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Las Vegas Retail Signs

Las Vegas retail signs are widely used at businesses throughout the Las Vegas valley. When walking into a retail store, you are bombarded with printed signs to urge you to purchase a product or service. These retail signs are very successful in getting people to purchase products or services.

Point of purchase signs ( POP Signs) are everywhere.  I recently went to a convenience store to buy some gas for my vehicle and was overwhelmed with the amount of signs at the cashiers counter. There were coroplast and foam board signs displaying many candy bar companies, a soda company along with several signs for energy drinks.  Of course all these products were easily obtainable because they were in arms length while standing in line at the cashiers counter. Many people in front of me reached out to buy one of these products as they were waiting in line. Banner stands are also a excellent source of signage as observed in this article .

Las Vegas retail signs also includes outdoor signage such as sidewalk signs, and vinyl banners. Many businesses are learning the value of a simple economical banner displaying merchandise for sale on a wall or your building so that vehicle traffic driving by can see it. I know of a Italian restaurant that uses large vinyl banners to advertise food specials and when they have one of these banner specials, that particular food item triple in sales ! The restaurant simply rotates banners every 5 days so that the food item sale does not go stale. Sidewalk signs are also a great retail sign that is easy to display ( simply place in front of the store on a sidewalk) and can be changed out frequently so that people always have a fresh look at what is being offered on sale.

Las Vegas retail signs will bring additional business to your store at a very economical price and the return on investment is substantial.



Realtor Signs

Las Vegas Commercial Realtor MDO Wood Signs

Las Vegas commercial realtor MDO wood signs are used by GLVAR ( Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors) members to advertise their properties for sale or for lease in the local area. GLVAR members use these MDO wood signs because they are very large ( the two most popular sizes are the 4ft x 8ft  MDO wood sign and the 4ft x 4ft MDO wood sign ) and can contain a lot of information on the sign such as zoning, utilities on the property, square footage, a picture of the agent and contact information to get hold of the agent/broker.

Las Vegas commercial realtor MDO wood signs are basically a piece of 1/2 ” plywood with a resin overlay that helps it last in the outdoor weather. A vinyl print is applied over the sign and then laminated to help keep the inks resistant to the weather elements of Southern Nevada.  Realtors place these signs in front of vacant land and commercial properties to let people know they are for rent or for lease. The common size, the 4ft x 8ft real estate MDO sign , can contain information about the subject property or be as simple as ” For Sale” and a telephone number . Because they are vinyl signs applied to a wood substrate, you can also have logos and pictures printed on the signs as well. The larger 4ft x 8ft MDO wood signs usually require 3 4″ x 4″ posts for support and 4ft x 4ft MDO wood signs require 2 4″ x 4″ wood posts for support. It is essential that the post be firmly entrenched in the ground because of the high winds Las Vegas has.

Las Vegas commercial realtor MDO wood signs can be found at sign shops like Posterhead Signs , in the local Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices. Posterhead is a GLVAR member benefit partner and offers discount on wood signs to local members.





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The Signs and Sites of Las Vegas

The signs and sites of Las Vegas go further than just the hotels and gambling halls. Las Vegas is the city of signs. We are known for other nicknames and slogans like “Sin City” and ” What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas”. But beyond marketing ploys, Las Vegas has some of the finest signs in the world that light up the Las Vegas Strip. Some of these signs cost more than a million dollars to build and require extensive maintenance to operate. It seems the biggest and brightest of the signs are a symbol of success. An old saying in the sign industry goes ” A Business With No Sign is a Sign of No Business ”

The famous Vegas Strip can be seen from space and hundreds of miles away if you are traveling in a vehicle because of the amount of light that it is produced. Millions of lights bulbs are used in the sign building process that makes the extravagant casino signs.  In fact, older casino signs are considered a part of the Las Vegas culture and a special museum has been established for the signs with the historical significance of the signs explained.  The location of the museum is just North of the Downtown area on Bonanza and Las Vegas Blvd. More information can be learned at Just around a mile away is the famous Mob Museum at 300 E. Stewart St. where additional history about how the mob influenced the development  and cultural development od Southern Nevada.

The signs and sites of Las Vegas are fun to tour. When in Vegas, you should take the time away from the casinos, pools and other festivities and take the opportunity to learn about its heritage at the Mob Museum and Sign Museum. These are fun tours and will simply amaze you in return.





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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial day everyone from Posterhead Signs. Its a time of remembrance of our fallen soldiers who have helped given us  our freedom and made us one of the best countries in the world to live in. Posterhead Signs salutes the men and women in uniform that provide us that freedom.

