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Custom Printed Table Throws

Custom Printed Logo Tablecloths

Custom printed logo tablecloths or table covers are available in the Las Vegas area for those event and presentations where you want to get noticed. Many events and shows have ordinary 6ft tables or 8ft tables where promotional items are setting for the purpose of display or handing out. Smart businesses are learning they can use those tables to help identify themselves and promote themselves. They are putting their logos on the tablecloths on the front and two sides so that everybody can notice who they are.

Custom printed tablecloths or table covers can be any color because they are printed to match your design. They can also be printed in a multitude combination of colors for that special look you are trying to achieve as well. Just walking though a convention or trade show in Las Vegas and you can see how popular these tablecloths are. Vendors are using these table throws in combination with a banner stand or two and they instantly have a display booth that is acceptable that clients take notice of.

Custom printed logo tablecloths are not expensive and can be done in just a few days. The 3 sided 6ft tablecloth or the 8ft custom printed tablecloth cost around $130.00 and can be found at most sign shops that service the large convention and trade show industry in Las Vegas.


Banner Stands

Las Vegas X Frame Banner Stands

Las Vegas X frame banner stands cost a lot less than normal retractable banner stands. You can purchase a 24″ wide by 63″ tall x frame banner stand for about half the price of a normal sized banner stand. These $49.00 priced Las Vegas X frame banner stands are perfect for that occasion where you need a banner stand and do not want to spend a lot of money.

Las Vegas X frame banner stands come in different sizes. The two most popular sizes are the 24″ x 63″ tall x frame banner stand and the 32″ x 71″ banner stand that both come with their own carrying case. Many vendors like these x stands because you can simply change out your banner at any time and still use the same stand. Unlike the retractable banner stand that has a graphic permanently attached, the x frames are independent of the graphic which allows for a simple, easy change out.  The bad part of the x frame versus the retractable banner stand is that is takes up more room because the x stands need to prop themselves up with four legs instead of a stand up banner stand that imply retracts into itself.

Las Vegas X frame banner stands are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent or latex inks for high quality. These inks can be used for both indoor and outdoor use and are environmentally friendly. The x stands themselves allow for adjustment on the graphic through an innovative stretching adjustment that comes on the x frames.

Las Vegas x frame banner stands are available in Las Vegas at sign stores everywhere. These graphic stands are carried by most shops that cater to the trade shows and event industry. Contact a sign store today in Las Vegas to see how these stands can help you.



Las Vegas Signs

Las Vegas USDOT Stickers and Lettering

Las Vegas USDOT stickers and lettering are required by certain government agencies for the commercial trucking industry. Commercial truckers are then required to be compliant with the Department of Transportation or be subject to fines and being shut down. Las Vegas USDOT stickers and lettering are required to be certain sizes and be in a readable font. This basically equates to a 2″ letter.

Las Vegas USDOT stickers and lettering are made by local sign stores in the Las Vegas Valley at very reasonable rates. The USDOT numbers are plotted out on a vinyl color of your choice ( preferably black- but if your truck is painted black, obviously you will not be able to read the numbers on black on black)  but you want to pick a color of vinyl that is opposite of your truck. For example, if you have a dark truck, you might consider having your numbers in white so that they can easily be seen. If you have a white or yellow truck, perhaps black or red would be easy numbers to see. Remember, its the Transportation Official who will be Judging you ! I have hear horror stories of truckers being harassed for the simplest of things, why rock the boat on DOT numbers ?The old saying is ” To Get Along- Go Along”

Las Vegas USDOT Stickers and lettering numbers usually have ICC and Motor Carrier numbers as well. In most cases, the trucker simply adds his name to the first line of numbers and then 3 lines of additional numbers and maybe a telephone or website if he is trying to solicit business. These numbers required by the Dept. of Transportation can be found and purchased at sign shops at low prices and the work can be done quickly, often the same day. Your numbers can be placed on your truck for you or you can place the numbers yourself.



Custom Printed Table Throws

Deluxe Custom Printed Tablecloths In Vegas

Deluxe custom printed tablecloths in Vegas can get you that personal table cover to cover that scratched 6ft or 8ft table. Why have an event or show with your material on it for display on a scratched table when you can cover it with a custom printed tablecloth that will make your company look good to the public. These full color custom deluxe printed tablecloths are low cost and offer you an opportunity to promote your company and products.

