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Las Vegas Banners

Wind Resistant Banners are Needed For High Wind Areas.

Wind resistant banners are needed in areas that have high winds.  While it is necessary to display vinyl banners for the purpose of advertising or marketing, some thought needs to go into how to protect your banner or make wind resistant banners.

In areas of high wind, a  normal size banner of 3ft  by 8ft would have 32 squarethe attachment point or grommet section of the banner.  There are ways to try to limit or defer the damage.

One of the ways of deferring the damage to wind resistant banners is to reinforce the banners edges with double sided tape or have the edges sewed together by doubling the strength of the exterior.  This way, the grommets would have to tear out of two layers of vinyl material in order to tear out the grommet.

Another way of to make wind resistant banners tougher and give them extra life is to cut slits in them so that the wind passes through the banner rather then creating a force against the banner.  Slits can be cut into the vinyl banner at different areas .

Another way to make wind resistant banners is to change the material from vinyl banner to mesh banner.  Mesh banners have small slits cut into the material that allows for the wind to go through the banner rather than create a surface where the wind has no place to go.  Mesh banners are a little more expensive, but they will last longer in windy areas. The mesh banner slits are so small that you can still get a good impression print on the banner and deliver your message.

There are several options for wind resistant banners in areas of high wind. All you need to do is choose which type of custom  banner is best suited for your advertising  needs.



Backdrop Banners For Your Special Event

In major media events, its been very popular to have backdrop banners in the background so that the stars of the event are standing in front of the backdrop banners to showcase the sponsors. This is a wonderful way of letting everybody see who is sponsoring an event.

The whole idea of backdrop banners is to show a logo or picture that is used repetitively on the backdrop and spaced in uniformity across both horizontally and vertically.  This way, no matter where the star is standing in front of the backdrop banners, his image is surrounded by the sponsors image or logo.  This is a great way to advertise as you can always get your logo in front of the camera or audience.

Backdrop banners are quite common place in many events.  The Oscars, MMA events, sports teams, movie premieres and many, many more events where stars are being displayed for the purpose of promoting an event.  movie and sport stars are very used to having to give interviews in front of sponsored backdrop banners.

Backdrop banners can be printed on many materials using large format printers.  There are curtain materials, vinyl banner material and a host of other materials that can be used to print backdrop banners on.  The use of backdrop banners is especially widespread in Las Vegas.  Many sporting events and premieres for hotels and night clubs are always taking place in Sin City.

Backdrop banners are not very expensive and a great way to get a sponsor noticed.  The banners can be re-used for other events or just simply thrown away after an event.  Sort of a toss away type item.  Examples of a toss away backdrop banner would be a one time fighting event or sports event. Bars and nightclubs have a tendency to have their backdrop banners re-used over and over.



Convention Banners and Signs in Vegas

Large Format Printing in Las Vegas

All businesses need printed advertising material for their marketing of their business.  Large format printing  are part of the solution to make your business more profitable.

Large format printing can print all sorts of things for businesses.  The large format printers come in a variety of printer sizes and are manufactures by a variety of manufacturers.  Some of the more popular brands of large format printers are Mimaki, Roland, Epson,  and Hp.   These printers are capable of being several feet long.  Printers 20 or more feet are common place in order to print billboards. The newest inks that are being used are eco solvent and latex inks.  These inks are made to last a long time and withstand the harsh environments outdoors and indoors.  In Las Vegas, because of the hot summer season, outdoor inks such a eco solvent and latex are necessary. The newer inks are environmentally friendly and non hazardous as compared to the older printing inks.

In Las Vegas, it is large format printing that allows the casinos to put those humungous banners on the sides of their casinos.  These humongous banners advertise the shows and services that the Las Vegas casinos provide to there consumers.

Several companies in Las Vegas have these large format printers that allow for large format printing.  They are not cheap, but yet the services of these printers are easily affordable to businesses that want to increase their sales and showcase their services.

Large format printing should be an integral part of any Las Vegas company that  wants to increase sales.

Large format printers are capable of printing a variety of signs in different sizes.  They can print simple posters that are photo quality, indoor and outdoor banners, sidewalk signs, vehicle wraps,  wall graphics and a host of other products that cannot be made on smaller printers.

Las Vegas Banners

Same Day Banners.

When you have to have a banner right away, sometimes you have to call the expert sign company.  Same day banners are available at Posterhead Signs.  Same day banners are available in rush situations.

Our same day banners are printed on 13 ounce banner material using cmyk large format printers that print directly on the vinyl banner material. The same day banners are printed with eco solvent ink that helps reduce fading and are weather resistant. Same day banners have the option of being hemmed.  All banners come with grommets at the corners and every two feet on the top and bottom for easy hanging.  If the banner needs to be hemmed, we use double sided 1one inch tape to reinforce the perimeter.

