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Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sign Spinner Signs in Las Vegas

Sign spinner signs get your business noticed ! Sign spinner signs are those medium sized signs with arrows on them that kids hold at street corners and flip and twirl around in order to advertise a business or sale while you are waiting for the traffic light to change. These entertaining kids dancing and twirling can be seen all over the city because of the results these sign spinner signs bring.

Sign spinner signs are a very simple sign. The usual size of the spinner sign is a 2ft tall x 4ft wide or a 2ft x 5ft wide size. The theory being is if you keep the sign light, many different people can spin it or hold it. If you make the sign too big or too heavy, maybe not everybody can handle it. The 2ftx 4ft or 2ft x 5ft seems to be the ideal size for both genders. That’s big enough to be seen and not too big where people can not hold it up in normal weather.

Sign spinner signs are simple signs because it is must too difficult to read a lot of information on a sign that maybe thirty feet away from you and moving. Businesses are having success by either placing a “sale” item on the sign or a promotional item and a price and then the arrow points them in the direction of where your store is.   A good example of this is a cellular phone business advertising a ” iphone” or ” Galaxy phone” with a price and a arrow pointing to your cell store. A pizza store will also advertise a large pizza $7.50 with a arrow pointing to your pizza restaurant.

Sign spinner signs can be designed and made at local sign stores in Las Vegas at very good prices. Sign spinner signs is a very cost effective form of getting additional business.




Las Vegas Printing Services

Las Vegas printing services will lead you to a local sign printer and commercial printer for signs, banners, flyers, brochures and postcards. Using the term Las Vegas printing services cheap will lead you to the right printing company that can get it done cheap for you. There are many printing companies in Las Vegas competing for your business and you deserve the best price.

Las Vegas printing services includes signs, banner stands and vinyl banners for your business or personal use. Every month in Las Vegas, businesses require hundreds of banners and hundreds of signs to use in their business. With the conventions and trade show, thousands more banners and signs are needed to keep up with the demand from  the convention venues. Just the trade shows and conventions alone bring hundred / thousands of people to Las Vegas monthly for these events. These events all need signage. In addition to signage, these people coming into Vegas for the trade shows are needing brochures to hand out to clients, business cards to pass around and  postcards and flyers to describe their business. These printing services can be found in Las Vegas at wholesale pricing if you shop around. You can have 5000 custom printed two sided 4″ x 6″ postcard for around $150.00 in Vegas ! Sometimes printers will offer 10,000 business cards for $100.00.  Las Vegas has many printers that want your business and will offer you great printing prices on your signs, banners, postcards, flyers, etc. Many of these companies will even offer delivery service to your hotel or venue for your convenience.

Many of these printers are located near the fabulous Las Vegas strip and can offer quick turnaround on your printed items. Check your internet or yellow pages for a Las Vegas printer near you and take advantage of the great prices in printing they offer.






Bus Wrap Signs

Las Vegas Convention and Trade Show Sign Printing

Las Vegas convention and trade show sign printing is in full swing during the busy convention season in Las Vegas. While conventions and trade shows are held year round in the convention capital of the United States, the convention season is usually regarded as January through May in Nevada. Las Vegas convention and trade show sign printing can get you all those signs and banners needed for your display at these events.

Las Vegas convention and trade show sign printing fills the three big convention venues in Las Vegas full of signs, banners , foam board signs and banner stands. The largest convention Venue in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Convention Center ( LVCC ) has over 2 two million square feet of display space for events that is divisible so that multiple conventions / shows can be held at the same time. The other two convention venues, the Sands Convention Expo and Mandalay Bay offer over one million square feet of floor space with state of the art facilities to make the conventions the best. These conventions fill up with the biggest and best conventions in the world with people and companies from all around the globe. In fact, the biggest convention, the Consumer Electronic Show is held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center .

Las Vegas convention and trade show sign printing is big business in Las Vegas with many sign companies dedicating the majority of their business to trade shows and conventions. These sign shops have state of the art sign making equipment that can make signs at very fast speeds, which is necessary for the conventions because many times at the last minute, signage will be changed and new signs and banners will have to be printed and made the same day. The sign shops are generally located near the three big venues so that delivery of signs and banners can be quick and easy.




Bus Wrap Signs

Custom Wood Business Signs in Vegas

Custom wood business signs can get you that custom printed and built  wood sign to display your business. Custom wood business signs are great for home builders or contractors for the properties they are developing or working on.

