Dust Control Signs

Las Vegas Home Builder Dust Signs

Las Vegas home builder dust signs are sometimes needed when you are building a home in Clark County Nevada. Home builder dust signs are required by the Las Vegas Air Quality Management Board in order to regulate and limit the amount of dust that goes into the Las Vegas valley when the topsoil is disturbed. This moving of the topsoil results in the winds picking up the fine particles of dirt and making it unhealthy to breathe. Consequently, Clark County Air Quality Management Board try to regulate the moving of topsoil. They make home builders and contractors use signs, take classes and other methods to help us all breathe better.

Las Vegas home builder dust signs are either 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft. Any property that is less than 10 acres requires the smaller dust permit sign , while any property over 0 acres requires the larger 4ft x 8ft dust permit sign. These signs can be modified and additional stickers can be placed over the current numbers / text to avoid having to purchase new signs. After all, why spend the money if you do not have to ?  The signs are then displayed on the property so that they can easily be seen. The usual method of installing the signs is 4″ x 4″ posts and then simply screw the sign into the posts, put many people will simply punch holes in the signs and wire them to a chain link fence.

The cost of the 4ft x 4ft home builder dust signs is around $99 and the larger 4ft x 8ft sign sells for around $175.00 and is generally on a aluminum board ( to make it will not rust ) that is strong, but yet lightweight. These dust permit signs can be designed and purchased at local sign stores in the area and made usually in a day or two.