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Las Vegas Banners

Text Banners Can Deliver a Strong Message.

In previous blogs, we discussed how full color banners are used in the marketing plan of a business.  Text banners can be part of that same effective marketing plan.  The messages are both the same, deliver information the  consumer.

Text banners are very similar to full color banners but they are made only with text, rather than in design.  Each method has a place in a businesses  advertising plan.  A text banner is a banner that is generally printed on a vinyl banner material and only contains text. That text can be in the form of letters or numbers arranged to deliver a clear and concise message.

A text banner that displays the word ” HOT DOG ” and a price of $2.00 is considered a an example of text banners.  The message is clear and concise that the price of a hot dog is $2.00 and they can be found at the location where the banner is hanging.  These types of text banners are great when a strong simple message needs to be delivered.  A carnival or fair is a example where this type of banner could be very successful.  After all, would a multi color design with artwork really be able to deliver a more descriptive message than just a hot dog  for $2.00 ?

Another rpime example of  text banners is a car lot in which you see the banner ” BUY HERE- PAY HERE “ . There is no ambiguity in the message that the vinyl banner is sending, you are able to buy your car at that location and they act as a financial institution and collect your car payments there.

Text banners can be simply made with banner material that has vinyl lettering applied to it or have a large format printer print the tex on the banner material.  Either method will allow for a banner that lasts for a long time.


Las Vegas Banners

Full Color Banners For Your Las Vegas Business

Banners are a great way to advertise your business in Las Vegas.  There are many types of banners to choose from.  There are mesh banners, sports banners, hemmed banners, etc.  One of the most, if not the most popular banner is the full color banner.

A full color banner is a banner in which you are allowed to use as many colors as you want.  This sounds simple, but in the old days, you could not get a full color banner without paying an exorbitant amount of money to obtain one.  The reason for this is because not so long ago, there were only vinyl plotters that you would cut your vinyl on and then apply that vinyl to the banner material.  This method  was very time consuming and labor intensive.  Thus, the additional labor and work was found in the price of the vinyl banner.

In todays print shops, businesses are using large format printers and printing directly on the banner material with eco solvent or latex inks.  These inks allow for a long lasting banner that can withstand the elements of nature when exposed to the harsh sun.  The sun, as you may be aware of, shines quite bright and hot in the summer months in Las Vegas.

The printing of these full color banners is now made easy with technology.  It is nothing to be able to print a high quality full color banner in about 15minutes with the use of software programs like flexi sign, onyx and others.  These software programs direct the printers to mix colors and create a wonderful vibrant images on banners. This is why they are called full color banners.

Statistics show that full color banners are more attractive to consumers than black and white banners.

Full color banners are easy to make and easy to display and have been proven to increase business sales.

Las Vegas Nevada Window Graphics

Window Lettering is a Fast and Easy Way To Make Your Business Get Noticed.

In Las  Vegas, all businesses are trying to get noticed because of the increased competition among businesses.  One of the easiest and fastest ways to get more exposure is to perform window lettering on your stores windows.

Window lettering can take many forms and sizes.  Some businesses use paint on the window to letter their windows to attract more business.  The paint artists come out to your business location and apply different color paints to the window to attract attention to your store.  They may draw a cup of coffee on the window and then put it in a circle and display a price on it in bright colors so as to attract potential consumers to purchase that coffee.  The McDonald Corporation uses bright paint on the windows to attract attention and they are very successful at it. Several windows can be painted by professionals for less than $200.00

Another  window lettering ideal is to put vinyl letters on the windows in different colors to advertise products or services.  This vinyl lettering on the windows will last much longer than painted windows.  Vinyl lettering usually has a life expectancy of approximately 2 – 5 years.  The vinyl letters can be applied in different colors and sizes for emphasis and attraction purposes.

The vinyl lettering is available at sign shops, craft stores and even places like Office Depot stores.  The window lettering is not very expensive and is fast and easy to install.

Follow these simple instructions to apply your own window lettering :

1. clean the window very well with soap and water.

2. Measure the window and make sure that the vinyl letters will be centered appropriately in both vertical and horizontal fashion.

3. Use good ol’ kitchen dish soap and water very liberally when applying the vinyl letters in case you stick them on the window wrong.

4.  Squeegee out the excess soapy  water from the vinyl letters.

These simple tips will allow you to professionally apply your window lettering like the professionals.

posterhead signs Las Vegas cheap window graphics

Las Vegas Window Signs

Every business in todays rough economic times needs an advantage to help make their business stronger. Las Vegas window signs is one of those opportunities to make a business even more competitive. Las Vegas window signs allows a business to use the space on their business windows to help attract and keep customers.