Home builders and contractors use wood signs on site as a way of letting the public know what is being developed on the property. Many times the will place the artist rendering picture on the sign to let people know and also advertise what is coming in hopes of attracting interest in their project. Contractors will use these custom wood business signs as a way to advertise their construction company to everybody that passes the construction site. What better way to get the thousands of people travelling by the site to get name recognition and branding of your company name. This is especially true if the people passing by your construction site every day live in the neighborhood. Contractors will generally place a large 4ft x 8ft wood sign mounted on 4″ x 4″ wood posts in a fairly visible spot so as to get noticed.

Custom wood business signs are also used at local businesses in Vegas. These wood signs can be placed in front of a store or on the side of a building to get people to notice the business. These wooden signs can be any size and can be full color, meaning you can print all sorts of different colors on the signs as well as logos and pictures. The large the sign, the easier it is for people to see. This is important, because if the wood sign is far from public view, it needs to be big so that people have the ability to see it and act upon it. Ask a sign store how a wood sign could help your business.





Cheap Flyer Printing, Low Cost Club Flyer Printing

Cheapest Flyer Postcard Printing in Vegas

Cheapest flyer postcard printing in Vegas can get you those full or half page flyers and postcard printed very cheap in Las Vegas. Why pay full retail when you can get wholesale printing prices ? Las Vegas prints many flyers and postcards for the millions of tourists that come into our town for fun and for the trade shows and conventions. Las Vegas hold hundreds of conventions at the three big convention venues and also at the individual casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. At these events, postcards and flyers with information about products and services are passed out by the thousands.

Cheapest flyer and postcard printing is also good for the entertainment venues along with the night clubs. Night clubs and entertainment venues hire young attractive women to chat up people on the Las Vegas Strip and pass out flyers and postcards to promote their venues. The flyers or postcards usually have some sort of special promotion on it like free entrance or a free drink to entice people to go to the clubs. The venues do this to compete with all the clubs around Las Vegas. After all, where is a tourist suppose to know where the hottest and best clubs are if they do not live here.

Cheapest flyer and postcard printing can get you your choice of size postcard and flyer. The most common sized flyers are the 1/2 page flyers ( 5.5 x 8.5), the 1/4 page flyer and the full page flyer ( 8.5″ x 11″). The most common size postcards are 4×6, 5×7 and 6 x 9. All the postcards and flyers are full color and are usually double sided. Pictures and logos can also be printed on the postcards ad flyers as well.

Contact your local Las Vegas printer to print these quality postcards and flyers at a reasonable price. You shouldn’t have to pay retail when you can get them printed so much cheaper.



Auto Wraps, Truck Wraps

Vegas Vehicle Wraps

Vegas vehicle wraps are gaining in popularity as a means of advertising. Las Vegas has many sign restrictions and those sign restrictions keep growing as the city is looking for additional revenue. Vegas vehicle wraps is just one way to circumvent those sign restrictions. Many businesses will wrap a truck or van and simply park it in front of their store location as a means of additional advertising. It is sort of an expensive billboard, but it works and more and more businesses are going to Vegas vehicle wraps as a way to reach out an advertise.

Vegas vehicle wraps can be a full wrap or a partial wrap. Many people prefer the partial wrap because it is much cheaper than a full wrap and in many cases, just as good. For example , if you are a plumbing company with a van, would a full wrap be better than a partial wrap ? You could just put your company name on the side of the van in bold letters, your telephone number and list some of the services that you provide with maybe a caricature of a plumber holding a pipe wrench to grab attention ? A lot of detail is not needed for this type of business as all you are doing is trying to capture someone’s attention to your name and contact information. Wrapping a plumbing van would almost be a over kill. If you were an artist or graphic designer with a car wrap, absolutely you would want to show the world your creativity and have a very colorful and impressing wrap. The general rule of thumb is vinyl lettering and text is much cheaper than a printed wrap.

Vegas vehicle wraps are available at sign stores in Las Vegas that have the necessary equipment to do the job right.








Cheap Flyer Printing, Low Cost Club Flyer Printing

Low Cost Promotional Postcard and Flyer Printing

Low cost promotional postcard and flyer printing is available in Las Vegas. Low cost promotional postcard and flyer printing is essential for gorilla marketing a business. With advertising being so expensive in newspapers, radio or television, how is a business to advertise nowadays.  Low cost flyers seem to be working for many businesses.

A local Hispanic fast food place recently learned the value of low cost promotional postcard and flyer printing by making 5,000 half page flyers and distributing them over a period of 1 month in their local area. These flyers were double sided, full color and printed on 100 lb paper. They advertised their menu on one side of the flyer along with their name and a small map and on the other side, did a promotional ad for selling tacos at 99 cents. They had a picture of a great looking street taco with all the trimmings that was very enticing and the price special. The adverting flyer was distributed every week for one month to approx. 1250 homes in the area. The restaurant got fabulous results and have doubled their business in two months ! At first they sold lots and lots of 99 cent tacos, but then people started ordering items off the menu and that is where the owners really made their money. The delivery of the flyers to people’s doors was cheap because he used kids to deliver them.

