Dust Signs

Nye County Dust Sign For Builders

Nye County dust signs are required by the Nye County Air Quality Program. These Nye County dust signs must be posted at the properties where the construction work is being performed and violation of this rule can mean work stoppages and fines. Certain requirements on the signage are made by Nye County which can be found at https://www.nyecounty.net/324/Air-Quality.

Dust signs are required to keep the air quality in Nye County to acceptable levels. People do not realize that when the desert soil is moved around, a fine dust is sent into the air that causes air pollution  and we breathe that air. By limiting the amount of dust that goes into the air, we all breathe better and healthier. Consequently, the Nye County officials require dust signs and certain protocol for builders to help alleviate air pollution.

Nye County dust signs are usually made with heavy MDO board or aluminum Dibond panel. Certain text is required to be on the sign along with pertinent information. The signs themselves are not expensive. For example, a 3ft x 3ft dust sign is only $50 on aluminum and if you want larger signs, a 4ft x 4ft dust sign is only $99.00. The signs can be made very quickly ( usually next day )  and have a protective laminate on them to help protect them against the hot Southern Nevada sun.  The signs are then supported by 4″ x 4″ posts or aluminum pipe to help them withstand the winds that Nye County get from time to time. More information about the requirements of dust signs and set up can be found at the Nye County website.

Your local sign company can make you these Nye County dust signs cheap and fast so that you can be in compliance with the rules and regulations that Nye County has for builders and contractors.