Backdrop Step and Repeat Banners

Same Day Rush Step and Repeat Banners in Vegas

Same day rush step and repeat banners are sometimes necessary when things have gone wrong. While not all step and repeat banners can be printed the same day ( usually a step and repeat banner is ordered three to five days in advance ) some same day rush step and repeat banners can be printed so that the show can go one as planned.

There are many reasons why a step and repeat banner needs to be printed at the last minute.  Often, the shipping company will not deliver the sign banner on time or will deliver the banner damaged.  Other times the step and repeat banner will get lost somehow in all the confusion of a big show and cannot be found. In these cases, you need to contact your local sign shop to see if they have the ability to print your banner in a timey manner for your event.

Step and repeat signs are great for background props at events and shows. Vendors and companies place these large banners at the back of their display booths as a way to reinforce their marketing message. The step and repeat bannrs are not expensive, at about two dollars a square foot for vinyl banner and about three dollars a square foot for polyester wrinkle free step and repeat banner . Normal turnaround time is about three to four days but same day rush step and repeat banners sometimes can be speed printed in cases of emergencies.

Night clubs and other events are using step and repeat backdrop banners as a way to market their events and clubs. The tourists from all around the world like to take selfies ( pictures ) against the backdrops to let people back home know they were in Las Vegas Nevada. The people back home that are shown the pictures then visit the same locations when they visit Vegas.