Banner Stands

Las Vegas Portable Banner Signs

Las Vegas portable banner signs are those retractable banner stands you see at trade shows and conventions . These portable banner signs are very popular because they are inexpensive and can be placed independently, which basically allows them to be placed anywhere in the convention venues. With hundreds of conventions and trade show events every year in Vegas, many signs, banners and portable banner stands are required. These signs and banners may be brought with the companies, shipped to Las Vegas or made locally in Las Vegas. Many companies prefer to have their signs and banners made in Vegas to take away the stress of lost or damaged signs during the shipping process.

Portable banner stands come in many different sizes to accommodate your graphic display needs. These retractable banner stands range from 24″ wide to all the way to around 60″ wide with varying heights on the stands. The cost of the  most popular retractable portable banner stand is less than one hundred dollars and can be used at many different events. All banner stands are full color and can have pictures and logos printed on them. The portable banner stands also come with a carrying case which makes travel with them easy. Banner stands can also be purchased in deluxe models, with wide chrome bases and extra accessories.

Portable banner signs can be made in just a few days and in cases of emergency, in one day or same day. Sign stores realize things get lost or damage and need replacing in a hurry so most sign companies offer fast replacement of graphics. ( there might be a small fee for same day banner stands or signs if work has to be postponed or overtime has to be paid ) Contact your local sign company to see how these portable banner stands can help you look your best at your next show or event.