommet area causing the grommet to separate from the banner ). The mesh banner and the vinyl banner are printed the same way, on large format printers and hemming the perimeter and placing grommets every 2 feet or so around the banner to make it easy to hang.

Custom mesh banner printing is available at sign companies all throughout the Southern Nevada area at very good pricing. Take advantage of these wind resistant banner for your advertising.


No Dumping Signs

Las Vegas No Trespassing or No Dumping Signs

Las Vegas no trespassing or no dumping signs are needed for vacant land or construction sites where you do not want people coming on to your property to illegally use your land as a garbage fill or trespass. Many people erroneously consider vacant land a great opportunity to get rid of dirt or debris and save landfill fees but do not consider that it hurts the owner of the vacant land. These signs can be found in Las Vegas at .

Las Vegas no trespassing or no dumping signs can also relieve you of liability if something happens. A lawyer will argue that you invited someone on your land because it was not fenced and not specifically posted they could not come on to your property. ( lawyers argue everything and anything in court ) By having a No Trespass or No Dumping Sign on your property, you are letting everybody know that they are not welcome on your property and cannot use your property as a landfill. By posting your notices your notices on your property in clear view, you can have these people arrested ( as the sign is required by Nevada ).

There is no requirement for special material to make your no trespass sign or no dumping sign. In fact Walmart carries plastic no trespass signs or Grainger (, but if you want a sign to last, you might think about an aluminum sign that can withstand the weather conditions of Las Vegas or possibly an MDO wood board sign.

Las Vegas no trespassing or no dumping signs can be made in a multitude of sizes to accommodate your sign needs. The finer sign companies in Las Vegas are capable of producing  these signs very quickly and at a very fair price. Protect your property rights in Clark County with a sign.