Backdrop Banners

Big Backdrop Vinyl Banners For Your Event

Big backdrop vinyl banners are being used at events to promote the event and your business. While people are looking at your display booth or at your event, a big backdrop vinyl banner is being conspicuously placed where people can see it. In many cases, people will stand in front of these big backdrop vinyl banners and take their pictures so that the event name on the backdrop banner can be seen in the background. When these pictures are looked at later, it helps promote the event and brand the names on the banner. Often, the backdrop banners are step and repeat banners , where a logo or name  ( or many different names and logos 0 are repeated over and over again on the banner so that the names / logos can be seen from any angle when people are standing in front of the banner. This type of advertising can be seen at many Hollywood red carpet events like the Oscars, Academy Awards, Country Music Awards, etc.

Big backdrop vinyl banners come in many different sizes. The most common size is the 8ft x 8ft banner and the 8ft x 10ft banner. However, these large backdrop banners can be as long as 50 feet in length. These backdrop banners can be printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material or a polyester fabric for your use. The fabric polyester  is stretchable and is wrinkle free but a little more costly. Usually a pole pocket is at the top and bottom of these big backdrop vinyl banners so that a pole can slip through the pocket and be hung / displayed that way.

Contact your local sign store in Las Vegas to purchase these big banners. Many times it is easier to have the banners made locally than it is to have them made elsewhere and shipped into Las Vegas.