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Convention Banner Stand Displays in Las Vegas

Convention banner stand displays are the most favorite display at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. These portable and easy to set up retractable banner stands can be placed anywhere because they are self supporting. The upright banner stands can be used multiple times and are easy to transport from show to show.

Convention banner stand displays come in a variety of sizes to match the needs of your company. They can range from around 24″ wide to around 60 inches wide with heights up to 92 inches. The most economical and popular banner stand is the 33″ wide x 78″ tall stand that includes stand, print and carrying case. There is a deluxe version as well that has a beautiful chrome base and is 33″ wide and 80″ tall. The economical stand sells for under one hundred dollars and the deluxe banner stand version sells for around $135.00 . However, all the banner stands are under two hundred dollars and come with a carrying case.

Convention banner stand displays can be made the same day in many cases if the design has already been made. If you have a print ready file just let the sign store know that upfront. Sign stores are use to last minute signage needs of vendors and companies at conventions and trade shows because often the signs get lost or damaged while being shipped to Las Vegas. That is why many vendors and companies prefer to have their sign graphics made in Las Vegas to avoid the additional expense but also to know that the signs are waiting for them.

Contact your local Las Vegas sign company about these poplar banner stands and see how they can help your display needs at event and shows. They can be made fast and cheap to match any budget.