Backdrop Banners

Step and repeat Signage For Events

Step and repeat signage is becoming very popular at events and shows where pictures are going to be taken. Vey important people ( VIP’s ) will stand in front of these large step and repeat signs and have their pictures taken so that no matter what angle the picture is taken, the logos or text in the background can be seen. This form of advertising is gaining in popularity and step and repeat signage is becoming used more at these events.

The step and repeat signage is also being used at trade shows and conventions in Vegas where companies place their name or products on the backdrop banner and then display this banner at the back of their booths where people looking into the booth get to see it in the background. Instead of having dead space, potential customers get to see and learn more about the company and their products.

Large step and repeat signage is also being used at night clubs in Las Vegas to promote the night club name.  Night clubs in Las Vegas are predominantly tourist driven and these tourists love to take pictures and selfies against locations they are at in Las Vegas. In turn, the tourists go back home and show off these pictures or post these pictures online and the night club’s name gets noticed and gets free publicity. Hopefully this free publicity turns into more guests at the club when their friends and family come to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas step and repeat signage can be found at local sign stores that service the trade show and convention industry. These step and repeat signs can be printed on vinyl banner material or wrinkle free banner material. Ask your sign store for assistance in choosing what style of step and repeat backdrop banner best meets your needs.