Banners and Signs

Trade Show Display Banners and Signs in Las Vegas

Trade show display banners and signs are constantly needed for the many trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas. Each Year, hundreds of trade shows and conventions are held at the big 3 venues in Las Vegas:

1. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

2. Sands / Venetian Expo

3. Las Vegas Convention Center

These three large trade show venues have well over 1 million square feet of floor space that is dividable ( so multiple events can be held at the same time ) and an hold the largest of the conventions and trade shows like the Consumer Electronic Show ( CES ). These shows attract thousands of vendors and companies across the world and millions of visitors each year to Las Vegas. Las Vegas has become the trade Show and Convention king of the United States. Not only does Vegas have the capacity to hold several conventions at one time, we have so much for everybody to do after the events are over.

Trade Show Display Banners and Signs are everywhere at these events. Each vendor need banners, banner stands and signs in order to promote their company and products. Many of these companies bring there banners and signs with them and many companies elect to choose to have their display graphics made right here in Las Vegas. A strong sign industry has developed in Las Vegas for this reason. Not only does Las Vegas make many signs and banners for the trade shows, they also make them in emergency situations where companies banners and signs being shipped into Las Vegas, ( that get lost or damaged ) need to be replaced quickly so that the show can go on as scheduled.

Trade show display banners and signs are available at local sign stores in Las Vegas at very good pricing. Contact a store today if you should need quality banners and signs.