Posterhead Signs is a sign company located in Las Vegas Nevada that makes a variety of signage for the business community. More information about Posterhead can be found at  Posterhead makes signs and banner stands also for the trade shows and conventions that come into town and use facilities like Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo, and the Mandalay Bay Convention center. People routinely come into Las Vegas needing signage to display at these facilities for their events. Millions of people come annually to Las Vegas for these events and thousands of vendors display their goods and services as well to them. Las Vegas is a very popular destination for  trade shows and conventions because of all the amenities that Las Vegas has to offer. No other city in the world can offer the entertainment that Vegas has, the fine restaurants and the great accommodations .

Last minute signage is no problem is Las Vegas because of all the sign companies available to assist you in getting last minute signs. Many times people come into Las Vegas with pre made signage but only find out at the last minute when they are setting up for their event that the signs are damaged and need replacing. Thankfully, many sign shops can make same day signs and banner to replace damaged or lost signs.

Happy memorial Day Las Vegas and to the world. Of course, Las Vegas has to also say “GO Knight” who are entering the Stanley Cup finals and Las Vegas wishes them the best.


Las Vegas Banners

Banner Sign Companies in Las Vegas

Banner sign companies in Las Vegas can get you those custom made vinyl banners for your business or event. Businesses all throughout the Las Vegas area use vinyl banners to promote their business name and products as well as all the vendors who come into Las Vegas for one of the many events and shows.

Banner sign companies in Las Vegas can print you that custom color banner with your logos or pictures that makes your business stand out. Large format printers can print with amazing clarity and the newer 6 color printers are excellent at getting bright and vivid coloring on your custom banners. The banner pricing is very reasonable at about $2.00 a square foot ( which includes hemming the banner perimeter for reinforcement and eye grommets all around the banner for easy hanging). The banners can be printed in a multitude of sizes, from a simple 1ft by 4ft banner to a massive 10ft tall  by 50 feet wide banner. The banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent ink that allows for the banner to be outdoors and not fade in the bright sunlight of Southern Nevada.

Banner sign companies in Las Vegas also print many signs for the different events and shows that happen in Las Vegas. Every day their is an event or show happening someplace in Las Vegas and some of these shows will bring hundreds of thousands of people . Many of the vendors prefer to have their graphics printed locally to save on shipping and avoid misplaced shipping of their graphics which happens quite frequently. If printed locally, the graphics can be picked up at the time of your show or arrangements can be made to have your graphics delivered to your venue.

Contact a local sign company in Las Vegas to see how they can help you.





Las Vegas Signs

Las Vegas Event Signs and Banners

Las Vegas event signs and banners are needed for the many shows held in Las Vegas. Everyday, somewhere in “Sin City” there is an event or show happening and many signs and banners are need for these shows. Sign companies like are available to get these signs and banners made cheaply and quickly.  They can be found at

In fact, there is a multitude of sign companies in Las Vegas that are willing and able to assist you in getting your signs and banners made professionally. Las Vegas has many professional sign companies that have the newest and best technology to make your signs inexpensive and with more quality than other cities. That is because there are so many events and shows in Las Vegas requiring signage that  only the best sign shops can survive among the fierce competition. People coming into Las Vegas for events and shows spend thousands of dollars on their booths and only want the best signage for their customers to view. And do the events and shows come to Las Vegas because of the 24 hour party atmosphere that allows people to do business during the day and enjoy themselves at night with all the entertainment, fine dining and other fun experiences. Also, many people bring their families to these shows and events because when they are working, the family gets to use the waterparks, theatres, arcades, pools and other activities centered around family fun.

Las Vegas event signs and banners include banner stands, vinyl banners, coroplast signs, foam board signs and many other types of signs found at the events and shows. Many people like to have their signs and banners made in Las Vegas and picked up in Vegas for a “no hassle” experience as signs have a habit of getting  damaged while being shipped or being shipped to the wrong location.


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Wood For Sale Signs in Vegas

Wood for sale signs are very easy to make when you want a heavy sign. Wood for sale signs in Vegas have generally been replaced with the lighter aluminum signs called e-panels or B-bond panels. They are 2 sided aluminum signs with a filler substrate in the middle that have been bonded together to make a solid, yet lightweight sign panel.  Yet, the classic wood sign has been around for a long time and is very appreciated by many business people according to Ed Brown( who can be found at  or

Wood signs are generally about 25% more expensive than aluminum composite signage but yet have advantages over the lighter aluminum signs. In Las Vegas where at times it gets very windy, a heavier wood sign is a blessing because it makes for a sturdier sign. These wood signs are often used by commercial realtors for signage in front of commercial buildings that are available for rent or for lease. These wood signs can be various sizes to accommodate all the information that is need about the property for lease such as zoning, utilities, square footage, etc.  While the wood sign is made f wood and then subject to the elements of the weather, it does have a life expectancy that is shorter than an aluminum sign, but yet can still last several years, even under the harsh conditions of the weather of Southern Nevada.

