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Las Vegas Event Signs and Banner Stands

Las Vegas event signs and banner stands are widely used at the many events and shows in Las Vegas. Many signs and banners are needed for the hundreds of events that are held in Las Vegas every year.

Las Vegas event signs and banner stands are used for display graphics to announce your event or promote it.  At Posterhead, you can make your own banner on our professional banner design program , Vinyl banners are a very inexpensive form of promotion and have a very big impact. For example, if your event or show is located next to a freeway,  many times a event coordinator will print a large banner so that it can be placed next to the freeway so that the thousands of vehicles passing by can see the banner and take notice of your event. These vinyl banners are full color, meaning that you can have pictures, logos and as many colors on them as you want. Banner stands are also a very popular display graphic at events in Las Vegas. These banner stands take up very little space and are usually very tall ( about the height of a person) and much information can be placed on these banner stands so as to inform your audience.



Fast Event Signs

Cheap Las Vegas Exhibition Signs and Banners

Cheap Las Vegas exhibition signs and banners are available in the Las Vegas area. Why pay high sign and banner prices when you can save money and use one of the local sign shops that can make your signs and banners at wholesale prices ? Many people coming to Las Vegas get fooled by one of the many sign brokers in town that offer discounts but have to rely upon a sign shop to make the signs for them because they have no equipment. It is cheaper just to go straight to the source and get wholesale signs made from the people that have the state of the art sign making equipment.

There are many types of signs and banners used at the exhibitions in Las Vegas. Many vendors like to use fabric pop up displays ( as seen here), others prefer banner stands like this x stand banner In addition, vinyl signs can be made or just regular vinyl banners printed on a 13 ounce banner material are used as background props at events. Step and repeat banners are also popular for those convention booths where you want to have a solid backdrop. A step and repeat banner is where you have a logo or name and repeat it over and over again on a banner so that it can be observed  ( the logo or name) from any angle if someone is standing in front of it. All these signs and banners mentioned above can come in many different sizes and are full color, meaning you can have as many colors / logos / pictures on them as you want.

Cheap Las Vegas exhibition signs and banners are available at sign and banner shops at the wholesale level. Simply contact a sign shop of your choice to see if you qualify for wholesale sign printing.




Red Carpet Backdrop Banners

Las Vegas Red Carpet Backdrop Step and Repeats

Las Vegas red carpet backdrop step and repeats are available in Las Vegas for those glamorous events in which pictures are going to be taken against backdrops. These Las Vegas red carpet backdrop step and repeats banners are just like the ones you see on television and in pictures at the “Oscars” or “Academy Awards” ceremonies. Often, you will see these red carpet events at the openings of casinos or at movie premieres  at places like Palms Casino Theatres.

Las Vegas red carpet backdrop step and repeats are banners that have a logo or name on them that is alternated on the banner so that from no matter what angle you are looking at the banner ( and the people standing in front of the banner) you can always see the name or logo as it stands out in the background. Pictures are video is taken of the VIP’S and the names / logos can be seen in the background so that when published online or in a magazine, the name of the sponsors or event can be seen, which allows for advertisement that is effective. At around $2.00 a square foot, a step and repeat backdrop banner is considered a very effective form of advertising. A banner stand for the step and repeat  can be found at

Las Vegas night clubs are also using step and repeats because they have discovered the tourists like to have their pictures taken at night clubs so that they can show off to their friends back home where they have been. Many nightclubs have alcohol sponsors on the backdrops as a way to advertise their alcohol brand as well.

Las Vegas red carpet backdrop step and repeats can be bought at local Las Vegas sign and banner shops at very good pricing for your event.





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24 Hour Vinyl Banners and Signs

24 hour vinyl banners and signs can be found in Las Vegas for those times when you need a banner or sign in a hurry. Las Vegas is a 24 hour town, so why not have a 24 hour sign shop that can get your sign and banner printing done in a hurry.

Las Vegas is the top trade show and convention town to have your event. There are more trade shows, events, conventions, exhibitions in Las Vega than any other place in the world. That is because everybody loves to come to Las Vegas because of the accommodations, but also for the year round good weather and fun that can be had here. While the rest of the country is deep in snow, Las Vegas has a moderate winter that allows for outdoor activities . So while you are here for the trade shows and conventions, you can also take in 18 holes of golf or enjoy Lake Mead. In addition, Las Vegas is known for a 24 hour night life and a place to have fun can always be found. With 24 hour gambling, spirits, top entertainment, its no wonder that Las Vegas is a favorite spot for events.

