Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Las Vegas Table Cover Signs

Las Vegas table cover signs is a great way to cover a damaged or plain looking 6ft or 8ft table with a custom printed tablecloth.  Table cover signs , also known as tablecloth signs,  are a great display sign to help identify your company at an event or show. These simple, yet effective table cover signs are a way to advertise your company at an event or show.

Table cover signs are a polyester material that can be any color or combination of colors and have text or images printed on them. Usually, a company will place there logo or company name on the front of the table cover ( where everybody can view it as they walk by ) and on the sides of the table cover signs where people can view it as they are walking down the aisle where your table is located. Many of the tables ( either 6ft or 8ft ) are supplied by the company promoting the vent and these tables are scratched and damaged. The table cover signs cover these blemished tables and can make your display look clean and professional. The custom tablecloths are wrinkle free since they are printed on a polyester material that stretches. The tablecloths come three sided so you can sit on the backside of the table while speaking to people or you can get the tablecloths in four sided design and use them as a table to place your companies brochures and other marketing material.

Las Vegas table cover signs are not expensive and easy to have designed. The cost of a six foot or eight foot table cover sign is around one hundred thirty five dollars. The custom printed tablecloths can be  used many times and are simple to have cleaned, as an ordinary washing machine is capable of cleaning them.