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Clark County Environment and Sustainability Dust Signs Made Fast

Clark County Environment and Sustainability Dust Signs Made Fast

Clark County Environment and Sustainability dust signs made fast are necessary when you have a construction job that needs a dust control sign. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability made recent changes ( 2021) to their rules and regulations regarding Clark County dust permit signs. All dust control signs can now be the 4ft x 4ft size. Instead of having to make a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign for construction projects over 10 acres. The link can be found here at :

Clark County environment and sustainability dust signs made fast still need to have basic information on them. This information includes:

  1. Project Name
  2. Permittee
  3. Dust Control Phone Numbers
  4. Dust Permit Number
  5. Dust Expiration Number
  6. Acreage
  7. etc

The text still needs to be a certain size to remain in compliance with the rules of Clark County.

The typical Clark County Environment and Sustainability dust signs are printed on a vinyl sticker, laminated and then applied to a aluminum substrate. This substrate is a two sided aluminum panel with a filler panel in the middle. This panel is commonly referred to as a dibond or epanel. These panels are weatherproof and when laminate is applied to the sticker containing the text, it helps prevent fading for the life of the construction project.

How Much is a Clark County Environment and Sustainability Dust Signs Made Fast Cost ?

The current cost for an aluminum sign is under one hundred dollars. ( $99.00 to be exact + sales tax ) The sign itself takes only a day or two to make. In emergency cases, the dust signs can be made the same day. Your local Las Vegas sign shop will have more details about the dust control signs and be able to answer all of your questions. Contact a sign shop today if you are in need of a dust sign.

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Las Vegas Outdoor Business Pylon Sign Lettering

Las Vegas Outdoor Business Pylon Sign Lettering is an opportunity to get your business name on the sign in front of your building. Pylon signs are a type of sign mounted on a pole independent of any business or structure. They are often referred to as ‘Highway Signs’ or ‘Road Signs and allow for a business to place their name and additional information such as a phone number and type of service you provide. The signs are generally high in the air and require a ladder to get to. The purpose of putting them on a pole is to allow easy visibility to people driving by. When you have a strip mall, it is very difficult to take notice of all the businesses in that strip mall. However, with a pole sign, you can easily identify them.

Las Vegas outdoor business pylon sign lettering is not that expensive. The Las Vegas sign store that you use will either print on vinyl your sign or plot out vinyl lettering to attach to the face of the pylon sign. The actual plotting of the vinyl lettering or printing of the sign for the face ( usually double sided ) is not expensive and cheap in price. It is the labor involved in putting up the sign. You have to have a sign guy with a truck and ladder ( or a boom truck ) to go out and measure the sign for the correct dimensions and then have them come back and install the sign. Many times the business owner will simply do the job himself or get the strip mall maintenance worker to install the sign at a substantial savings. The owner needs to do a risk assessment of his skills before performing such a task.

Your local sign shop will be able to design the Las Vegas outdoor business pylon sign lettering quickly and give you a design to look at. Your sign can be in any color or combination of colors to match your marketing scheme.

Las Vegas Dust Control Signs 2021 For Construction

Clark County Las Vegas Quick Dust Signs

Clark County Las Vegas Quick Dust Signs are required by the Clark County Dept. of Sustainability and Environment. They can be found at This govt. agency wants to regulate the amount of dust that goes into the air that all residents of Clark County has to breathe. This is a good thing in the desert climate as desert dust can be quite hazardous.

Clark County Las Vegas quick dust signs are not expensive and more information about their costs can be found at Basically it is $99 for a 4ft x 4ft dust sign for a construction project 10 acres or less and $175 for a 4ft x 8ft dust sign that is more than 10 acres.

Clark County Las Vegas quick dust signs are made with a dibond or epanel type aluminum that has a coat of aluminum on both outer sided and a filler panel in the middle that gives it strength. Since it is aluminum, the metal will not rust or break apart. In older times, the dust signs were made out of wood that would splinter and weatherize. it would take two guys to hang the sign because of the weight, but with am aluminum panel, it only takes one person.

Certain information needs to be on the Clark County Dept of Sustainability and Environment dust sign. Information such as permit number, expiration date, acreage involved and project name. Contact information also needs to be present so that if their is a concern about the air quality at the construction site, there is someone to call to address those concerns.

Contact your local sign company in Las Vegas like Posterhead Signs to learn more about dust signs. Usual turnaround time is a day or two but in many cases, they can be printed and made the same day.

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Cheap Las Vegas Signage For Business

Cheap Las Vegas signage is great for local businesses and for the many companies that come into Las Vegas for the trade shows and conventions. With the covid scare closing down businesses, trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas, signs are now in demand with the opening of society. The covid restrictions have been lifted and Las Vegas is coming back to life.

