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Text Banners Can Deliver a Strong Message.

In previous blogs, we discussed how full color banners are used in the marketing plan of a business.  Text banners can be part of that same effective marketing plan.  The messages are both the same, deliver information the  consumer.

Text banners are very similar to full color banners but they are made only with text, rather than in design.  Each method has a place in a businesses  advertising plan.  A text banner is a banner that is generally printed on a vinyl banner material and only contains text. That text can be in the form of letters or numbers arranged to deliver a clear and concise message.

A text banner that displays the word ” HOT DOG ” and a price of $2.00 is considered a an example of text banners.  The message is clear and concise that the price of a hot dog is $2.00 and they can be found at the location where the banner is hanging.  These types of text banners are great when a strong simple message needs to be delivered.  A carnival or fair is a example where this type of banner could be very successful.  After all, would a multi color design with artwork really be able to deliver a more descriptive message than just a hot dog  for $2.00 ?

Another rpime example of  text banners is a car lot in which you see the banner ” BUY HERE- PAY HERE “ . There is no ambiguity in the message that the vinyl banner is sending, you are able to buy your car at that location and they act as a financial institution and collect your car payments there.

Text banners can be simply made with banner material that has vinyl lettering applied to it or have a large format printer print the tex on the banner material.  Either method will allow for a banner that lasts for a long time.


Las Vegas Banners

Full Color Banners For Your Las Vegas Business

Banners are a great way to advertise your business in Las Vegas.  There are many types of banners to choose from.  There are mesh banners, sports banners, hemmed banners, etc.  One of the most, if not the most popular banner is the full color banner.

A full color banner is a banner in which you are allowed to use as many colors as you want.  This sounds simple, but in the old days, you could not get a full color banner without paying an exorbitant amount of money to obtain one.  The reason for this is because not so long ago, there were only vinyl plotters that you would cut your vinyl on and then apply that vinyl to the banner material.  This method  was very time consuming and labor intensive.  Thus, the additional labor and work was found in the price of the vinyl banner.

In todays print shops, businesses are using large format printers and printing directly on the banner material with eco solvent or latex inks.  These inks allow for a long lasting banner that can withstand the elements of nature when exposed to the harsh sun.  The sun, as you may be aware of, shines quite bright and hot in the summer months in Las Vegas.

The printing of these full color banners is now made easy with technology.  It is nothing to be able to print a high quality full color banner in about 15minutes with the use of software programs like flexi sign, onyx and others.  These software programs direct the printers to mix colors and create a wonderful vibrant images on banners. This is why they are called full color banners.

Statistics show that full color banners are more attractive to consumers than black and white banners.

Full color banners are easy to make and easy to display and have been proven to increase business sales.

party banners

Birthday Banners Are Fun !

Everybody has a birthday and it is always a special event. Why not show our loved ones that they are appreciated by getting them a birthday banner to acknowledge their special day.  The birthday banners are a way of doing something especially nice for the special people in our lives.

It doesn’t matter how old the birthday person is, everybody appreciate being acknowledged.  Birthday banners are a way of making it personal. The birthday  banner can be used as a memento also of the occasion and saved.

Birthday banners are cheap and easy to get.  many resources are online and you can create your own birthday banner with the help of self design programs offered by various sign companies on the internet. The birthday banners can be made in a variety of sizes  and colors.  The best part is that you can even include pictures of the birthday boy or girl on the banner because of the technological advances in digital cameras.  There are also a variety of colors and options available in creating your birthday banner.

The birthday banners can be made with grommets or with pockets for easy hanging at the party.  No difficult labor or hardware is needed to hang the banner.  Bungee cords or simple twine or rope can suspend the banner from the appropriate wall , fence or tree.  The banners are not heavy nor are they difficult to hang.  Common tools or supplies found around a house or apartment will usually suffice in hanging the  birthday banner.

If you want to surprise that special person on their birthday, think about having a birthday banner made for them.  Not only are they colorful and cheerful, you will make a very special person very happy on their birthday. They also make wonderful backgrounds for photographs for birthday parties.


Las Vegas Banners

Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners are great for outdoor advertising.  They are much more wind resistant than the traditional banner which cannot withstand the forces of Mother Nature for extended periods of time. Mesh banners are made for outdoor use.

Mesh banner are very similar to regular vinyl banners, but they are special in the fact that they have tiny slits in the vinyl material that allows for air to go thru them.  Regular vinyl banners  are printed on a 13 ounce banner material that has no slits and this causes a tremendous amount of force on the banner when wind is blowing against it.  The regular banner has grommets on the outside of the banner and when the wind blows against the banner, whatever rope or securing device that is used to secure the banner is subject to tearing the grommets out.

