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Reatail Signs in Las Vegas

Wood Signs

Wood signs are old school material to make large and small  custom signs. There are many other substrates that have been introduced in the last few years that can outperform and outlast the wood signs. Aluminum signs are a more common substrate now used in the sign industry as the aluminum is not subject to weathering like MDO wood signs.

Aluminum signs are cheaper to make than wood signs. In addition, the aluminum signs will last a lot longer. Both the wood signs and aluminum signs use a vinyl application ( full color print that includes logos, pictures and photos) and then a laminate is placed on top of the full color vinyl print so to add extra sun protection. The extra sun protection is necessary in places like Las Vegas because of the extreme heat and prolonged sunlight the signs are subject to. A interesting fact is that a sign that faces north in Las Vegas will last a much longer time than a sign facing west because of the exposure to the long sunlight.

Wood signs cost about 25% more than an aluminum sign. A typical 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign is about $99 and a 4ft x 8ft aluminum sign is about $175.00 in Las Vegas. Wood signs costs are about $125.00 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and about $210 for a 4ft x 8ft sign. Some people prefer the heavier sign, however, when installed properly, the aluminum sign will last longer and look better than the wooden sign.

Wood signs are used extensively in the commercial real estate field where they are placed on vacant land and in front of commercial buildings where they are used as a way to convey ” For Lease” and “For Rent” on.

Wood signs are available in Las Vegas at sign companies throughout the Vegas valley at very good rates and can be made in just a few days.


Reatail Signs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wooden Commercial Realtor Signs

Las Vegas wooden commercial realtor signs are heavy MDO board signs that realtors use in Las Vegas in order to lease or sale  a commercial property. These wooden  realtor signs are traditionally heavy and large and are placed in front of commercial properties or on vacant land. They contain information about the property, contact information and other pertinent information regarding the property that might be of interest to somebody.

Las Vegas wooden commercial realtor signs are usually of two sizes: 1. 4ft x 8ft or  2. 4ft x 4ft size. These large signs can contain a lot of information,  as well as pictures and logos. These wooden signs are full color, meaning you can print as many colors as you would like on the signs. The signs are place on the subject property using 4″ x 4″ posts, usually 2 posts for a 4ft x 4ft wooden sign and 3 posts for a 4ft x 8ft wooden sign. The posts are then sunk into the ground ( but not permanent with cement to avoid having to get a sign permit ) and then the sign is aligned and screwed onto the posts. In cases of vacant land where the winds are heavy, the sign installers will often reinforce the sign posts with a back piece that goes into the ground to act as support.

Las Vegas wooden commercial realtor signs can be made in just a few days. The signs are printed, allowed to dry and then usually a laminate ( matte laminate) is placed on the sign in order to protect  the design from the harsh sunlight that occurs in Las Vegas. The laminate acts as protection and extends the life of the sign by a few ore years.

These wooden signs can be purchased at local Las Vegas sign companies and be ready in just a few days. One sign company can be found at who will make the signs for you.




Reatail Signs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wooden Business Signs

Las Vegas wooden business signs are available in the Las Vegas area by many sign companies like .  These  wooden signs are made with heavy MDO boards with a smooth surface so that a printed vinyl application can be applied. These vinyl applications can be full color prints in all sorts of colors and then it is usually laminated to help protect the sign against the Las Vegas sun. The Las Vegas sun gets very hot during the summer months and often makes the signs fade quickly unless a laminate is placed on the sign.

Las Vegas wooden business signs are excellent for GLVAR realtors who like to place heavy wood signs on vacant land. The realtors advertise the property for lease or for sale and like wood because it is heavy and is harder to blow over in the windy seasons of Las Vegas. Commercial realtors also use these signs in front of commercial property they represent and use them to advertise the property for people driving by that the property is available for rent or for lease. Because these signs are bigger than normal, usually 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft, they have a large area that can be printed with their contact information as well as information about the property being for sale or for lease such as size, zoning, and other pertinent information. Other realtors and developers prefer the newer style aluminum signs that do not rust and hold up better to the weather in Las Vegas. However, these signs are lighter and may require and additional cross support when mounting.

Las Vegas wooden business signs are available at sign companies in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices. These wooden signs just take a few days to make and delivery and set up is an option.






No Trespass Signs

Las Vegas No Loitering and Trespassing Signage

Las Vegas no loitering and trespassing signage is needed for vacant land and other properties to stop people from illegally gathering and trespassing on your property. It is common sense not to go onto other people’s property and  gather, but signage is needed in order to enforce the law.  The Police officer’s hands are tied when going to a no trespassing call unless the property has the necessary signage posted telling he people they are committing an illegal act. Certain verbiage is required along with the necessary  revised statute quote. This information about the Nevada revised Statute can be found at .