The conventions and trade shows are already coming to Las Vegas and the big conventions that draw hundreds of thousands of participants are now being planned. Accordingly, local businesses are now planning on these events and are in need of signs, banners and many other forms of signage to let people know they are open. Cheap Las Vegas signage is great for trade shows & conventions because they can simply be tossed at the end of an event and save shipping costs and hassles of taking them back home. The signs can be specific to the events that are taking place in Las Vegas and marketed accordingly.

Cheap Las Vegas signs take many forms. Full color vinyl banners are some of the cheapest and inexpensive signs that a business can use. Many local businesses and stores will use these banners to promote products and hang the banners on their buildings so that they can be seen by the thousands of people that drive by their location every single day. For those businesses that are adjacent to the busy freeways in Vegas, they are lucky because they can place a very big banner on their building so that it can be seen by the 30,000 plus cars that travel the freeways every single day. The large vinyl banners act as a billboard but without the expensive monthly rental fees associated with renting a billboard ( $3,000 + a month ).

Your local Las Vegas sign store can help you with your cheap Las Vegas signage. They offer great pricing and fast turnaround service.

Las Vegas Dust Control Signs 2021 For Construction

Las Vegas Dust Sign Printer

Las Vegas dust sign printer can print those dust permit signs and SWPPP signs ( storm water pollution protection plan ) fast and inexpensively locally. The Clark County Air Quality Management Board regulates the air quality at construction sites and dust permit signs are just part of those requirements. Your local Las Vegas dust sign printer understands these regulations of printing the necessary text, size and information required to be on these signs.

Your Las Vegas dust sign printer will print you one of two signs for your construction project. For any construction project requiring a dust sign of less than 10 acres, a 4ft by 4ft dust sign is required and for construction projects larger than 10 acres, a 4ft x 8ft dust sign is required. On these dust signs, the text has to be certain size and there also has to be certain information like expiration date, permittee name, project name, etc. etc.

Dust permit signs are not expensive. A four foot by four foot dust permit sign on aluminum ( dibond panel where it has a outer aluminum sheet with a filler in the middle for added strength ) coating less than one hundred dollars. The larger four foot by eight foot dust permit sign on aluminum costs around one hundred seventy five dollars. Construction professionals like the newer, lighter weight aluminum signs because they can be installed by one person and if ran over by a construction piece of equipment, can be straightened out and put back up. Alternatively, you can use wood that is heavier, but both types of signage are designed to last a long time in the outdoor weather of Southern Nevada.

Your local Las Vegas dust sign printer can make these dust permit signs in just a day or two and in cases of emergency ( where the county is threatening citations ) same day.


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Construction Wood Signs in Vegas

Construction wood signs in Vegas are increasing in popularity for contractors who want to have a large sign on the property they are building in order to promote their business. After all, why not all the people who travel by every single day know what construction company is building on the property and get almost free advertisement for your company. Construction wood signs are cheap and will be seen by thousands of people who will come to know your name.

Construction wood signs will usually be the company name and logo on the sign or a building site drawing map to reflect what the property will look like when it has been completed. The signs are usually 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft. However, sometimes a construction company will place several 4 x 8″s next to each other to simulate a very large sign in order to impress. The signs are generally located near the street so as to maximize viewing of the sign by people passing by. Construction wood signs are cheap in price when you compare how many times the sign will be viewed over its lifetime. The cost of a 1/2″ thick wood full color sign is around one hundred twenty five dollars and around two hundred dollars for a 4ft x 8ft wood full color sign. These signs can be any color and have pictures and artist drawings printed on them as well. The signs are laminated to help protect them and last a long time.

Construction wood signs can be made locally in Las Vegas to save money and time. Many companies offer wood signs on the internet, but by the time you ship them, they end up being very costly. Take advantage of this low cost opportunity to promote your company and project with a new wood sign.




Realtor Signs

Las Vegas Fast Wood Real Estate Signs

Las Vegas fast wood real estate signs can come in handy when you are needing a wooden realtor sign for your property listing. Studies have indicated that the probability of getting a sale or action on a listing increases when you have the correct signage. Typically, studies have indicated that a sale or specific action results 10% of the time with a sign component added into the equation. Fast wood real estate signs will typically produce a 10%  chance of ending in a sell or action ! That can be quite a return on investment if you represent the buyer and seller in the transaction. A simple sign can get you 10% chance of getting a buyer.