Deluxe custom printed tablecloths can be any color and can have your pictures and company logos printed on the. Many customers like the fact they can print company products on them as a way to also grab attention of customers.




Adjustable Banner Stand

Decals and Stickers For USDOT and Motor Carrier

Decals and Stickers for USDOT and Motor Carrier are required by different government transportation authorities in order to regulate the trucking industry. While decals and stickers are just part of the regulations, they are required on trucks and other vehicles so that they can display certain information required by law. Generally , your truck lettering or signs need to be readable which amount to about a 2″ letter in a readable font for your DOT, Motor Carrier and ICC numbers.

Decals and stickers for USDOT and motor carrier can be purchased at sign stores like Posterhead Signs,  for very reasonable prices. The sign stores can either plot the numbers out for you and then you can install them yourself or the sign store can plot the DOT numbers out for you and also install them on your truck. It is not hard to install them yourself as they are self adhesive. All you have to do is clean your truck’s surface where the stickers are going to be placed and then place your stickers on top of the clean surface so that they are properly adhered.

Decals and stickers for USDOT and motor carrier are not expensive as you think. The price is generally about $40 for a pair of the numbers along with the name of the company ( so you have about 4 lines of text) and if you want the DOT, Motor Carrier and ICC numbers installed, it is generally less than one hundred dollars. To save time, you can even email the sign shop and have them design your numbers in advance to save you time. All you need to do is tell the sign shop what the measurements are for the space you sigh to apply your numbers and the numbers themselves so that they can design your sticker. Contact a local sign store to see how they can help you.




Fabric Pop Up Displays

Affordable Fabric Pop Up Displays

Affordable fabric pop up displays are great for background displays at vendor booths at the major convention venues in Las Vegas. Affordable fabric pop up displays can be seen at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the famous Sands Expo in Las Vegas. These popular popup displays are affordable and can be used over and over again at different exhibits and events. They are easy to set up and require no expensive union labor to be set up in the venues because they can simply be walked into the event.

Affordable fabric pop up displays generally come in 3 different sizes. There is a 6 ft. table top model that sits on top of a table, a 8 ft. model that comes in different versions such as the straight model, curved model and “S” model and the 10 ft. model that comes in the same versions as the 8 ft. model. All these pop up displays come with a carrying case on are printed on a polyester fabric that is wrinkle free. Simply put, all these models have a structure on them and then a fabric print is placed over the structure and stretched to make a wrinkle free appearance. The  fabric print is full color and can have pictures, logos, names, etc. printed on it as well as any combination of colors you want. Also, the fabric is machine washable so that each time it is used, it will appear as new. In addition, once you have purchased the pop up display, you can simply change out the fabric print so that you do not have to buy another display.

Affordable pop up displays are available in the Las Vegas area at sign stores that service the trade show industry. They are generally located adjacent to the trade show venues.


Custom Printed Table Throws

Custom Table Throws and Covers

Custom table throws and covers are being used at places like the Las Vegas Convention Center and other major convention venues in Las Vegas as a mainstay for display graphics. While most vendor booths have a table somewhere in the booth for placement of literature, smart vendors are using custom table throws and covers as an important attention getter to get noticed by clients. These custom table throws and covers are easy to spot and help identify you.

Custom table throws and covers come in a variety of colors because they are printed in any color you want or combination of colors. Logos, pictures and other objects can be printed on the fabric polyester material  that is wrinkle free and formed perfectly for the 6ft and 8ft tables you fins at convention venues. An example of this is the custom fitted tablecloth found at :

Custom table throws and covers are just about $125.00 each in the 6 foot or 8 foot designs. These tablecloths can be machined washed after each use and used over and over again at many events.

In addition to custom printed table covers, many vendors like to add a retractable banner stand to their booths to promote their products as well. These retractable banner stands come in many different sizes from the economical 33″ x 78″ banner stand ( which sells for under $100 ) to the massive 5ft wide models that cost around $165.00. A couple of these banner stands along with a custom table cover will definitely attract the attention of your products and company. Both the tablecloth and the banner stands are easy to set up and can be done by one person.

