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Las Vegas Realtor Signs

Affordable Real Estate Signs

Affordable real estate signs are needed for the some 11,000 realtors in the Las Vegas area. Even though Las Vegas is a hotbed for real estate action, keeping costs down is important. An article on the subject was recently posted at . According to the author, Californians are moving into the area and purchasing homes very quickly, many times offering more than the selling price. Offers are being made and accepted quickly and cash is being offered for the house and that allows for quick closings of escrows.

In cases where properties are being sold quickly, is it necessary to even put up a realtor sign ? Many real estate professionals answer yes to that question because the real estate sign with their contact information and/or picture is being seen by neighbors and people driving by and that might convert to lead generation for a buyer or seller of a property. After all, if you sold a house on a street, people will think you are quite familiar with that neighborhood and might have additional buyers willing to purchase their homes. You not only can act as the buyer’s agent, but you could potentially end up representing the seller of the property.

Affordable real estate signs are a blessing to the thousands of agents in the Las Vegas valley.  The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors ( GLVAR) has teamed up with sign companies to get lower sign costs for their members. These sign companies offer discounts to GLVAR members for all signs purchased, even large commercial signs that are placed in front of vacant land or buildings.

Affordable real estate signs can be found at sign shops in the local area. Simply contact them and ask if they are a Member benefit Partner with the GLVAR and get your discount on real estate signage.




Reatail Signs in Las Vegas

Vegas 4ft x 4ft Realtor MDO Wood Signs

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are being used by local realtors of the Greater Las Vegas  Association of Realtors ( GLVAR ) for signage needs for vacant land and commercial properties. These large signs get the attention of the thousands of people that drive by a property every month.

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are large signs that can contain a lot of information such as:

1. Name of Broker

2. Agents Name and Contact Information

3. Lot Size

4. For Sale or For Lease

5. Utility Information

6. Zoning Information

7. Other pertinent Information that helps a Buyer or Lessee

These signs can be any color and also have printed pictures and logos on them as well. The signs are printed on a vinyl that is then applied to the MDO board ( a plywood with a resin layer ) and then laminated so that it can withstand the summer heat of Las Vegas. The signs are then usually hung on two 4″ x 4″ posts that are placed into the ground for support and simply attached to these posts. Often, the installer will use 3 posts so that he can make a “V” shape so that oncoming car traffic in both directions can see the sign and take notice. These signs typically have a life of around 2 to 3 years before the ink starts to fade and Mother Nature starts wearing down the plywood. The MDO board itself is usually 1/2″ thick, strong enough to withstand the elements of nature and the winds of Southern Nevada.

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are not expensive and cost generally less than $150.00 to make and can be made in just a few days. These real estate signs are available at local sign companies, just do a quick online internet search and you will find a shop near you to assist you.


Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Personalized Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Personalized banner stands in Las Vegas are available at local sign shops in Las Vegas. These personalized banner stands are being used for display graphics at various convention venues like Sands Expo and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Las Vegas is the top destination for trade shows and conventions in the United States.  Everybody loves to come to Las Vegas not only for the business shows, but  for the fun that can be had while being here. Las Vegas is the adult playground where fun can be found 24 hours a day. Not only does Las Vegas have top restaurants, gaming, 24 hour entertainment, great hotels and year round good weather, we have outdoor activities like golf, winter skiing and boating during the summer months. In winter, while the rest of the country is buried in snow, Las Vegas has outdoor weather that allows for you to sit around the hotel pools.

Many banner stands are in use at the various convention venues  and people showing their goods and services at the shows with banner stand display graphics because they cost so little and take up very little room. The most common display graphic is approx. 33″ wide and stands about 80″ tall and you can place all sorts of information on the banner because it is full color and can have pictures and logos on it as well. These banner stands sell for less than $100 and can be often made the same day in which they were ordered. These personalized banner stands come in a multitude of sizes to match your display graphic needs.

Personalized banner stands in Las Vegas can be found at various sign shops that cater to the trade show and convention crowd. Simply do a Google or internet search on your tablet or cell phone to find the right sign shop for you.




Custom For Sale Signs

Las Vegas Commercial Realtor For Sale Signs To Get Noticed

Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale signs allows for oversized real estate signs to be made for commercial properties for sale.  Many realtors like the large aluminum signs that are placed in front of a commercial property to let passerby’s know that he property is for sale. Other realtors prefer to attach large banners on the building to let people know.

Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale  signs are cost effective. Thousands of vehicles travel upon the main roads of Las Vegas every day. Literally, your Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale signs will be seen by the thousands of vehicles that travel streets like Sahara, Flamingo, Warm Springs every day. Traffic studies indicate that the streets of Las Vegas are becoming more congested with traffic as the population grows. Traffic studies are available through the Dept. of Transportation for the State of Nevada,

Las Vegas commercial realtor for sale signs are usually either 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft. While the rule, it is not always the case. Many times these large commercial signs are placed back to back so that they can be observed by traffic approaching from either side.  Simple information on the sign like square footage, zoning, realtor contact information, etc. is placed on the sign so that inquiries can be made from the listing real estate agent.  Costs are about $175 for a 4ft x 8ft aluminum sign and under $100 for a 4ft x 4ft sign. Companies like Red Rock Sign post ,  install the signs at reasonable rates.

Las Vegas realtors also will place large banners on the buildings instead of aluminum signs because they feel the elevated banner on the building will grab attention better than a aluminum sign. Costs are around $2.00 a square foot for banners.

Contact a local Las Vegas sign company if you are in need of commercial for sale signs.


Custom For Sale Signs

Las Vegas Large Realty Signs

Las Vegas large realty signs are used to advertise properties for sale. While the standard residential listing consists of a 189″ x 24″ aluminum sign, commercial properties take a much bigger sign. This is because a small sign in front of a large commercial property will get lost and become invisible among the other signage.

Las Vegas large real estate signs are usually 4ft x 4ft or 4ft by 8ft or some combination thereof. Many times, realtors will like to make a “V” of the sign and actually have 2 signs that adjoin so that they can be seen and visible from both directions of travel. However, many realtors just prefer the 1  large real estate sign to get their information across. This information would include the real estate’s company log and name, the agents name, contact information about the property, such as telephone number, email address, or website information. A newer trend among the realtors is to get a special text number sign that can be attached to the large real estate sign and have a text number that can be reached that will provide much more detailed information about the property.

Las Vegas large realty signs are not expensive. A 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign ( preferred over the old wood signs) costs about $99.00. A much large aluminum 4ft x 8ft sign costs around $175.00. In some cases, a realtor will make a 8ft x 8ft sign by adjoining the signs together so as to make a much large impression to potential buyers. The signs are generally installed with 4″ x 4″ wood posts, 2 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and 3 4″ x 4″ for a 4ft x 8ft sign because of the high winds that Las Vegas experiences from time to time.

Local Las Vegas sign companies can assist you with your signs and refer you to installers for installation.


Realtor Signs

Cheap Las Vegas Realty Signs

Cheap Las Vegas realty signs are available for realtors in the Las Vegas area.  Most real estate agents use a yard sign at a listing in order to let people passing by that the property is ” For Sale” and also to get their name noticed.

Cheap Las Vegas Realty Signs usually include the name of the listing company, the agents name, the contact information of the agent ( telephone number and email address of the agent) and the MLS or Realtor symbol.  These real estate yard signs are usually 18″ high by 24″ long and are made out of aluminum. The aluminum substrate is important as aluminum will not rust and there is nothing worse than a beat up rusting sign in front of a nice house. Many agents also choose to add a 6″ x 24″ rider that hangs from the “For Sale” sign  so that additional information about the property can be displayed. For example, the words Pool, Casita, Solar, etc. might be great descriptive words to help identify positive aspects about the property for sale.

Cheap Las Vegas realty signs might also include coroplast or plastic signs. These throw away signs are great for one time use and then are tossed at the end of a successful listing. Many agents that specialize in foreclosures like to use disposable signs because of the cost involved.

Several sign companies associated with the GLVAR offer a discount to GLVAR members. The GLVAR has a unique program that tries to encourage partnerships with local businesses ( Member Benefit Program) and as a result, the GLVAR has lined up businesses that will offer a discount to GLVAR members. You should contact the GLVAR or your  local sign shop to see if they are a member of this mutually beneficial program and save yourself some money with your realty signs.


Realtor Signs

Las Vegas Realtor Rider Signs

Las Vegas realtor rider signs can assist a realtor in making a sale on a piece of property. Rider signs are 6″ x 24″ signs that hang below the real estate sign that just gives a little more information on a piece of property that the general real estate sign does not.

Las Vegas realtor rider signs are made with an aluminum substrate to prevent rusting and are usually the size of 6″ x 24″. The rider sign can be full color( both sides) abd have a variety of descriptive terms on it to help identify the property to potential buyers.

Terms such as

1. Basement

2. Four Bedroom

3. Three Bedroom

4.2 Baths

5. Pool / Spa

6. Casita

etc. all help identify the property in such a way that the regular real estate sign cannot.

The realty riders usually cost around $10.00 each for a custom rider. If you buy plastic riders, the cost goes down but also the quality and life expectancy of the sign.

Las Vegas real estate signs are made with an aluminum blank and measure 18″ x 24″. They have the company name, sales agents information and contact information to get hold of the company or agent. Open house signs are 18″ x 24″ and usually contain the company name or logo, “Open House” descriptive term and an arrow pointing out the direction in which to travel to find the open house. They are a generic sign that is put at various points in the neighborhood to draw interest to the open house.

