Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Stretch Tablecloth Signs For Vegas Events

Stretch tablecloth signs are the new rage for events and shows in Las Vegas where you have a table as your center piece for display purposes. Stretch tablecloth signs are being used at events, shows, trade shows and conventions all over Las Vegas to make an impression on potential clients. These custom printed tablecloths are made to fit the popular six foot and eight foot tables that are provided at the convention and event venues.

Stretch tablecloth signs can be printed in any color or combination of colors that you like. Your company logo and pictures can also be printed on your tablecloth as well to meet your marketing needs. The tablecloth material is a polyester fabric that allows printing and also is wrinkle free in appearance. Best of all, the custom printed tablecloths can be used more than once and are machine washable, so that the table cloth has a fresh appearance in every use. Combine a custom table cover with a banner stand or a foam board sign that can be placed on top of the table and you almost have a complete professional display that can be set up in minutes. These table covers can be three sided or four sided and only take a few days to make once ordered.

Stretch tablecloth signs are not expensive and can be purchased at many sign stores in the Las Vegas area for around $135.00. Sign stores in Las Vegas service the many events and shows in Las Vegas with a wide variety of signage. Many different types of signs are needed for the hundreds of events held annually in Las Vegas that attract hundreds of thousands of people annually. Contact a sign store today to see how these stretch tablecloth signs can help your presentation and get you stood out from the competition.