Custom table throws and covers can be purchased on the internet and directly from sign stores in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices for your trade show and convention needs.




Banner Stands in Las Vegas

The Venetian Meeting And Convention Signs

The Venetian Meeting and Convention signs are in great supply when there are events and shows at the Sands Expo / Venetian Convention Center. All vendors at these events need many different types of signs to help them promote their goods and services. With over one and a half million square feet of floor space, the Venetian offers superb meeting and convention facilities. They are located on/near the Las Vegas Strip and offer a wide variety of conveniences. The Venetian Hotel and Casino is second to none on the Vegas Strip !

Banner Stands are self standing graphics that can hold a lot of information and are retractable. They are easy to set up and take down in about a minute or so. They are very popular because they are inexpensive and can be used over and over again. More information can be learned from this  article: .

Banners are very effective because they are a inexpensive way to communicate to a customer in a large way. Step and repeat and backdrop banners are very useful for display purposes to market your company name and services or simply print your products on so that everybody knows what you sell. These banners are usually in the background and complement additional graphics. A reference for the use of banners and the different types can be found at .

Foam Boards are very useful signs when placed on a easel or other stand when you want to impress clients. These foam board prints are usually 1/2″ or 3/16ths thick and work very well at business presentations.

There are many other types of signs that are used at the Venetian . Contact one of the many sign stores nearby to see how they can assist you in your signage needs when you are displaying at this wonderful convention and meeting facility.



Outdoor Banners and Signs

Banner Signs Near Me 89109

Banner signs near me 89109 can help you fins that banner stand or banner sign needed for your booth at one of the Las Vegas convention venues in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas zip code 89109 is for the convention corridor in Las Vegas,  that includes the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding area. This 89109 zip code houses the big convention venues like:

1.Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

3. Venetian Convention Center

In addition, the casinos in the 89109 zip code all offer event and show space at their casinos. Fortunately, there are many sign companies like Posterhead( more information can be found at : ) and others that are close by that offer support services to the vendors for their signage needs. The advantage of using a sign company near 89109 is that it allows for the banner to be picked up or delivered to your location sooner because of the proximity. That is why many sign stores are located near 89109, as time is of the essence when graphics are lost or damaged and need replacing quickly. It happens more often than you think, but when vendors are setting up at the venue sites, they often find damaged graphics or missing graphics that were not shipped properly that need to be replaced.

Banners near me 89109 is the search term you need to use when on your mobile device or tablet and looking for a sign store that can help you with your graphic needs if you are at one of the local venues and need fast graphics. A quick reference to Yelp or Google maps will also let you know the online reputation of that sign store , which is an excellent starting reference in order to know the quality, prices, and workmanship of the sign store you are potentially going to use.








Realtor Signs

Cheap Wood Realtor Signs

Cheap wood realtor signs are a blessing for those realtors that sale or lease vacant land and commercial properties. Cheap wood realtor signs are made with 1/2 ” thick MDO board ( MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay panel ). These wood panels are long lasting and able to withstand the weather in climates like Las Vegas where you have wind, extreme heat, rain, etc. In addition, because of the thickness of the MDO wood signs, they are heavy and add strength against the wind in Las Vegas which can be very rough at times.

Cheap wood realtor signs are usually 4 feet by 4 feet, 4 feet by 6 feet or 4ft x 8 feet in size. These are the most common sizes you see on vacant land or in front of commercial properties that are for sale or for lease. They are usually large signs so that they can contain a lot of information about the property being leased or sold like lot size, zoning, available utilities, building information and of course, contact information about the realtor / broker listing the property. The signs are generally propped up by large 4″ x 4″ wood posts ( 2 posts for 4ft x 4ft and 3 posts for 4×6 and 4 x 8′s ). These signs are not cemented into the ground to avoid sign permit requirements as they would require a permit. Instead, holes are dug deep enough into the ground to support the sign and then removed when the property is sold or leased out.

Cheap wood realtor signs cost around $125 for a 4ft x 4ft and around $225 for a 4ft x 8ft sign. The signs are full color and usually have a laminate on them to help guard against fading in the intense sun heat of Las Vegas. Generally, the wood signs are going to last 2 plus years with full sun exposure and much more if not placed in direct sunlight.