Banner Stand Signage

Las Vegas Convention Banner Stand Signs

Las Vegas convention banner stand signs are plentiful at the LVCC venue because they make for a great display graphic.¬†These Las Vegas convention banner stand signs are very easy to set up for display and easy to take down. There convenience alone makes them popular but the truth is that they contain a lot of information that can help your companies sales. The average banner stand sign is approximately 33″ x 80″ tall, which means you have approximately¬† 18 square feet of printable area to promote your company and products. This printable area can be any color or combination of colors and have images and text printed on it as well. The banner stands are light enough so they can be moved around easily and also be set up in your display booth very easily. In addition, the banner stands are self standing and therefore can be placed anywhere you have space available.

Las Vegas banner stand signs come in a multitude of sizes with the very popular 33″ x 78″ stand selling for less than one hundred dollars. The banner stands come in sizes as small as 24″ wide to around 60″ wide with heights ranging from about 50″ tall to all the way up to almost eight feet tall. The stands all come with a carrying case which allows them to be transported very easily from event to event. ( The Las Vegas banner stand signs can be used more than once and getting several years use out of them is not unheard of ). The banner stand signs can also be purchased in deluxe style with a wide, beautiful chrome base that is sure to impress your clients. Even the most expensive banner stand sign is way below two hundred dollars.

Las Vegas convention banner stand signs can be printed locally at sign stores that cater to the conventions.