Wood for sale signs are not hard to make and can be made very quickly, often in just a day or two. A vinyl application is printed and then applied to the wood substrate and then laminated to help protect the print from the sun and other natural elements. These wood signs can then last a long time. Contact a sign company in Las Vegas to see how these wood signs can help you.



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Wood Signs

Wood signs are old school material to make large and small  custom signs. There are many other substrates that have been introduced in the last few years that can outperform and outlast the wood signs. Aluminum signs are a more common substrate now used in the sign industry as the aluminum is not subject to weathering like MDO wood signs.

Aluminum signs are cheaper to make than wood signs. In addition, the aluminum signs will last a lot longer. Both the wood signs and aluminum signs use a vinyl application ( full color print that includes logos, pictures and photos) and then a laminate is placed on top of the full color vinyl print so to add extra sun protection. The extra sun protection is necessary in places like Las Vegas because of the extreme heat and prolonged sunlight the signs are subject to. A interesting fact is that a sign that faces north in Las Vegas will last a much longer time than a sign facing west because of the exposure to the long sunlight.

Wood signs cost about 25% more than an aluminum sign. A typical 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign is about $99 and a 4ft x 8ft aluminum sign is about $175.00 in Las Vegas. Wood signs costs are about $125.00 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and about $210 for a 4ft x 8ft sign. Some people prefer the heavier sign, however, when installed properly, the aluminum sign will last longer and look better than the wooden sign.

Wood signs are used extensively in the commercial real estate field where they are placed on vacant land and in front of commercial buildings where they are used as a way to convey ” For Lease” and “For Rent” on.

Wood signs are available in Las Vegas at sign companies throughout the Vegas valley at very good rates and can be made in just a few days.


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Las Vegas Wooden Commercial Realtor Signs

Las Vegas wooden commercial realtor signs are heavy MDO board signs that realtors use in Las Vegas in order to lease or sale  a commercial property. These wooden  realtor signs are traditionally heavy and large and are placed in front of commercial properties or on vacant land. They contain information about the property, contact information and other pertinent information regarding the property that might be of interest to somebody.

Las Vegas wooden commercial realtor signs are usually of two sizes: 1. 4ft x 8ft or  2. 4ft x 4ft size. These large signs can contain a lot of information,  as well as pictures and logos. These wooden signs are full color, meaning you can print as many colors as you would like on the signs. The signs are place on the subject property using 4″ x 4″ posts, usually 2 posts for a 4ft x 4ft wooden sign and 3 posts for a 4ft x 8ft wooden sign. The posts are then sunk into the ground ( but not permanent with cement to avoid having to get a sign permit ) and then the sign is aligned and screwed onto the posts. In cases of vacant land where the winds are heavy, the sign installers will often reinforce the sign posts with a back piece that goes into the ground to act as support.

Las Vegas wooden commercial realtor signs can be made in just a few days. The signs are printed, allowed to dry and then usually a laminate ( matte laminate) is placed on the sign in order to protect  the design from the harsh sunlight that occurs in Las Vegas. The laminate acts as protection and extends the life of the sign by a few ore years.

These wooden signs can be purchased at local Las Vegas sign companies and be ready in just a few days. One sign company can be found at who will make the signs for you.




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Las Vegas Wooden Business Signs

Las Vegas wooden business signs are available in the Las Vegas area by many sign companies like .  These  wooden signs are made with heavy MDO boards with a smooth surface so that a printed vinyl application can be applied. These vinyl applications can be full color prints in all sorts of colors and then it is usually laminated to help protect the sign against the Las Vegas sun. The Las Vegas sun gets very hot during the summer months and often makes the signs fade quickly unless a laminate is placed on the sign.

Las Vegas wooden business signs are excellent for GLVAR realtors who like to place heavy wood signs on vacant land. The realtors advertise the property for lease or for sale and like wood because it is heavy and is harder to blow over in the windy seasons of Las Vegas. Commercial realtors also use these signs in front of commercial property they represent and use them to advertise the property for people driving by that the property is available for rent or for lease. Because these signs are bigger than normal, usually 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft, they have a large area that can be printed with their contact information as well as information about the property being for sale or for lease such as size, zoning, and other pertinent information. Other realtors and developers prefer the newer style aluminum signs that do not rust and hold up better to the weather in Las Vegas. However, these signs are lighter and may require and additional cross support when mounting.

Las Vegas wooden business signs are available at sign companies in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices. These wooden signs just take a few days to make and delivery and set up is an option.