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Metal 4ft x 4ft Signs in Las Vegas

Metal 4ft x 4ft signs are long lasting signage that will let you get your marketing message be seen by the public. Many times, businesses will use metal 4ft x 4ft signs as there store sign and simply attach these large signs to their buildings.

Metal 4ft x 4ft signs are also used by realtors to display on large commercial properties or vacant land where a larger sign is necessary to stand out. These large metal 4ft x 4ft signs can have a lot of information printed on them such as the Realty Company’s name, plot map, acreage, utilities available, contact information and a host of additional information pertinent to the marketing of your property. These metal signs can also be additional sizes as well as the other popular metal size sign is 4ft x 8ft. The signs can be full color ( which means you can have as many colors on the sign as you like and any combination of colors ) logos, pictures, and other background scenes printed on them as well. The print is then attached to a double sided aluminum panel with a filler in the middle to give it strength. The sign is then laminated with a protective coating to make sure that the sign does not fade during the hot summer months in Las Vegas ( as the sun causes much damage to unprotected signage, vehicle paint jobs, etc. ).

Metal 4ft x 4ft signs are not expensive and a cheap way to advertise your business or marketing idea. The cost of a fully printed 4ft x 4ft metal sign is $99 and can be made in just a few days time. Your local sign store can give you more information about metal signs and all the different options available to you to make your business a success and be seen.