Las Vegas no loitering and trespassing signage can be made with a variety of substrates. Simple no trespassing or no loitering signs can be purchased quickly at Walmart .( ). These signs at Walmart and plastic and will not last a long time in the outdoors, but they will get the job done in a pinch. Longer lasting signs are generally made out of aluminum or MDO boards. These 2 substrates will last for a long time in the outdoor climate of Las Vegas and can withstand the heat and rain. Also, these signs can be custom made to any size you want which is important if you have a large lot or just a small lot. These larger signs are then placed on the property with 4×4 wood posts or steel posts so that they will not be blown down in the strong winds that the Las Vegas valley experiences from time to time.

No loitering signs and no trespassing signs can be made at many of the sign shops in the area. Also, many sign companies offer these signs over the internet but sometimes are cost prohibitive when you add in the shipping costs. The signs can be made quicker locally.





Realtor Signs

Commercial Realtor For Lease Signs

Commercial realtor for lease signs are used to display a property that is being leased out in the Las Vegas area. Usually these signs are for large commercial properties and are placed at the front of the property so that traffic can see them as they drive by. Many times the sign will contain information about the property, not just the realtors contact information.

Commercial realtor for lease signs are made out of MDO board or aluminum. Full color vinyl sticker prints are applied to the MDO boards or aluminum and are usually topped of with a laminate so to make the sign last longer. In addition, the laminate makes the sign able to be wiped off and simple graffiti can be eliminated.  ( Of course, they make a graffiti laminate especially designed to be able to be wiped off if someone does graffiti on your sign ) The MDO boards are more expensive because of the cost of the material and are much heavier than the aluminum. However, the aluminum is much lighter and easier to install and many realtors like to put up their own for lease signs.  In addition, because it is aluminum, it wears very well in the different seasons that Las Vegas has to offer.  The vinyl prints applied to the MDO or aluminum can be full color and include your picture and company logos.

Commercial realtor for lease signs are available at many of the sign shops located in the Las Vegas valley. While not all sign shops have the equipment necessary to make large signs, sign companies like has the ability to print, apply and manufacture your large real estate signs at a low cost. Contact Posterhead or one of the other sign companies to see how these realtor signs can help your real estate firm.




Political Signs and Banners

Political Election Signs in Clark County Nevada

Political election signs in Clark County Nevada are being readied for display for the upcoming elections. Many candidates like to get their signs up at the first opportunity while many others like to make that last minute appearance to try to steal the thunder from their opponents. Whatever you election strategy, signage is a main component of any smart election. Signs get you elected !

Clark County primaries for many want top be politicians is starting in March 2018 and last only a few months. For those lucky enough to be unopposed, the main election is approx. 6 months away. time enough to get a campaign staff and sponsors to get elected. For those being opposed by other candidates, they have to struggle through the primary for the opportunity to run for office. These candidates will be going door to door and placing signs all over their district in hopes of getting elected. There struggle will include long arduous hours of campaigning.

Political election signs in Clark County Nevada include many different types of signage. The most popular political sign is the yard sign that is 18″ tall by 24″ wide and they are generally placed on supporters front yards of their residences. These signs are cheap ( less than $2.00 each)  and are a tradition. Most recently in Las Vegas, candidates like to place 4ft x 6ft long signs along main streets to advertise their campaign. While normally this is illegal, Clark County Gov. seems to be relaxed in the enforcement during the political process. I guess the strategy of not trying to alienate their possible future boss goes a long way. Vinyl banners are also another cheap and easy solution to get signage out in front of the public.

Political election signs in Clark County Nevada are available through local sign shops at a low cost.



Las Vegas Post Signs

Las Vegas Political Signs

Las Vegas Political Signs are very important to candidates running for Clark County offices or Las Vegas City offices.  Each year, numerous citizens throw their hats in the political process and try to become elected to some political office. All these would be politicians need an experienced sign company like  to get their political signs quick and inexpensive. These signs are only meant to last a short 2 or 3 months while they are on display on the streets of Las Vegas during the election cycle. A good resource for Clark County political signs is the government website ,

Las Vegas political signs come in many different forms. Many candidates prefer the vinyl banner signs over coroplast signage. While both coroplast signs and vinyl banners give weather protection, both have drawbacks. If placed against solid surfaces, these short term signs can last a very long time. It is usually the wind that destroys these types of signage. Candidates place these signs on poles or chain link fencing and the strong winds of Southern Nevada destroy these banners or coroplast signs very quickly. These signs can be full color, have pictures and logos on them and are very easy to install. The common size of a political yard sign is 18″ x 24″ and 4ft x 4ft for street corners. Vinyl banners vary in size depending on the room available for display.

