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Vegas 4ft x 4ft Realtor MDO Wood Signs

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are being used by local realtors of the Greater Las Vegas  Association of Realtors ( GLVAR ) for signage needs for vacant land and commercial properties. These large signs get the attention of the thousands of people that drive by a property every month.

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are large signs that can contain a lot of information such as:

1. Name of Broker

2. Agents Name and Contact Information

3. Lot Size

4. For Sale or For Lease

5. Utility Information

6. Zoning Information

7. Other pertinent Information that helps a Buyer or Lessee

These signs can be any color and also have printed pictures and logos on them as well. The signs are printed on a vinyl that is then applied to the MDO board ( a plywood with a resin layer ) and then laminated so that it can withstand the summer heat of Las Vegas. The signs are then usually hung on two 4″ x 4″ posts that are placed into the ground for support and simply attached to these posts. Often, the installer will use 3 posts so that he can make a “V” shape so that oncoming car traffic in both directions can see the sign and take notice. These signs typically have a life of around 2 to 3 years before the ink starts to fade and Mother Nature starts wearing down the plywood. The MDO board itself is usually 1/2″ thick, strong enough to withstand the elements of nature and the winds of Southern Nevada.

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are not expensive and cost generally less than $150.00 to make and can be made in just a few days. These real estate signs are available at local sign companies, just do a quick online internet search and you will find a shop near you to assist you.


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Wholesale Real Estate Signs

Wholesale real estate signs can be made in the Las Vegas area for GLVAR members at a discount. Posterhead Signs is a Member Benefit Partner with the Greater Las Vegas Association of realtors and offers a 10% discount for Las Vegas Realtor Signs. This discount is not only for normal real estate signs, but also for the larger signs in front of buildings and vacant land.

The most common size real estate professionals use is the 18″ x 24″ aluminum sign that is double sided and placed on a .040 aluminum substrate. However many realtors use coroplast signs on bank properties that come and go so that they just dispose of the sign after the sell. These coroplast signs are designed to last 3-4 months only, where as a .040 aluminum sign will last several years.

Wholesale real estate signs  also include the bigger signs like the 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft real estate signs that are placed in front of commercial properties and vacant land. These signs need to be much more durable and require more than just a simple aluminum substrate. MDO real estate signs are used for these types of properties or the dibond aluminum panels which are double sided aluminum signs with a filler in between to give the sign some thickness. Both the MDO sign and aluminum sign will last many years because they are laminated with a matte or gloss finish over the printed vinyl that allows them to repel fading and scratching.

Wholesale real estate signs are offered by select sign companies in the Las Vegas area. Check with the Greater Las Vegas Real Estate Association ( GLVAR) for a list of sign companies that offer discounts to their members. You will not only save money, but you will also know that your signs are being quality built.




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Las Vegas Post and Panel Signs

Las Vegas post and panel signs are common signage for the real estate and construction fields in town. Las Vegas post and panel signs work very well in the outdoor weather and can withstand the intense heat of the summer sun. These signs are normally 1/2 MDO board and are used by:

1. Construction Companies

2. Real Estate Professionals

3. Government

4. Property Managers and many others.

What is a MDO sign board ?

MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay,  a paintable wood surface made of plywood with a tough, weather resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure to form one unit. These MDO boards come in various thicknesses, similar to plywood. The 1/2 thick MDO board is most common by they also make 3/4″ and 1 ” thick boards as well. Full color vinyl prints are then printed with large format printers and then attached to the MDO wood panels, then laminated with outdoor laminate to help protect against fading. The life expectancy of these signs is 2 to 3 years and then fading will occur and / or splintering of the wood. The Las Vegas summer heat is really tough on most signs, cars, houses, etc. with nothing lasting as long as it is suppose to. The average battery life of a car cattery is just 2 summers in Las Vegas, even though you can buy 7 year warrantied batteries.

These post and panel signs can be seen very often in the area and are used quite frequently in a v shape so that the sign can be seen from oncoming traffic in both directions. They are used often in front of properties that are for lease or for sale by realtors and also used quite extensively at construction sites where a construction company wants to let everybody know what they are building or for branding by the construction company of their name.

Post and panel signs can be purchased at local sign companies in Las Vegas.




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Las Vegas Commercial Realtor MDO Wood Signs

Las Vegas commercial realtor MDO wood signs are used by GLVAR ( Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors) members to advertise their properties for sale or for lease in the local area. GLVAR members use these MDO wood signs because they are very large ( the two most popular sizes are the 4ft x 8ft  MDO wood sign and the 4ft x 4ft MDO wood sign ) and can contain a lot of information on the sign such as zoning, utilities on the property, square footage, a picture of the agent and contact information to get hold of the agent/broker.

