Foam Core Signs, Foam Bard Signs

Quality Foam Board Sign Printer in Vegas

Quality foam board sign printer in Vegas is a good term to use when searching for foam core board signage in Las Vegas. Foam board signage are used for short term application signage at conventions and trade shows in the Las Vegas Valley. Your quality foam board sign printer can make these signs inexpensively on different thicknesses of foam board to match your needs.

Foam boards are usually printed on a 3/16ths or 1/2″ thick foam board and then laminated with a matte or glossy lamination. Both types of lamination protect the print from scratches and minor scuffs.  The matte lamination allows for pictures to be taken as it is not reflective, but somewhat dulls the finish of the print. The glossy lamination on the other hand makes the design print shine but is reflective of surrounding lighting. The foam core boards are lightweight and usually placed on easels or on top of tables for display and then simply discarded after the event is over. The foam boards can be any color or combination of colors and can also have pictures and logos printed on them. Photographers use foam boards in many cases to show of their photography with a matte lamination for a professional look.  Also, at convention venues, foam boards placed on easels are great for helping direct people to the right location if they are not sure where the event is taking place.

Your local quality foam board printer can print these foam board signs for about $5.00 a square foot for 1/16ths thick foam board and about $9.00 a square foot for 1/2″ thick foam board. Of course, lamination is included in this price and your local sign company can help you with the necessary equipment ( easels, frames , etc ) if necessary to display the signs.  Since the foam boards are short term and fragile, many out of state people displaying at the event centers prefer having the signs made locally to prevent shipping expenses and damage.