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Quick Step and Repeat Banners in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is host to hundreds of conventions and trade shows annually that attract millions of visitors. All these events require many different types of  signage.  Quick step and repeat banners are sometimes needed at these events because often large banners are lost or discovered damaged at the last minute. Quick step and repeat banners are needed for replacement so that the show can go on as planned.

These step and repeat backdrop banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material and can have pockets at the top and bottom so that a pole can slide through the pocket to make displaying easy. Quick step and repeat banners can be made the same day, but usually the turn around in cases of emergency, but usually one  or two days is customary. In addition, step and repeat banners can be printed on a polyester fabric material that is wrinkle free. This fabric material allows for the banner to be stretched for that perfect fit. The big productions in Hollywood are using these fabric material for their background banners and then having the stars have their pictures taken in front of them. The fabric banners are not expensive and cost around $3.00 a square foot and just take about three days to make. The printers for these fabric banners are limited and there is usually a waiting list for prints. The cost of a 13 ounce vinyl banner with pockets costs around $2.00 a square foot.

Quick step and repeat banners can be found at sign stores that are located adjacent to the convention venues. These sign stores specialize in fast turn around time with modern printers and other state of the art sign making equipment so as to be able to expedite the signage in cases of lost or damaged prints. Many of the sign stores offer delivery as well.