With mesh banners, the wind is allowed to pass thru the banner, thus relieving the stress on the grommets and extending the lifer of the banner.  Usually, mesh banners are more expensive, but have a longer life expectancy in the outdoors.

Mesh banners are printed on the same way that a regular vinyl banner is printed on.  When going thru the large format printers, the mesh banner will have a backing on it that is peeled away after a banner is printed.  This is very similar to the printing technique used in printing window vision.

The mesh banners are great for outdoor barbecues and sporting events where there is much wind.  Another place to see mesh banners is at the beach, where there is traditionally a lot of wind due to the ocean wind patterns.

If you are in the market for a long lasting banner, you might want to consider having the banner made out of mesh material.  It will last longer and the extra money is well spent.


Trade Show Banners

Las Vegas trade show or conventions  are a wise advertisement technique where  business owners seek direct conversance with the customers. Trade show  exhibitions focuses on the demonstration of their latest goods and services and showcasing there goods and services with an aim to impress the customers.  The major goal is certainly staying in the limelight and each company has adopted this as a major strategy in getting popularity of their brand names and products. Trade show banners is one way to help a business achieve this goal.

Direct communication through trade shows and conventions is a great way to meet people in the industry and their customer base. Here, trade show banners play a significant role in assisting a company in displaying their goods and services and about information about the  company. You might have seen those large banners everywhere in and out of the trade show venue. These banners are of huge benefits for any company that is engaged in wide range advertisement of their product. Trade show banners are very inexpensive and are easy to display.

The trade show banners can display simple information  such as company products, the history of the company, logos,  or just act as a backdrop for some good old fashion talking.  The trade show banners can show a picture of a mountain scene, beach scene or something else that will allow a visitor to be at ease when spoken to about the companies goods or services.

Trade shows or conventions are year round in Las Vegas. We have a thriving convention business that allows for hundreds of thousands of people to visit Las Vegas year round. Las Vegas is the trade show capital of the world.

Since trade show banners area intricate part of the convention business, it seems that they deserve  to be  acknowledged as part of the success.

Las Vegas Banners

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners area a  great way of advertising an event, goods, or services to the general public.  They are easy to put up and very easy to take down.

Outdoor banners are usually  printed on a vinyl material.  The vinyl material is rated by the heaviness of the material, or in ounces.  The standard of the industry for banner material is the 13oz banner material.  The material weight rises from there into the 20 ounce range.  Lower than 10 ounce banner weight is really designed for indoor use and it is not able to withstand the forces of mother nature.

Outdoor banners can be made in a variety of ways.  They can have wind slits cut into them to allow for the passage of wind, grommets punched into them for easy hanging, or have pockets sewed into them so that you can put a pole in the pockets to help display the outdoor banners.  Outdoor banners can also be hemmed to reinforce the outer edges so that they withstand greater force of nature.  The usual method for hemming the banners is with double sided tape or being sewn.

Outdoor banners can deliver a variety of messages such as advertising a company picnic, a sporting event, a rock concert, etc. etc.  The whole idea of the outdoor banner is to have people be able too see it and advertise whatever  message you are trying to convey.

Common outdoor banners include the sizes of 3 foot by 8foot, 3foot by 5 foot and larger sizes such as 5feet by 10 feet.  In LAs Vegas, where I live, casinos have banners running down the sides of the casinos to advertise their shows and specials.  These banners run several hundred feet in length. The banners can be joined together to make it look very wide as well as long.

Outdoor banners are a great way to advertise your event or service. They are easy to make and are a cheap form of delivering a message.



Las Vegas Discount Banners

Vinyl Banners In Las Vegas For Advertising

Vinyl banners are a cost effective form of advertising in Las Vegas.  Vinyl banners are cheap and versatile form of advertisement for Las Vegas businesses. The vinyl banners can be easily hung and taken down, which makes them very versatile.

The cost of a  3ft x 8ft vinyl banner is  below $50.00.  The banners are usually printed on 13 ounce banner material which allows for a long life.  When printing a banner, please let the sign company know that it will be displayed indoors or outdoors so that the sign company can apply the ink that bests suits the environment, as all inks are not the same. Eco solvent inks or latex inks are best suited for longer life in outdoor environments where they are subject to daily exposure to the suns daily rays.

Vinyl banners can also be printed on different types of vinyl material to give them additional strength.  For example, vinyl material can come in 8 ounce all the way to 20 ounce material.  The higher the weight of the vinyl, the tougher the material.  For example, a 8 ounce banner material may be great for a birthday banner that will only be displayed for a few days, but a much heavier banner material, lets say 18 ounce, for a banner that will be hung outdoors for more than a year.