24 hour vinyl banners and signs are needed in Vegas because of the amount of shows and events are always happening. There always seems to be many events everyday at one of the many upscale casinos and hotels on the strip and of course, the largest and biggest trade shows like the Consumer Electronic show and Con Expo take place in Las Vegas every year. All these shows require hundreds of display graphics such as banner stands, signs and banners.

24 hour vinyl banners and signs can be found at your local sign shop in Clark County Nevada at very good pricing. Several offer delivery service to the different event venues.




Fast Event Signs

Banner and Sign Printing For Business and Events

Banner and sign printing can get you that advertising you need for your business or event. There is a saying in the sign business that goes ” A Business without a sign is a sign of no business”

All businesses need sign and banners to help them market their items. Even business doors have sign on them denoting the name of the company, hours or operation and some sort of contact information to help identify who and what they are in the business world.

Banners are great for seasonal promotions of products. A seasonal vinyl banner will last those 3 or 4 months in the hot or cold outdoor weather and can be placed at a specific location on your business premise that can allow the banner to be seen by your customers. For those fortunate enough to have a business location near the freeway, many companies place a very large banner promoting their products so that it can be seen by thousands of drivers on the freeway daily. For other businesses located on streets like Sahara or Charleston, traffic counts by the Nevada Dept. of Transportation have concluded that literally thousands of vehicles use these streets every day and by placing a banner on your business premise, you have the ability to be seen by those thousands of people driving by.

Signs and banners are not expensive and certainly a cheaper form of advertising than television ads or radio. In fact, print advertising has been shown to be a very effective and inexpensive form of advertising that works to promote your company or brand.  At around $2 a square foot for a full color banner, it is a good and cheap form of advertisement.  For example, a 4ft x 5ft banner at $2.00 a square foot would be around $40 and the banner would come with grommets and hemmed for free.

Banner and sign printing can be found at sign and banner shops in Clark County.



Fast Signs

Fast Step and Repeat Backdrop Printing in Las Vegas

Fast step and repeat backdrop printing is available for those last minute backdrop banners. many times through no fault of their own, a backdrop step and repeat banner is lost or damaged and needs to be replaced in a hurry. In other times, a new sponsor is added at the last moment and a new banner needs to be made before the event.

Las Vegas is “king” of the events and shows. Everybody loves to come to Las Vegas for all the different events and shows. Millions of square feet of show space has been developed for the events at places like the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo and Mandalay Bay Convention Center. It also seems that casinos like the famous Cosmopolitan Casino and Aria and most other Las Vegas Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have thousands of square feet of floor space dedicated to the events, trade shows and shows.

Many people like to have their large banners printed in Las Vegas because  of the shipping costs ( sometimes they exceed the value of the printing cost of the banner itself) and storage fees that are charged to hold the banner until the show occurs. Other times, the shipping company that was entrusted to ship your step and repeat banner accidently ships it to the wrong location and getting it here for the show in time is no longer an option.

Fast step and repeat banner printing is available in the Las Vegas area by those sign shops that have large format printers capable of printing 10ft wide banners. The large printers are capable of printing a great amount of material with excellent quality in short order. The average cost of a step and repeat backdrop banner is about $2.00 a square foot and many times the backdrop banner can be printed the same day.



Step and Repeat Banners

Custom Step and Repeat Banners in Las Vegas

Custom step and repeat banners in Las Vegas can make your event seem like a “Oscars” or ” Academy Awards” type event with a step and repeat banner. Many people in Las Vegas are throwing parties for anniversaries or birthdays and using these step and repeat banners as backdrops for pictures.

Custom step and repeat banners in Las Vegas are also being used at many of the finer night clubs in Las Vegas. These night clubs have learned that tourists love to take pictures of there vacation in Las Vegas and by posing in front of the places they have visited, they can show these pictures off to their friends and family. By having a night club logo in the background, many of these friends and family members will want to visit the same club and try to have shared experiences of these finer places.

Step and repeat banners are banners where logos and/or names are placed on the banner in a staggered fashion so that from no matter what angle a picture is being taken, the logos or names will always be seen in the background. The banners are made with a matte vinyl material so that there will be no glare from the flash of camera or lighting. The cost of custom made step and repeat backdrop banners is not cost prohibitive. The average cost of a step and repeat banner is about $2.00 a square foot and this includes a full color print ( as many colors as you want) and standard hemming and grommeting. ( Pockets are available at a small surcharge.)