Low cost promotional postcard and flyer printing is just that, cheap ! You can get 5,000 half page flyers printed on 100lb paper in full color for around $160.00.  You can get 5,000 4″ x 6″ double sided postcards for around $150.00.  This is a very cheap and effective way to advertise. Contact a local printer or a sign shop and  ask about getting flyers and postcards printed for your business. I am sure it will result in positive results.



Bus Wrap Signs

Car Wraps in Las Vegas

Car wraps are increasing in popularity as a way to advertise your company or products to people on the streets of Las Vegas. Businesses and stores are taking a company vehicle and wrapping it in custom printed vinyl so as to stand out when they are driving it or having it parked. The car wraps acts like a moving billboard and grabs people attention. With todays restrictive ordinances regarding signs, having a company vehicle wrapped and parking it in full display in front of your location is a sure fire way to get noticed. it is like having a extra sign at your location.

Car wraps can be done to any vehicle, including trucks and buses. Many promotional bus wraps are done in Las Vegas to advertise for Las Vegas shows. The local public transit bus company uses wraps as a means of raising revenue so that it can keep low fares to the public. Big companies like Caesar’s Palace, Wynn, and many other hotels and casinos will use bus wraps as a way of advertising marquis performers or upcoming events.

Car wraps are also done on furniture delivery trucks. A furniture store will take a ad that was intended for newsprint and will simply plaster it on the side of their flat bed panel truck. While the furniture truck is out making deliveries, the truck will be seen by hundred of other vehicles and thousands of people weekly. This type of advertising works as you can see by the delivery trucks running around Vegas all wrapped up. Car wraps also work for plumbers, electricians, landscapers, auto insurance salesman, etc. These professions all wrap their vehicles too in order to increase business.

Car wraps can be performed ( printed and applied) at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area. See how they can work for your company and increase your business.





Custom Printed Table Throws

Custom Designed Tablecloths and Table Covers in Vegas

Custom designed tablecloths and table covers are great for updating those old scratched tables they supply you at shows and events. Custom designed tablecloths and table covers will get you a custom printed tablecloth in any color with your name and logo printed on it. This tablecloth will set you apart from your competition at events and shows. While the rest of the vendors will have a scratched, ordinary table, your table will be colorful and easy to spot among the vendors ! You will have a tablecloth that has your name and logo very plainly so that everybody can see. These table covers are very easy to install, since they are custom fitted for table size.

Custom Designed tablecloths and table covers are not expensive at just over one hundred dollars. This is a custom printed in any color tablecloth that can have words, logos and pictures printed on it . The tablecloth is wrinkle free since it is printed on a polyester fabric that is machine washable so that after any event, you can simply put it in your home washing machine and clean it so it always looks new and fresh.

Custom designed tablecloths and table covers can be made for the 6ft and 8ft tables that are standard at events and shows. The table covers are 3 sided, so you can have the logos on the sides as well as the front portion of the table cover. In the back, there is room so that you can place you legs under the table so that you can sit down comfortably.

You can buy a custom designed tablecloth or table cover at your local sign store in Las Vegas. The turnaround time for these is usually about 4 days since the polyester material needs to be specially printed on with specific inks that are designed to last a long time.






Bus Wraps

Fast Sign Company in Vegas

Fast sign company in Vegas can get you those vinyl banners, banner stands and foam boards fast and cheap. There are times when you need signs and banners fast and there are sign stores in Las Vegas that can do just that. These sign stores have modern sign making equipment like large format printers that can printer fast and with more quality than ever before. These printers use environmentally friendly inks and can print faster than ever. Fast sign company in Vegas can get you those signs in a timely manner.

Fast sign company in Vegas can also print and make signs, banner stands and vinyl banners for the many events and shows in Las Vegas. Millions of people and businesses come annually to Las Vegas to promote their businesses or see what the latest innovations are at these events. While signs and banners can be ordered well in advance, many times at these shows the vendors will find themselves without their graphics for a variety of reasons, including the ” we just left them at home”. The signage cannot be sent in time for the event, so a fast sign company is needed to reprint and remake the forgotten signs. Often, the fast signs and banners need to be made the same day ! There are many sign companies that offer these services to the vendors and businesses and they can be located close to the Las Vegas Strip, where most of the event venues are located.  Many times there is not even a rush fee for same day service if the sign company has the ability to make your signs without major production schedule changes. After all, sign stores want your business and compete the hardest they can for  the right to serve you among stiff competition in Las Vegas Nevada.