Political banner cost around $2.00 a square foot and can be made same day or next day. Coroplast signs are a little bit more difficult and will take an extra day of two. The usual cost of a 4mm coroplast sign is about $4 to $5 a square foot.

Las Vegas political signs can be found at many of the sign companies in the local area. This will save on shipping and unnecessary transportation charges.




Las Vegas Post Signs

Signs and Banners For Non Profit Organizations in Vegas

Signs and Banners for non profit organizations are big business in Las Vegas. There are many events and shows that are conducted by non profit organizations in the Las Vegas Valley. Many of these companies are listed on like Posterhead Signs, Posterhead is one sign company in Las Vegas that makes numerous signs for the non profit and charitable organizations in Las Vegas.

Non profits are just like any business, except they are non profit and place the proceeds of their work / investment back into the organization to help people. They need signs, banner stands and banners just like every other entity to promote their organization. In fact, many times they need more signs and banners because they hold so many events for the people of the community. For example, the large neon Museum in Las Vegas is a 501c non profit organization ( ) whose sole purpose is to culturally help the people of Las Vegas explore their history of the City of Las Vegas. The Neon Museum constantly is in need of quality, inexpensive banners and signs to promote the museum.

Other worth while organization include the Animal Foundation ( ) who helps rescue animals and promotes the adoption of these animals. They take care of sick animals and do wonderful work in the community with all sorts of different types of animals. Southern Nevada Children is another worthwhile organization that promotes children’s well being in the community ( )

All these non profit organizations need signs and banners to help with their worthwhile projects. They are a great cause and if you feel generous, you should donate to one of these organizations to help them out. By helping them out, you help all in the Las Vegas community. It has been said that we should all give back to the community what the community has given us.



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Las Vegas Fast 24 Hour Sign Printing

Las Vegas fast 24 hour sign printing can be found in a town that works and parties 24 hours a day. Why should you be limited to standard 9 to 5 for your sign needs when you live or are visiting a town that never sleeps.

Las Vegas is the best place to hold your convention / trade show/ event because there is so much to do in Las Vegas and so much fun to be had. While everybody thinks of Las Vegas has the ultimate gambling mecca, Las Vegas has great golf courses, theme parks, outdoor activities and many other types of events. Practically every week, the Artisan Craft Festival ( ) is holding an outdoor activity, farmers market or other family orientated activity. If that is not enough for you, there is gambling, 24 hour shows, top restaurants, top tier hotels and other activities for the adults.

Many people come to Las Vegas for the reason of displaying there products at the conventions and require a lot of signage for the events, However, even after months of planning for the shows, sometimes display graphics are forgotten back home or simply need replacing at the last minute. fortunately, there are sign companies in Las Vegas like that can make that vinyl banner, banner stand or sign in a hurry so that you can go on with your event as planned. Thanks to advancements in large format printing, making a sign or banner has never been easier and more affordable than ever before. In a town that never sleeps, you should be able to get a sign made.

Contact a reputable Las Vegas sign company to get your banner or sign made same day or within 24 hours a day. There are a multitude of sign shops to choose from to assist you in making your event a success.




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Las Vegas Late Night Sign and Banner Printing

Las Vegas late night sign and banner printing can get you out of a jam if you need late night graphics. This is often the case in a 24 hour town where events are always occurring. It seems like most of the events and shows happen during normal business hours, but in truth, more action takes place in the wee hours of the morning and late night when they are setting up the vendor booths for the events. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, , shows are being worked on for many days leading up the event. graphics get damaged or misplaced and need replacing quickly. In cases like these, vendors turn to local sign companies like to print or make those signs and banners quickly.

Las Vegas is the leader in trade shows and conventions. More trade shows and conventions are held in Las Vegas than any other place in the United States. To find when and where trade shows are being held at in Vegas, is an excellent website to see where and when the shows will be held. Not only will they tell you about the show, they will also let you know the estimated attendance of the show, which helps a lot in planning.

Late night printing of signs and services is performed by many sign companies in the Las Vegas area. Competition is high at the trade shows and conventions and each and every vendor wants the best and most updated signs possible. I have even heard of last minute changes in marketing strategy the day before an event that makes a company tear down all their graphics, print new graphics and then replace them all within 24 hours ! Competition for customers is fierce and last minute signs and banners are sometimes required to be number one.