Many business in Vegas use their windows for advertising.  Just look at the local markets who advertise their weekly specials on the windows.  They do this because it has been scientifically proven that putting advertisement on the windows works ! Las Vegas window signs are everywhere and bring attention to businesses in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas window signs are also prevalent in the cafes where food businesses routinely advertise their weekly and daily specials of food. Las Vegas window signs are just on about every business in Vegas.   Simple door hours and website names that are put on door windows in vinyl letters constitute Las Vegas window signs.  Window signs are also commonly found at sign shops,  restaurants, automobile dealerships and most every other business.

In addition to simple vinyl lettering on windows, Las Vegas window signs also include perforated window graphics or window vision.  These are a see thru window graphics that allows for businesses to still view outside, while having customers or clients see their specials or advertisement on the windows.  In addition to the value of using the windows for advertisement, there is also value in the sense that it will cut down on the harsh rays of the sun during the summertime and save your company money in cooling costs.

Las Vegas window signs are a great opportunity to market your companies products and services at an affordable rate. They are simple to install and can usually be installed with minimal effort, thus saving more money.

Las Vegas Post Signs

Perforated Window Graphics

Businesses need a edge nowadays when it comes to making money.  In these tough economic times, businesses are turning to perforated window graphics to help advertise their business.  These perforated window graphics, or commonly known as window vision, allows a business to put advertising print on their business windows.

All retail  businesses have windows at their location.  These windows can be turned into an effective advertising tool by the use of perforated window graphics.  The whole ideal is to use business space that is generally not used, and turn it into advertising display where a business can show off what products and services they offer.  The company can also just as simply put their company logo on the windows in order to help potential customers aware of their location.

Another use for perforated window graphics is to use them as a tint for the windows.  The perforated window graphic has small holes in the material that helps reflect heat and the suns rays.  The business then saves money on cooling costs.  The cooling costs can add up very quickly, especially when you are here in Las Vegas.

Businesses can also use perforated window graphics on their company automobiles. Not only can window vision be applied to the rear and side windows of company vans or automobiles, it also adds a layer of security protection because potential thieves are unable to see inside the vehicles. Also, the perforated window graphics add a layer of sun protection and keep the vehicle cooler in the hot summer months in LAs Vegas.

If you are in the market for perforated window graphics or window vision, several online stores offer them at an affordable rate.  Or perhaps, a local sign company can make them for you at a low cost.  Remember, increase product awareness will increase sales.


Las Vegas Post Signs

Window Decals

Businesses are using all sorts of marketing  to try to increase business in these tough economic times.  One of the ways businesses are trying to get noticed is thru the use of window decals.  Window decals have many different names, such as window lettering, vinyl lettering, door hours, window graphics, etc.  In the end, window decals are an effective tool in getting your business noticed.

Window decals let a business get noticed for a fraction of he money spent on print advertising, radio advertising and television advertising.  Stores put window decals in their windows to let their customers know what goods and services they offer to consumers.  for example, a business might put a laerge picture of a cell phone being repaired to let customers know that cell phones are repaired at their facility.  McDonalds hamburgers always place window decals of their products on their windows to advertise French fries, coffee specials, 99 cent cheeseburgers.  The reason that McDonald’s does this is because it is a very effective form of advertising.

The advantage of window decals is that most city governments do not regulate the use of window decals.  The city or county does not require special sign permits in order to install window decals as they do with pylon signs, monument signs, etc.  This gives all businesses an incentive to use this virtually free form of advertisement to increase business.

The best part of window decals and the increase in business is that no special training is needed to apply window graphics to the windows.  Just common sense ability to put a window decal on straight is needed.  A sign shop that can easily be found on the internet or in the local community can make your custom window graphics very inexpensively. In Las Vegas, there are many sign shops that can  make this simple and affordable form of advertisement.

Las Vegas Post Signs

Window Graphics in Las Vegas

Window graphics in Las Vegas  are increasingly important in a business marketing plan.  Any business , especially in  Las Vegas, can use window graphics as a form of advertising. Window graphics in Las Vegas can be the determining factor in which a business makes it or loses.

Window graphics in Las Vegas can include simple vinyl lettering like store hours, store website,  store telephone numbers, etc.  More sophisticated window graphics in Las Vegas include window vision, vinyl window lettering, and window painting.

Every business usually has their business hours and name on the door or in close proximity to the entrance door to notify the customer of its store hours and name.  Also, the putting of the store’s website and telephone number constitute window graphics in attempting to let the customer know its name and other pertinent info in case the store is not open.