In Las Vegas, most realtors belong to the Greater LAs Vegas Realtors Association or GLVAR. This is a wonderful organization that assists agents in the community and sets the standards and practices for the agents. Many sign companies in the area belong to a mutually beneficial program to encourage interaction between the sign shops and the GLVAR.  Contact you local sign shop  to see if they are a partner with the GLVAR. They will offer you a discount on services if they are.





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Las Vegas Large Real Estate Signs.

Las Vegas large real estate signs are available for commercial listings in the Las Vegas area. Las Vegas commercial property listings usually have larger signs to identify the status of a property. Las Vegas large real estate signs are needed to convey the property in more detail as to such issues as zoning, size, land size and other important features of the property.

Las Vegas large real estate signs can be a variety of sizes and shapes. However, the two most common commercial sizes are the 4ft x 4ft and the 4ft x 8ft commercial real estate sign. Both these aluminum signs ( aluminum is the preferred substrate because it will not rust and will last a very long time in different climate conditions)  are great sizes to be seen and are easily readable at distances.  The four foot by four foot real estate sign ( in full color) goes for about $100 and the four foot by 8 foot sign goes for around $175.00. 4 x 4 posts are the preferred method of holding up the sign but also adhering the signs to the building is a more economical way to go.

Las Vegas large real estate signs can also be made with large vinyl banners that can be placed on the perimeter of the building or property. These large banners can have all the information necessary placed on them to get the building noticed. They are much cheaper than a traditional aluminum sign and are sometimes preferred for a building that is thought to be able to be sold or rented out easily. After all, why pay the additional expense of a aluminum sign if it is not necessary.

Las Vegas large real estate signs are available through many of the local sign shops in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices. A simple online search will find a sign shop near you.



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Realtor For Sale Signs For GLVAR Members

Realtor for sale signs for GLVAR members are available in the Las Vegas area to assist GLVAR members in getting the proper signage for their trade. These signs come with the name of the real estate company, name and contact information for the realtor and logos like the Equal Opportunity Housing sign, Multiple Listing Service Sign and the realtor sign if the end user wants them.

Realtor for sale signs for GLVAR members are traditionally the size of 18″ x 24″ and are on an aluminum substrate that can last many years in all weather conditions. The aluminum will not rust like conventional steel or other metal substrates that have tendency to corrode after being exposed to different climate conditions. These aluminum blanks are  covered with vinyl plotting or a full color vinyl print so that the proper information can be displayed on the for sale sign. Many subdivisions in the Las Vegas area have unique sign requirements that are set by the Home Owners Associations ( HOA) in their area and real estate agents are bound to comply  and respect  those rules. For example, one HOA requires a unique oval shaped sign instead of the rectangular 18″ x 24″ realtor sign.

Realtor for sale signs for GLVAR members are not expensive. The price of a realtor  sign is about $30.00 in the Las Vegas area. The GLVAR , Greater Las Vegas Realtors Association, has forged partners with many local businesses in the Las Vegas area that offer help and discounts to GLVAR members.  To be a member of the GLVAR member benefit program, businesses are required to be in good standing with the GLVAR and offer a discount to their members. Consequently, if you find a sign shop in the Las Vegas area that is a member benefit partner of the GLVAR, they will give you a discount off their already low price for signs.


Realtor Signs

Las Vegas Realtor Signs

Las Vegas realtor signs are made in Las Vegas for realtors to show what the status is for a piece of property. Las Vegas real estate signs are usually just temporary  signs to help facilitate the sale or lease of a property.

Las Vegas real estate signs are usually made with a 18″ x 24″ aluminum panel and then mounted on a “T” type sign on the front yard of a piece of property for sale. Open house signs  are also 18″ x24″ but are usually placed on a scissor type stand around the neighborhood in which a property is being showcased. These signs usually contain a logo, agents name and company name, contact information like a telephone number, website or email address.

Las Vegas realtor signs also include the rider, a 6″ x 24″ sign mounted on aluminum ( they are put on aluminum because these signs will not rust in wet climates). These riders are hung below the real estate sign and usually contain just a few words or signs to give more information about a property. Riders will have words that describe the property like

1.  Basement

2. 4 Bedroom

3. 3 Bedroom

4. Pool

5. Landscaped

These simple one word descriptions help share information about a property.

Las Vegas realtor signs also include commercial signs. Commercial signs are usually 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft. These signs are aluminum and mounted to 4×4 wood posts. They are mounted in the front of a commercial property that is either for sale or for lease. These signs describe the property for sale and also include contact information for the real estate agent.

Las Vegas realtor signs also include the smaller signs in a coroplast substrate, which is a plastic sign that has a limited life expectancy. These coroplast, or plastic signs, are throw away signs for agents. Contact your local sign company in Las Vegas for these signs.