Las Vegas commercial realtor MDO wood signs are basically a piece of 1/2 ” plywood with a resin overlay that helps it last in the outdoor weather. A vinyl print is applied over the sign and then laminated to help keep the inks resistant to the weather elements of Southern Nevada.  Realtors place these signs in front of vacant land and commercial properties to let people know they are for rent or for lease. The common size, the 4ft x 8ft real estate MDO sign , can contain information about the subject property or be as simple as ” For Sale” and a telephone number . Because they are vinyl signs applied to a wood substrate, you can also have logos and pictures printed on the signs as well. The larger 4ft x 8ft MDO wood signs usually require 3 4″ x 4″ posts for support and 4ft x 4ft MDO wood signs require 2 4″ x 4″ wood posts for support. It is essential that the post be firmly entrenched in the ground because of the high winds Las Vegas has.

Las Vegas commercial realtor MDO wood signs can be found at sign shops like Posterhead Signs , in the local Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices. Posterhead is a GLVAR member benefit partner and offers discount on wood signs to local members.





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Las Vegas Sign Museum

The Las Vegas Sign Museum at 770 North Las Vegas Blvd. ( Bonanza and Las Vegas Blvd)  is a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in Las Vegas. There website can be found at  and more information can be found on Self Growth website at : . Over 1700 people have written reviews on Google about the Sign Museum  and it has a 4.5 star rating out of 5 !

The Las Vegas Sign Museum is the boneyard of the old signs that use to hang at casinos and other famous places in Las Vegas. Rather than destroy the signs and the historical value the sign represent, a non profit organization  has made a museum of these old signs. The signs are rich in history and the history is explained during the self guided tour or organized tours. The signs represent history of when the mob ( Bugsy Siegel) was building and running the casinos. Just down the street is the famous Las Vegas Mob Museum where more history can be learned about the shady underworld belly that Las Vegas was once famous for. The former Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, was instrumental in getting the Las Vegas Mob Museum built. In fact, it is my understanding that Mr. Goodman represented many people who were involved in the legal system.

The Las Vegas signs were built in Las Vegas by the big sign companies that still exist locally. These signs were all hand built and the quality of craftsmanship was superb.

If you have the opportunity while you are here in Las Vegas, take the time away from the casinos and all the fun they offer to tour the Las Vegas Sign Museum. It will certainly enlighten you about the history of Las Vegas and give you a new understanding and appreciation for ” Sin City”.





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Las Vegas Construction Signage

Las Vegas construction signage is needed at construction sites all throughout the Las Vegas area at reasonable prices. Sign companies like  are examples of sign companies that can make those needed construction signs for safety and liability. The owner, Ed has a strong reputation on the area for making quality signs at affordable prices. He can be found at

Construction signage can be temporary or permanent signage. If only a sign will be used for a week or two, it makes no sense it make it with MDO board or aluminum. Coroplast signage works well in these situations and at a lot lower price. If more of a permanent sign is needed, aluminum or MDO board is the perfect choice for your sign needs,. These signs will last a long time in the outdoor weather and can withstand many months of the hot Las Vegas sun. These signs can be made quickly in just a few days. Some of the more popular aluminum signs are the dust control signs that are required by law, no trespassing signs that will keep people out and reduce your liability  and perhaps the best of all, the name of your company on a nice aluminum sign so that it can be seen by all the people passing by that you are working on the site. These self promotion signs are very important as it gets your name out into the public view. Many contractors get many referrals when their name and company information is seen on a job that you are working on.

Construction signage can be found at the multitude of sign companies in the Las Vegas area. by using Yelp or Google, you can get the information about the sign company of your choosing to make sure you picked the right company.




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Custom Wood Signs in Vegas

Custom wood signs in Vegas are available through local sign companies for those clients that prefer wood signs versus the aluminum signs. Several years ago, the heavy wood signs were the main sign when making larger signs. That has changed now with technology and the ability to use aluminum substrates. However, there are some cases where custom wood signs have an advantage over aluminum.

In windy areas, the heavier wood signs have an advantage over the lighter aluminum signs. The heaviness of the wood makes them more formidable against the high winds that Las Vegas experiences from time to time.

Custom wood signs are made just like any other type of sign. The graphic is printed on a large format printer with special inks designed to last in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas, laminated so that the signs ink will last longer and protect the vinyl print against weatherization, and then applied to the wood in the same manner as the aluminum sign. The cost difference between a wooden signs and an aluminum sign is about 25% because the MDO board sign is a more expensive substrate. These custom wood signs are used for selling vacant land and also placed in front of commercial buildings to let people driving by that the property is for rent or for sale. The larger the custom wood sign, the more information can be placed on the sign to describe the property and place contact information for that real estate company or individual representing the property.

