Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Quality Printed Tablecloths For Events in Vegas

Quality printed tablecloths can really make your presentation booth stand out amongst your competition. While the events and show venues supply a 6 foot or 8 foot used table for your booth, they are usually scratched and in poor condition. By placing quality printed tablecloths with your company name and logo on top of the table, you cover up the ugly table and make your company name stand out.

Millions of people come to Las Vegas yearly for the conventions and trade shows. The large events are held at one of the three large convention venues or at one of the Las Vegas strip Hotels that have ample room to host smaller events. The larger venues have over one million square feet of convention floor space that can be subdivided into smaller sections so that numerous conventions can be held at the same time. All the businesses rent display space at these venues that attract millions of people annually and thousands of signs are needed for these events. Some of these signs are very large and impressive, while the average display booth has a couple of banner stands, banners, table cover and other forms of signage.

Quality printed tablecloths are printed on a polyester material and can be made for the 6ft or 8ft tables in any color. Anything can be printed on the custom printed tablecloths such as logos and pictures. These quality printed tablecloths can be used at many convention and shows because they are durable and can be machined wash after an event to make them look like new. The quality printed tablecloths cost around $135.00 each and take about 4 working days to make since they have to be printed with special inks.

Contact your local Las Vegas sign company and see how these tablecloths can improve your overall display appearance at events.