Vinyl banners are easy to hang and easy to take down.  The banners usually come grommeted every 2 feet with a brass grommet, which allows for the end user to use a screw and washer or rope to hang the banner.  The vinyl banner also allows for the business to change their message every so often to make sure their message does no get stale.  Several businesses rotate their banners in order to give their store a fresh appearance that appears to be always changing.

Las Vegas businesses should consider using banners in their marketing scheme in order to get attention to their store, as it is a cheap and effective form of advertising.

Las Vegas Banners

Banners Are Cheap Advertising.

Banners are cheap advertising for businesses in Las Vegas. The cost of a vinyl banner that can advertise your goods and services can cost you less than $40.00

Banners are made with a 13 ounce banner material and have holes placed in them, commonly referred to as being grommeted. Grommeted  banners have a brass fitting that is installed on the banner approximately every 2 feet.  Some sign shops prefer to go very 30 inches for a grommet, but Posterhead Signs and other sign shops usually prefer the every 2 feet rule.

Banners can be made by placing vinyl on them that comes from a plotter machine, or preferably, from direct printing on the banner with the use of large format printers.  Eco solvent ink or latex ink is the best method for printing on the banner.  The reason is that these inks are made for indoor and outdoor use and are long lasting.  Common inks are Mimaki, Bourdeaux, Mutoh, etc.

The cost of a banner can be less than $40.00.  These banners can be then used for supplementing a businesses advertising by placing the banner on the businesses premises.  A common banner size is a three foot x eight foot banner.  This allows a large display of a businesses products or services to be seen by the customer base of the business. Banners can be made in different sizes as well.  Other common sizes are 4ft x 10ft, 2ft x 5ft, 3ft x 6ft.

The banners are printed or have vinyl applied and are not limited to any particular color.  Large format printers can print all the different colors on your banner to make it aesthetically pleasing and deliver a message that will work.

Banners are also very easy to hang and can be done with simple rope or screws to hold the banner in place. No special skills are required to hang a banner .



Upright Banner Stands For Your Convention Needs.

Las Vegas trade shows can make or break a company by the signage they use at a trade show.  . Hundreds of businesses compete for attention at  Las Vegas trade  shows and  Las Vegas conventions.  Banner stands,  commonly known as retractable banner stands or upright banner stands are an effective way to display a company’s goods and services. Retractable banner stands or upright banner stands display a banner in a vertical position.

Use single retractable or upright banner stands to display information to your customers.. The vertical format is well suited to lists, the eye naturally being drawn to read from top to bottom.. Keep the information in short blocks for maximum impact and use images to reinforce to the customer what he has just read and learned.

You can create a backdrop using several retractable banner stands or upright vertical stands by placing them close together.. It’s quicker, easier and more convenient to set up these than one extra large banner and can be very effective, conveying the impression that your products are larger than life.

Use a series of banner stands to tell a story or a progression of your company’s history.  Its almost like telling a story as the reader moves along reading the progression of banners.

We have talked about the uses of a retractable or upright banner stand, but we have not mentioned how easy they set up and take down.  The average time to set up a retractable banner stand is less than just a few minutes.  When taking or breaking a upright banner stand down, it is just a few minutes to do so.  They usually come with a small travel bag and everything conveniently fits in within that small bag.

Posterhead Signs sells these retractable banner stands at a very low cost rate and they come in a variety of sizes.  We are located very close to the Las Vegas Strip and convention centers.

Retractable Banner Stands For Las Vegas Conventions

Las Vegas hosts many conventions and trade shows because Las  Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. With its thousands of hotel rooms and thousands of square feet of convention space available, Vegas has the capacity to hold the world’s largest conventions. Fine dining and world class entertainment are available to the tourists and business people attending conventions and trade shows.

The need to have signage for the conventions and trade shows is a multi million dollar industry that caters to large and small companies displaying their goods and services to the thousands of people who come to Las Vegas for business purposes.

One company, Posterhead Signs, provides the conventions with a variety of signs.  One of the most popular signs at a trade show is the retractable banner stand.  These banner stands are retractable and hold a variety of  different banner sizes.  One of the most popular banner sizes is the 33” x 78” banner stand that holds a custom made banner.  The banners are printed on large format printers using eco solvent inks that make sure the banner lasts a long time.  Other popular retractable banner stand sizes are 24”, 48 inch and 36 inch wide.

Last minute banners are usually not a problem for Posterhead Signs.  One day service is available for those companies that have to have a banner under tight conditions. Posterhead is only a telephone or email away from assisting your company with their signage needs.

To have a retractable banner stand made with your custom banner, contact Posterhead Signs at or telephone us at 702-204-2755.  Posterhead is located very close to the strip and is only a short distance away from major hotels and casinos.     We are close to the freeway and have easy access to the Las Vegas strip.