Vegas Banners

Wholesale Vinyl Banner Printing

Wholesale vinyl banner printing is available in Las Vegas at certain sign stores that have their own printing equipment. I make the distinction because many sign stores in Southern Nevada have very little equipment to print and make signs and have to rely upon other sign companies to print vinyl banners and signs for them.

Wholesale vinyl banner printing is specifically done with large format printers. The most modern banner printers can print in speeds of excess of two hundred square feet per hour with fantastic quality. The newer printers utilize the eight color ink system instead of the traditional cmyk inks and therefore can print better gradients and can print more rich and darker colors than ever before. Some of these printers utilize the two print heads  that allow much faster printing than the traditional one print head system. Allowing more square feet of print increases the profitability of a machine and that cost savings is passed on to the consumer.

Wholesale vinyl banner printing is limited to people in the trade and you should contact your local sign stores to see what they will do for you. The current going price for vinyl banners is $2.00 a square foot and this is printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material using eco solvent inks ( inks that are ecologically and environmentally safe).  The banners after printing are then hemmed ( the edges taped and double folded to add strength to the perimeter ) and then grommets are placed all around the vinyl banner approximately every two feet so as to make it easy to hang or install the banner with the premade and reinforced grommet holes. The banners can be text only or full color ( meaning you can have as many colors printed on the banners as you want) and also pictures and logos can be printed on the vinyl banners.