Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Telescopic Pull Up Banners in Vegas

Telescopic pull up banners are another name for adjustable banner stands that are great for retail displays and events. These crowd favorite display take up very little room and are cost effective. Telescopic pull up banners come in many sizes and are very easy to set up. Set up time is less than two minutes for these graphic displays.

Telescopic pull up banners are more popular than ever in retail clothing stores where it is easier to set up a banner stand than to set up a mannequin. The banner stand takes up far less room, can be placed anywhere since the graphic goes straight up and can have different models on it to display clothing lines. This is very cost effective where space is a large consideration.

Telescopic pull up banners are also very popular at conventions and trade shows where space is limited in vendor booths. These portable telescopic pull up banners can be placed in the middle of an aisle or flat up against a wall. They come in a multitude of sizes ( widths and heights) that allow you to match your graphic needs to the size. Best of all, you can take a very large graphic and divide it up and make separate banner stands and then place them next to each other so it appears to be one large graphic. Instead of large backdrop banners for vendor booths, business people are just placing three of these banner stands next to each other and it is almost 10 feet wide !

Telescopic pull up banners can be designed and printed at sign stores all over the Las Vegas area at very good pricing. Since telescopic banner stands are a favorite at the shows and events, most sign stores carry them in stock and can often print and make them the same day.