Window graphics in Las Vegas can also include window vision, where the stores windows have a permeated window film that allows for people inside to see out and people on the outside only to see the stores advertisement on the outside.  The store uses their window vision as a form of advertisement and also as a sun block tint to save on cooling bills.  The store advertises on their window vision the stores specials and what products and services they offer.  Window vision is a cheap form of window graphics in Las Vegas and a highly successful one.  Many businesses use these simple marketing techniques as effective advertisement.

The key in marketing a business in LAs vegas rests on many factors.  Window graphics in Las Vegas is one of those factors in which a simple a form of advertisement is sometimes the most successful. Your business should plan on using window graphics in their marketing plan.

party banners

Birthday Banners Are Fun !

Everybody has a birthday and it is always a special event. Why not show our loved ones that they are appreciated by getting them a birthday banner to acknowledge their special day.  The birthday banners are a way of doing something especially nice for the special people in our lives.

It doesn’t matter how old the birthday person is, everybody appreciate being acknowledged.  Birthday banners are a way of making it personal. The birthday  banner can be used as a memento also of the occasion and saved.

Birthday banners are cheap and easy to get.  many resources are online and you can create your own birthday banner with the help of self design programs offered by various sign companies on the internet. The birthday banners can be made in a variety of sizes  and colors.  The best part is that you can even include pictures of the birthday boy or girl on the banner because of the technological advances in digital cameras.  There are also a variety of colors and options available in creating your birthday banner.

The birthday banners can be made with grommets or with pockets for easy hanging at the party.  No difficult labor or hardware is needed to hang the banner.  Bungee cords or simple twine or rope can suspend the banner from the appropriate wall , fence or tree.  The banners are not heavy nor are they difficult to hang.  Common tools or supplies found around a house or apartment will usually suffice in hanging the  birthday banner.

If you want to surprise that special person on their birthday, think about having a birthday banner made for them.  Not only are they colorful and cheerful, you will make a very special person very happy on their birthday. They also make wonderful backgrounds for photographs for birthday parties.


Las Vegas Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle Magnetics For Easy Advertising.

Small businesses can use simple marketing techniques to increase business.  One of these ways is thru vehicle magnetics for your automobile.  It is a simple and effective form of advertising.

It seems that everybody has a automobile and commutes to and from work.  While at traffic lights, there seems to be nothing to do but look around and listen to the radio.  We have all seen plumbing trucks, real estate professionals , pizza places , etc with magnetics on the sides of their vehicles.  The reason they do this is because they get noticed and they hope you become a customer in the future.

Vehicle magnetics are usually made out of .30 mil magnetic and are either printed directly on the magnetic or have a vinyl application applied to the magnetic to advertise.  The magnetic is then adhered to by the magnets in the  material and can easily be removed at any time by the user of the automobile.  For example, if you are a pizza delivery guy, you definitely do not want to be going on a date with a pizza magnet on the side of your automobile.  That would be embarrassing for your date.

The size of the vehicle magnetics varies, but the common sizes are 12 inches by 18 inches, 12 inches by 24 inches, and 12 inches by 12 inches.  Vehicle magnetics can be made in all sorts of sizes, but you generally want them not to be too big or otherwise you risk them coming of your vehicle due to the weight and wind pressure.

Vehicle magnetics are printed with outdoor type latex or eco solvent inks to last a long time and are very durable against the suns rays.  The edges of the vehicle magnetics can be rounded or square.

If you are in the market for cheap advertisement, vehicle magnetics can be gotten for less than $35.00


Business Signs

Every business is in need of advertising who and what they are.  Business signs is one of the fundamentals that is necessary in having a successful business.  After all, you need to be able to let people know who you are and what you do.

Business signs can take form in many different ways.  In Las Vegas, casinos will spend a few million dollars on a huge neon or led sign for the front of their casino.  The Mirage, Wynn, Caesar’s Palace Casinos are just easy examples to choose from.  Their signs are very expensive and try to to relate to their customers a branding of their business by showing how flashy their casinos are by the use of their signs.

The average business in Las Vegas does not go to that level of extravagance in making a sign for there business. Business signs come in all shapes and sizes.  The majority of Las Vegas businesses usually have a pylon sign in front of there location.  A pylon sign is a big box sign on top of a pole that lists businesses at that location.  The size or area of the sign designated for the businesses usually takes form on some allocated basis.  For example, the larger the square footage of the store, the larger there allocated space on the pylon sign to advertise their business.  Most of the time. these pylon signs are made of lexan plastic and then vinyl letters or logos are applied to the lexan plastic.  Another popular way and cost effective way for a pylon sign is to stretch vinyl canvas across ( sort of like a huge banner ) and then simply letter the vinyl  canvas as you would lexan plastic.

Business signs are an intrical part of the marketing package for a business.  It is important to have the necessary signage to get  your business noticed.