The toughest part of getting same day banners is the artwork involved in the creation of the banner.  If the banner needs to be created, programs such as Adobe Illustrated, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, and Flexi-sign are just some of the programs used in creating the necessary design for your banner.  In addition to creating the banner, any artwork or logo that you include has to be in the right format for it to work.  The right formats include, eps,ai,psd,pdf,tiff,png, high resolution jpegs, etc. So many times, people will use the logo that is on their business card that happens to be a 20kb file that is essentially worthless when using that image in large format.  A good test to see if something will possibly work is to bring the image up on your computer screen and enlarge it. If the image pixelates, it will probably not be appropriate for use for same day banners.

Same day banners are available to assist you in your signage needs.  It is better to give a little more time than just a few hours however to make sure the  full color banner is done right.


Step and Repeat Banners For Your Special Events

There are many types of banners that are available and that can be made at a inexpensive price.  There are outdoor banners, vertical banners, vinyl banners, step and repeat banners  and so on.  Today , we are going to talk about step and repeat banners.  In Las Vegas,  step and repeat banners are very popular because of all the shows and entertainment conventions that happen in Las Vegas.

Very simply put, a step and repeat banners is a banner in which it is being used as a backdrop for an event.  The step and repeat banner does the same logo or wording over and over again in sequence so that from no matter what angle the person ( who is standing in front of the step and repeat banners ) is being photographed or  video taped from, the logo or wording is always in plain view.

Sponsors love the step and repeat banner because it makes sure that their sponsorship is being seen by the public from no matter what angle the person they are sponsoring is being seen from.  Events such as the Globe awards,  the Oscars, etc show the lengths at which they will go to make sure the stars of television and radio are seen with their name in the background.  Several clubs in Las Vegas do the same thing when they sponsor a big event or party.

The length and height of the step and repeat banner varies and there is no set size.  It all depends on the stage or backdrop for the size they choose.  The same goes for the colors used as some prefer lighter colors versus the darker colors.

The step and repeat banners can easily be hung with fasteners, cords, screws,  or double sided tape so as to leave no permanent marks on the walls after removal. They are a must for all photographed events.


Las Vegas Banners

Text Banners Can Deliver a Strong Message.

In previous blogs, we discussed how full color banners are used in the marketing plan of a business.  Text banners can be part of that same effective marketing plan.  The messages are both the same, deliver information the  consumer.

Text banners are very similar to full color banners but they are made only with text, rather than in design.  Each method has a place in a businesses  advertising plan.  A text banner is a banner that is generally printed on a vinyl banner material and only contains text. That text can be in the form of letters or numbers arranged to deliver a clear and concise message.

A text banner that displays the word ” HOT DOG ” and a price of $2.00 is considered a an example of text banners.  The message is clear and concise that the price of a hot dog is $2.00 and they can be found at the location where the banner is hanging.  These types of text banners are great when a strong simple message needs to be delivered.  A carnival or fair is a example where this type of banner could be very successful.  After all, would a multi color design with artwork really be able to deliver a more descriptive message than just a hot dog  for $2.00 ?

Another rpime example of  text banners is a car lot in which you see the banner ” BUY HERE- PAY HERE “ . There is no ambiguity in the message that the vinyl banner is sending, you are able to buy your car at that location and they act as a financial institution and collect your car payments there.

Text banners can be simply made with banner material that has vinyl lettering applied to it or have a large format printer print the tex on the banner material.  Either method will allow for a banner that lasts for a long time.


Las Vegas Banners

Full Color Banners For Your Las Vegas Business

Banners are a great way to advertise your business in Las Vegas.  There are many types of banners to choose from.  There are mesh banners, sports banners, hemmed banners, etc.  One of the most, if not the most popular banner is the full color banner.

A full color banner is a banner in which you are allowed to use as many colors as you want.  This sounds simple, but in the old days, you could not get a full color banner without paying an exorbitant amount of money to obtain one.  The reason for this is because not so long ago, there were only vinyl plotters that you would cut your vinyl on and then apply that vinyl to the banner material.  This method  was very time consuming and labor intensive.  Thus, the additional labor and work was found in the price of the vinyl banner.

In todays print shops, businesses are using large format printers and printing directly on the banner material with eco solvent or latex inks.  These inks allow for a long lasting banner that can withstand the elements of nature when exposed to the harsh sun.  The sun, as you may be aware of, shines quite bright and hot in the summer months in Las Vegas.

