Wrinkle Free Fabric Banners

One Day Step and Repeat Banners

One day step and repeat banners are available in Las Vegas for those special events and shows. It is quite common that large banners get damaged or lost before an event and need to be made quickly and inexpensively. Consequently, there are sign stores in Las Vegas like Posterhead Signs, that can make your step and repeat banners and backdrop banners fast. Many times, the step and repeat banners can be made the same day. With the hundreds of conventions, trade shows and event occurring annually in Las Vegas, this is actually a common problem and sign stores are used to making sure that the problem is solved in time.

One day step and repeat banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl matte banner material. Matte vinyl banner material is used so that it will not reflect lighting or flashes from cameras.  The banner is then finished with grommets on all four sides so that it can be hung or with pole pockets that allow a pole to slide through the pocket at the top and bottom of the banner so that it can be hung. If the banner is finished with pole pockets at the top and bottom, it is usually mounted on an adjustable banner stand frame.

Large step and repeat banners ( also known as backdrop banners ) are quite common place at conventions and events. Companies will place their company name or logo on the banner ( also place sponsors names on the banner as well ) and then place it in the background so that people can take pictures against it or that it can be seen. When viewed at different angles, the logos that have ben alternately printed on the banner can be seen from any angle. Your local sign store in Las Vegas that prints signs and banners for events will be able to help you in getting your banner made quickly.