Backdrop Banners

Las Vegas Convention Backdrop Signs

Las Vegas convention backdrop signs are in high demand during the busy convention and trade show season in Las Vegas. This season is generally about November though April in Las Vegas. The convention season attract millions of participants from all over the world to one of the hundreds of conventions held annually. The biggest and most innovative companies will showcase their products and services to these millions of people that come annually. While the conventions are very important, people also come to enjoy the 24 hour fun the City of Las Vegas has to offer. Las Vegas is unique in its nightlife and the fun that can be had here.

Las Vegas convention backdrop signs  can be quite large because of the size of the different display booths that are available for companies at any of the big convention venues like Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Sands Expo or Venetian Convention Center. In addition, most every major casino on the Las Vegas strip has thousands of square feet of available space where smaller conventions and meetings can take place. Signage is necessary for these events and large backdrop banners make a wonderful and Impressionable display on clients. I have seen very large backdrop banners in size of 10ft tall by 75 feet wide on display to grab clients attention at these venues. Most of the Las Vegas convention backdrop signs are limited to the back of the display booths, which is usually around ten feet wide. Companies and vendors will place these large backdrop banners in the rear of the booth so that clients when standing in front of the booth will have something to look at. The large backdrop banners can be step and repeat banners ( where you place your name, logo or products on the banner and repeat them ) or simply have a company name and logo on the backdrop banner for branding purposes.