Custom wood signs are available at sign companies throughout the Las Vegas valley at very reasonable prices. The start to finish time to build a sign is about 3 to 4 days and many sign companies offer assistance in placing the sign at your location. Contact a sign company today to get started !





Metal No Trespass Signs NRS 207.200

Clark County No Trespassing and No Loitering Signs

Clark County no trespassing and no loitering signs are needed for properties where there are issues of people unlawfully gathering on your property.  NRS 270.200 is an excellent starting point to learn about your rights being a property owner. In order to have someone arrested for trespassing on your property or loitering on your property, they have to have notice that they cannot be there. Posterhead Signs ( ) makes these signs from scratch and can custom make them to the size you want and out of the materials you want. So if you have a trespassing issue, you are going to need signs letting the people know that they cannot congregate there before you have them arrested.

Clark County no trespassing and no loitering signs can be made for temporary or long term use. Temporary no trespass signs would be made out of coroplast and could be made very quickly in case of emergencies / parades/ special events, etc.. The normal no trespass sign is made out of aluminum ( to prevent rusting or weather related damage) and can be various sizes. One of the most common sizes is the 12″ x 18″ no trespass sign and the 24″ x 36″ no trespass sign that can be used for vacant land and can be seen from a distance away. The signs are then mounted to a metal stake in the ground to secure them so that they are not blown over by the high winds of Las Vegas.

Secure your property with the necessary signage if you have found yourself with loiterers and trespassers that do not have permission to be on your property. Contact a professional sign company and have the proper signage installed or made so that you can end your problem before additional resources are needed to correct the vandalism and damage these trespassers cause to your property.




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Contractor Construction Signs in Las Vegas

Contractor construction signs in Las Vegas are very much in demand because Las Vegas property construction is booming. Everywhere you look construction companies seem to be building homes, offices and high rise structures to meet the growth of Las Vegas.

Contractor construction signs come in many different types. For example, most contractors are required to use dust signs as seen here for construction projects where dirt is moved. Las Vegas contractors also like to use no trespassing signs for liability and large aluminum signs at their sites for identification purposes. Many contractors get additional referral work of having their names prominently displayed on a  job site. When construction high rise buildings, the large construction companies like Martin Harris ( ) like to use large banners and hang them on the buildings. This quality construction company is a leader in the building field. More information about building and construction can be found at the government website

Aluminum signs are the preferred sign substrate for contractors because these signs will not rust and look great. Additionally, the old wood type signs are heavier and often times get damaged on the sites when they are knocked around and will crack. With the aluminum signs, they just bend them back into shape and put them back up. The aluminum signs are weatherproof and this is especially important if the construction project is going to take a long time. Also, the aluminum signs are cheaper to make and will save the contractor money.

Contractor construction signs can be designed and made in Las Vegas by professional sign companies that understand the needs of contractors. Contact one of these sign companies today to see how they can make your custom construction signs today. Checking with Yelp ( or Google will help you learn their business reputation.





Clark County SWPPP Signs

Outdoor Dust Control Signs For Las Vegas Clark County

Outdoor dust control signs for Las Vegas Clark County are required when you are building or moving dirt around at a construction site. The Clark County Air Quality Management Board has strict guidelines on moving dirt and further information can be gleaned at The Clark County Air Board is located at 4701. W. Russell Rd, 89118. Custom outdoor dust signs can be purchased at sign companies like or other construction friendly sign companies.

Outdoor dust control signs for Las Vegas Clark County are generally 2 sizes, 4ft x 4ft. and 4ft x 8ft. The 4ft. x 4ft. dust control signs is for display at construction sites 10 acres or less and the 4ft. x 8.ft is required for construction sites larger than 10 acres. The signs are usually made out of premium aluminum e-panel or dibond panel ( outer coat of aluminum with a fill substrate to give it strength ) or wood ( the old wood signs are generally being replaced with the weatherproof aluminum panels that are lighter and less prone to damage). The Air Quality Board requires certain language and certain sized text on the dust signs along with many other restrictions. Failure to comply with having a qualified dust sign can get you fined and your construction project halted, resulting in a construction crew being idle and costing you a large sum of money.

Outdoor dust control signs for Las Vegas Clark County are reasonable priced at $99 for a 4 foot by 4 foot dust sign and $175.00 for a 4 foot by 8 foot dust control sign. In addition, many sign companies offer a free update if your dust sign goes past the dust control permit date and will give you for free the right sized update in terms of date and acreage.

Contact a local sign company today to get your needed dust control sign.