Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Vegas Convention Custom Tablecloths and Table Covers

Vegas convention custom tablecloths and table covers will make your convention or trade show booth stand out among your competition. Rather than have a standard, beat up, plain looking table that you have your company information on, your table will have a custom table cloth or table cover to promote your company. Vegas convention custom tablecloths and table covers are sure fire way of distinguishing yourself and promoting your company and products. These tablecloths are full color and can have logos and pictures printed on them as well.

The standard table at the convention and trade show venues like Las Vegas Convention Center or Sands Expo is either 6ft or 8ft in length. These table cloths come in either size and can be four sided or three sided ( which allows for you to sit at the table and place your feet under the table. The cost for either of the custom printed table covers is one hundred thirty five dollars each and the turnaround time is about 4 days.

Vegas convention custom tablecloths and table covers are printed on a polyester material which is wrinkle free .  These tablecloths are machine washable, which means you can simply place them in your home washing machine or take them to your local neighborhood dry cleaners and have them cleaned for every event. They are easy to set up and pack away for the different events and shows. They help identify your company among the many vendors at the shows and add a aura of prestige to your booth.

Vegas convention custom tablecloths and table covers can be purchased at local sign stores in the Vegas area at very reasonable prices. Contact a store today and see how these custom  printed, custom colored table cloths and table covers can help your trade show and convention experience.