Custom step and repeat banners are made by local sign shops in the Las Vegas area. Just do a Google search for step and repeat banners in Las Vegas and many search results will come up leading you to the right sign shop for you.


Fast Event Signs

Yelp Top Rated Vinyl Banners and Signs in Las Vegas

Yelp top rated vinyl banners and signs in Las Vegas can lead you to a sign shop that makes quality, low cost banners and signs in Las Vegas. Sites like and can lead you to quality signage in Las Vegas.

Yelp is a internet review company that allows ordinary people to rate a company about their experiences and interactions with that company. It allows for somebody to rate a company on such qualifications like price, quality, speed, workmanship, attitude and overall experience. The scaling is like school, but with 1 to 5 stars, 5 stars for being really good/ excellent. Yelp has grown into more than just a rating system for a business. People depend on Yelp to get a accurate rating for a business, especially restaurants.  Restaurants are one thing that most people rate and will look at when thinking about going to a particular restaurant.

To fins out about a Yelp rating on a sign shop, just go to the Yelp application on the internet and look up the company name and state the location in which the business is in. A Yelp rating will come up and then you can read about other people’s experiences and determine if that sign shop is the right choice for you. Again, if cost is a major factor in determining if you want a sign shop, Yelp will let you know if they do work cheaply. Or Perhaps speed is the determining factor in choosing a sign shop, Yelp will let you know there turnaround time as well. Included in most Yelp listings is the business contact information and a map on how to get to the business.

Yelp top rated vinyl banners and signs in Las Vegas is a great way to use the Yelp application to determine if you have found the right sign shop.


Cheapest Wholesale Vinyl Banners

Cheapest Banner Printing in Las Vegas

Cheapest banner printing in Las Vegas can get you those badly needed marketing banners at great pricing. Using American made inks, not the cheap Chinese inks that quickly fade, long lasting quality inexpensive vinyl banners can now be yours in Las Vegas.

Cheapest banner printing in Las Vegas is great for those times you need a banner for a short period of time and then the banner is going to be discarded. Las Vegas is host to many conventions and trade shows that require short term signage and do not want to spend a lot of money. With the thousands of trade shows, conventions, exhibits and meetings that are held in Las Vegas every year,  using cheap, inexpensive priced vinyl banners is a great way to market your products and services.

These vinyl banners are 13 ounce and printed with eco solvent ink. Eco solvent ink is the ink designed for indoor and outdoor use that is environmentally friendly  and can withstand the harsh summer months in Las Vegas. While most inks fade over time, eco solvent inks are designed to be bright and last a long time.

Cheapest banner printing in Las Vegas costs around $2.00 a square foot for a full color print. A full color print is a full color banner that has as many and as much colors as you want on the banner. This could also include printing of logos and pictures. The banners are then hemmed for reinforcement of the perimeter and then grommets are placed strategically on the banner every few feet so that they become easy to hang.

Cheapest banner printing in LAs Vegas can be found at participating sign and banner shops in the Las Vegas area. Using the term” Cheap Banners” might be a good search term when using your cell phone or tablet to find cheap banners.





Cheapest Wholesale Vinyl Banners

Wholesale Trade Show Sign Printing in Las Vegas NV.

Wholesale trade show sign printing is available in Las Vegas Nevada for the many trade shows and conventions held in Vegas. Millions of people come annually to Vegas for the many different trade shows, events and conventions. Convention and trade show venues like Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, World Marker Center, etc. have millions of square feet of floor space dedicated to vendors to display their goods and services. Simple vinyl banners are available to 10ft pop up displays like seen here:

Many people who come to Las Vegas to display at the trade shows have discovered that it is easier and more cost effective to have their display graphics made right here in Las Vegas to save shipping and storage costs. These cost could add up very easily to hundreds of dollars and exceed the cost of actually just having the signs and banners made in Las Vegas. Add the cost of making the banners/signs plus storage and shipping and you will see the advantage of using wholesale trade show printers in Las Vegas. Many of the wholesale sign printers in Las Vegas offer shipping to the convention and trade show venues such as Sands Expo, Mandalay Bay, Venetian, Paris, etc.

Wholesale trade show sign printing in Las Vegas is also available for those companies that find their signs and graphics damaged while being transported to Las Vegas or stored. In these cases, the signs and banners have to be remade very quickly so that the show can go on as scheduled. This scenario happens very often in Las Vegas and many sign shops are on stand by to assist those companies with last minute printing.

Wholesale trade show sign printing in Las Vegas can be found online or through your cell phone with the search term ” wholesale sign and banner printing”