Fast wood real estate signs are not expensive when compare to the commission that is to be had if the sale or lease of the property goes through. The cost of a wood 4ft x 8ft sign is $225.00 and $125.00 for a 4ft x 4ft wood sign. These realtor wood signs can be made in just a day or two. They are full color, which means you can have logos on the signs as well as your picture on the sign if you are branding yourself. The sign itself an contain the usual information like :

1. Broker’s Name

2. Agent’s name

3. Contact Information

4.Information specific to the property such as, Sq. Ft, Utilities, Zoning, etc.

5. Cost of Property.

6. Etc.

Since the signs are in full color, you can have the information printed in any color(s) you want and in many different fonts to help make it easy to read. The signs are protected with a laminate to help protect against fading in the hot summer sun Las Vegas has .

Fast wood real estate signs can be designed, printed and made by local sign companies in the area. Contact a sign store today to see how wood signs can help you.


Realtor Signs

Large For Lease Signs in Vegas

Large for lease signs in Vegas can be seen in front of commercial properties that are being leased out. Large for lease signs help identify buildings or properties that are for rent / for lease and usually list information about the property to help clients understand what is being offered.

Large for lease signs are used to attract and inform customers about a property that is available to be leased out. The signs, usually wooden or aluminum, are placed on 4 x 4 posts in front so that people driving by know the property is for lease. These large lease available signs are usually 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft but can be a variety of sizes. The realtor, or owner of the property, will list his contact information, terms of the lease  and also pertinent information about the property such as :

1. utilities available on site

2. zoning

3. square footage of building / land

4. Price

5. etc.

Large for lease signs are not expensive and considered a cheap form of getting your property advertised. With one out of ten properties sold with a listing sign, its a sure fire bet that a for lease / for rent sign has similar statistics of success.

Large for lease signs can be made out of aluminum or wood substrate.  While older realtors prefer the heavy wood signs, many newer realtors prefer the cheaper aluminum signs because of the look.  Also,  the aluminum signs are cheaper than the old traditional wood signs. The aluminum signs will not rust or weather like the wood signs. The aluminum 4ft x 4ft signs sell for under one hundred dollars and the 4ft x 8ft aluminum signs sell for less than two hundred dollars. The heavier wood MDO 1/2″ signs sell for around $125.00 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and around $225.00 for a 4ft x 8ft sign.





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Custom Wood Business Signs in Vegas

Custom wood business signs can get you that custom printed and built  wood sign to display your business. Custom wood business signs are great for home builders or contractors for the properties they are developing or working on.

Home builders and contractors use wood signs on site as a way of letting the public know what is being developed on the property. Many times the will place the artist rendering picture on the sign to let people know and also advertise what is coming in hopes of attracting interest in their project. Contractors will use these custom wood business signs as a way to advertise their construction company to everybody that passes the construction site. What better way to get the thousands of people travelling by the site to get name recognition and branding of your company name. This is especially true if the people passing by your construction site every day live in the neighborhood. Contractors will generally place a large 4ft x 8ft wood sign mounted on 4″ x 4″ wood posts in a fairly visible spot so as to get noticed.

Custom wood business signs are also used at local businesses in Vegas. These wood signs can be placed in front of a store or on the side of a building to get people to notice the business. These wooden signs can be any size and can be full color, meaning you can print all sorts of different colors on the signs as well as logos and pictures. The large the sign, the easier it is for people to see. This is important, because if the wood sign is far from public view, it needs to be big so that people have the ability to see it and act upon it. Ask a sign store how a wood sign could help your business.





Las Vegas Dust Control Signs 2021 For Construction

Dust Control Signs For Las Vegas And Clark County Nevada

Dust control signs for Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada are sometimes mandated by the Air Quality Management Board in Clark County. Failure to comply with their rules and regulations could result in fines and work stoppage. In Clark County, people take raising dust seriously as they believe in contributes to pollution. There are mandatory classes of instruction, signs that are needed and many other requirements.

Dust control signs for Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada are generally two different types, a 4ft x 4ft sign for land less than 10 acres that will be constructed on and a 4ft x 8ft sign for land to be constructed on that is greater than 10 acres. Specific text size and information needs to be on the signs as mandated by the Clark County Air Quality Board. The Clark County dust control signs can be made with different materials such as aluminum or wood. The signs are then placed in a easily visibly spot on the construction site. Some dust signs will have holes punched in the corners and then they are wired to a fence and others require 4″ x 4″ wood posts to hold them up.

Dust control signs for Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada are not expensive. The 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign generally sells for less than one hundred dollars and the 4ft x 8ft dust sign generally sells for about one hundred seventy five dollars. The signs are slightly higher if you like to have them made with a wood MDO substrate instead of aluminum. Both aluminum and wood MDO dust signs will last a long time at the construction site. The most common danger they have is when a large piece of construction equipment runs them over by mistake. Contact your local sign company if you should be required to have one on your construction site.