The printing of these full color banners is now made easy with technology.  It is nothing to be able to print a high quality full color banner in about 15minutes with the use of software programs like flexi sign, onyx and others.  These software programs direct the printers to mix colors and create a wonderful vibrant images on banners. This is why they are called full color banners.

Statistics show that full color banners are more attractive to consumers than black and white banners.

Full color banners are easy to make and easy to display and have been proven to increase business sales.

Trade Show Banners

Las Vegas trade show or conventions  are a wise advertisement technique where  business owners seek direct conversance with the customers. Trade show  exhibitions focuses on the demonstration of their latest goods and services and showcasing there goods and services with an aim to impress the customers.  The major goal is certainly staying in the limelight and each company has adopted this as a major strategy in getting popularity of their brand names and products. Trade show banners is one way to help a business achieve this goal.

Direct communication through trade shows and conventions is a great way to meet people in the industry and their customer base. Here, trade show banners play a significant role in assisting a company in displaying their goods and services and about information about the  company. You might have seen those large banners everywhere in and out of the trade show venue. These banners are of huge benefits for any company that is engaged in wide range advertisement of their product. Trade show banners are very inexpensive and are easy to display.

The trade show banners can display simple information  such as company products, the history of the company, logos,  or just act as a backdrop for some good old fashion talking.  The trade show banners can show a picture of a mountain scene, beach scene or something else that will allow a visitor to be at ease when spoken to about the companies goods or services.

Trade shows or conventions are year round in Las Vegas. We have a thriving convention business that allows for hundreds of thousands of people to visit Las Vegas year round. Las Vegas is the trade show capital of the world.

Since trade show banners area intricate part of the convention business, it seems that they deserve  to be  acknowledged as part of the success.

Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sign Spinning Mannequins and Sign Spinners.

Sign spinning mannequins are growing in popularity in the Las Vegas area and around the country and are replacing sign spinners at an alarming rate.  The traditional sign spinner is being replaced with a automated unit that works far cheaper than a human being twirling their sidewalk signs.

Sign spinning mannequins cost approximately $500 and are replacing sign spinners because they are more cost efficient.  After a one time purchase of a sign spinning mannequin, you don’t have to constantly pay an employee to be a sign spinner.  Think about it, no hourly wage, no workers compensation insurance, no overtime, no complaining, no payroll taxes, etc. etc.  A sign spinning mannequin will pay for itself in about a weeks time.  No break time, lunch time breaks, bathroom breaks or no potential injuries.

There are health hazards to sign spinning that are not present with a sign spinning mannequin or electric sign spinner.  If a automobile was to lose control and hit your sign spinner, their would be tremendous liability for an employer. While there may be damage to a electric sign spinner, everybody would agree that the human cost of injury would be far greater.

Sign spinning mannequins can be made to present your signage in a variety of ways.  While it may be important to have the mannequin dressed in sexy clothes to promote your product, you could also have your electric sign spinner dressed  in a variety of ways to make it seasonal.  For example, near Halloween, you could dree the sign spinning mannequin as a Superman character, Incredible Hulk , Wonder Woman, etc.  This would allow your sign spinners to be more in concert with the different seasons.

The sign spinners can be made to change out your message of goods or services with ease.  The spinner sign advertisement is very easy to change out.  So, save money and buy a electric sign spinning mannequin.


Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Arrow Signs Are A Cheap Form of Advertisement.

Arrow Signs are a cheap form of advertisement for Las Vegas businesses. They are very inexpensive to build and are easy to use to attract business.

The average person can build their own arrow sign out of coroplast, foam board, wood or plastic.  These materials are readily available at craft stores, sign supply stores and even places like Wal Mart.  All you have to do is cut out a design of a arrow and advertise your message.  you could use vinyl to decorate your sign, paint, or other materials to color your arrow sign.

The arrow signs are cheap to build and they are cheap to use.  If you or an employee are just standing around with nothing to do, you can grab the arrow sign and stand on the sidewalk an attract the attention of passing motorists. remember, these passing motorists are potential customers.

While the results of your advertising may not be immediate, bringing attention to your business with passing motorists may result in future customers. Your message on your spinner sign could be as simple as listing your company name or maybe advertising a special that your business is offering.  How many times have you driven around an seen a sign spinner on the sidewalk offering a pizza special or a hair salon offering a special on haircuts ?

Sign shops are a wonderful place to get a arrow sign, or commonly known as a spinner sign.  The sign shops have the ability to create a professional looking arrow sign to assist you in attracting new customers.

The best part is that if you have an employee standing around , why not use him to attract new business ? Many times, I have witnessed oil and lube shops with no business having their employees standing out front advertising with their arrow signs the oil and lube special.

Try a arrow or directional sign to attract new business, it works !