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Trade Show Foam Board Signs in Las Vegas

Trade Show foam board signs are very popular at the many trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas Nevada.  They are found at most convention venues because of their popularity. These temporary signs are lightweight and perfect for hanging on walls, easels and other forms of display. Trade show foam board signs show very well and many photographers will use these foam board signs for displaying their pictures and artwork. At the end of a show or event, vendors will simply toss them away since trade show foam board signs are cheap in price. Vendors find foam board signs the perfect temporary signage.

Trade show foam board signs come in many different sizes to accommodate your graphic display needs. Some of the more common size foam core signs are 20″ x 30″ , 24″ x 36″ and 4ft x 8ft. However, foam board signage can come in many different sizes since they are custom made, so having a 15″ x 17 1/2 ” foam board is just as easy to print and make as the more common sizes.

Most vendors and companies displaying at the shows in Vegas prefer to have their foam board signs made locally and then simply pick them up for the show. This is because foam board signs are fragile and are easily damaged sine they are made with a foam inner panel with a resin layer on the outside.  Often, these foam signs will get damaged while being shipped into Las Vegas because they are so soft and also expensive to ship because they are generally considered a over sized package.

Trade show foam board signs can be printed, laminated and applied on 3/16ths or 1/2″ foam board ( white or black foam board ) at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable pricing. Contact a sign shop today if you need this type and other types of signage for your event.