Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Custom Designed Tablecloths and Table Covers in Vegas

Custom designed tablecloths and table covers are great for updating those old scratched tables they supply you at shows and events. Custom designed tablecloths and table covers will get you a custom printed tablecloth in any color with your name and logo printed on it. This tablecloth will set you apart from your competition at events and shows. While the rest of the vendors will have a scratched, ordinary table, your table will be colorful and easy to spot among the vendors ! You will have a tablecloth that has your name and logo very plainly so that everybody can see. These table covers are very easy to install, since they are custom fitted for table size.

Custom Designed tablecloths and table covers are not expensive at just over one hundred dollars. This is a custom printed in any color tablecloth that can have words, logos and pictures printed on it . The tablecloth is wrinkle free since it is printed on a polyester fabric that is machine washable so that after any event, you can simply put it in your home washing machine and clean it so it always looks new and fresh.

Custom designed tablecloths and table covers can be made for the 6ft and 8ft tables that are standard at events and shows. The table covers are 3 sided, so you can have the logos on the sides as well as the front portion of the table cover. In the back, there is room so that you can place you legs under the table so that you can sit down comfortably.

You can buy a custom designed tablecloth or table cover at your local sign store in Las Vegas. The turnaround time for these is usually about 4 days since the polyester material needs to be specially printed on with specific inks that are designed to last a long time.