Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Personalized Tablecloth Sign Printing For Events

Personalized tablecloth sign printing can make your exhibit booth table look great. Most of the tables you see at events and shows are scratched and have seen their best days, but with a freshly printed tablecloth, your table will look great ! Personalized tablecloth sign printing will allow you to customize that tablecloth to any color or combination of colors to make it stand out. The tablecloth can also be printed with logos and pictures to help distinguish yourself among your competition and get company branding. These custom printed table cover and table throws come in the six foot and eight foot sizes to match the table lengths supplied at the different event venues.

Personalized tablecloth sign printing allows for custom printing on a polyester fabric in any color of your choice. These tablecloths are machine washable, in case you table cloth gets dirty or something is spilled on it, so it will always look fresh at your next event. The tablecloths are easy to install and are 3 sided, which allows you to sit at your table comfortably by allowing your legs to go under the table. (However, that being said, you can always get the four sided custom tablecloth that drapes on all four sides and can be printed on all four sides as well.

Personalized tablecloth sign printing is just part of your marketing strategy to set yourself apart from the competition. Add a foam core board, banner and a banner stand, and you almost have a complete vendor booth set up. Or you can simply place literature on your custom printed tablecloth to promote your products and services as you greet your customers.

Your custom printed tablecloths and table cloths are not expensive and considered a cheap prop for your event. The average turnaround time for your custom printing is about three to four days.